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- the sun sets longer where I am from -




The Aden/Belle Picspam & Quotes (2008)
THE Geoff/Aden Picspam

Fanfics: * = Fanfiction Contest Entries.

(from most recent)

Left Behind - Dex, April + Walkers [~42,000 words. Rated T (L, V/D)]

What You Need To Say - Indi/Romeo [~5200 words. Rated T (D)]

While The World Is Spinning - Aden & Geoff (Apocalypse AU) (Secret Santa 2013) [~5800 words. Rated T (L, V/D)]

The Walker Code - Sasha, Dex, Indi [~4300 words. Rated G]

For The Rest Of The Night - Dex/April [~4200 words. Rated T]

I Almost Do - Dex/April. [~3900 words. Rated: T *]

One Spark Starts A Fire - Teen ensemble. [~3700 words. Rated: G *]

Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes - Ruby/Casey. [~8000 words. Rated: A (SC, L)]

When I Tell The Punch Line Wrong - Dex, Sid, April. [~2500 words. Rated: T]

Love Is Not A Victory March - Aden (side Aden/Belle). [~2300 words. Rated: T (V) *]

Relive Your Darkest Moments - Ruby, Dex. [~3500 words. Rated: T]

Looks Like A Solo Tonight - Ruby/Liam [~6600 words. Rated: T (SC)]

Bring Out The Best In Me And In You - Dex, Sasha [~2800 words. Rated: G]

Teenage Dreams in a Teenage Circus - Teen ensemble (Glee AU) [~6200 words. Rated: G *]

Find A Way To See This Straight - Dex/Ruby [~4600 words. Rated: T (L, SC)]

Lost Your Balance On A Tightrope - Dex/Casey (companion fic) [~1600 words. Rated: T (slash, L, V)]

Lost Your Mind Trying To Get It Back - Dex (side Dex/Casey, Dex/April) [~17, 000. Rated: T (slash, L, V)]

Take A Bite Of My Heart - Dex (side Dex/Dallas, Dex/April) [~2000 words. Rated: T (SC)]

See How Bright We Shine - Dex/April [~7800 words. Rated: T (SC)]

Run With A Dangerous Crowd - Dex/Casey (Reform school AU) [~8000 words. Rated: T (slash, L, V)]

If You Text It I'll Delete It - Dex, Xavier (Gen. Friendship) [~3500 words. Rated: T (L) *]

Perfectly Imperfect, But I Wouldn't Change A Thing - Indi/Romeo [~24,000 words. Rated: T (SC, L)]

Don't Put Your Face Into Your Hands - Dex/Casey [~17,300 words. Rated: T (slash, L, V)]

The World Will Roll Their Eyes - Dex/Nicole [~5000 words. Rated: G]

If There's Only One Side Fighting - Aden, Justin (side Aden/Belle) [~14,000 words. Rated: T (SC, L)]

5 Times Aden & Belle Kissed (And The One Time They Didn't) - Aden/Belle (Secret Santa 2010) [~4500 words. Rated: T (L)]

Like You're Living In The Shadows - Geoff/Aden (Bible Camp AU) [~9100 words. Rated: T (slash)]

There's Not A Star In Heaven (That We Can't Reach) - Aden/Annie (HSM AU) [~15,800 words. Rated: G]

Follow What You Feel Inside - Lucas (side Lucas/Mattie, Lucas/OC) [~3500 words. Rated: T (SC)]

It Ain't About How Fast I Get There - Indi/Romeo [~2300 words. Rated: G *]

They Say That The Road Ain't No Place To Start A Family - Aden/Nicole [~5500 words. Rated: G]

Please Be Mine - Geoff/Aden [~52,000 words. Rated: A (slash, V, SC, L, DR)]

When It All Falls Apart - Geoff/Aden [~3000 words. Rated: T (slash)]

Tear Up The Sky - Aden/Annie [~3000 words. Rated: T (SC)]

Reading Between the Lines - Geoff/Aden, OC (University AU) [~5600 words. Rated: T (slash)]

Fifteen - Mattie (side Mattie/Lucas, Mattie/Ric) [~2000 words. Rated: G]

Captivated - Geoff/Aden [~2600 words. Rated: T (slash, SC)]

Rescue Me - Geoff/Aden [~4000 words. Rated: T (slash)]

Paranoid - Liam [~3000 words. Rated: T (DR) *]

In Memorium - Drew (side Belle/Drew, Belle/Aden) [~10,000 words. Rated: T (L, DR)]

Four Words - Lucas [~2000 words. Rated: G *]

Drive Me Insane - Belle/Drew [~58,300 words. Rated: T (SC, L)]

Just Like Juno - Mattie/Lucas [~1500 words. Rated: T (SC)]

In (the) Heat - Drew, Jules (Gen. Friendship) [~2000 words. Rated: T (L) *]

Fueled for Love - Cassie/Drew, Mattie/Lucas [~12,500 words. Rated: T (V/D)]

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