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  1. Aden 23 Charlie 11 Colleen 5 Geoff 20 Irene 1 Kirsty 15 Leah 13 Nicole 56 Ollie 6 Roman 5 Rachel 12 Ruby 5
  2. I can't seem to see the survivor gaem anywhere?? I was going to suggest this game and have seen that it has already been played....
  3. does anyone know what happened to zoe? did she die, dissappear or go to jail? i cant quite remember...
  4. i have these on my myspace friend list (and they r all real): from h&a. . . jordan (jai fernandez) christie hayes jason smith mark furze tim campbell sharni vinson indiana evans from neighbours. . . adelaide kane caitlin stasey other. . . bree amer fitzy fitzgerald wes denning vanessa amorosi rogue traders
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