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  1. Potentially. There's possibly an extra three weeks' worth of Oz episodes that we're not going to get to see until next year, and three weeks' worth of episodes of Neighbours that we haven't seen yet. Might be a coincidence, might not. Because it's when they stop showing it for the year? I guess we'll see how big a cliffhanger it is when we get there. They sometimes end at a point where there's just as big an ending as Oz gets. (Frankly, we got a better ending than them last year, but don't get me started on that farce.)
  2. Looks like we could be having fewer episodes this year thanks to the episode rationing then and potentially finish way behind Australia, although no-one seems to be sure how many episodes they're going to have this year either, given that they got taken off air for a while as well and are currently way behind where the season finale would normally be. (On the other hand, a few more six episode weeks and they should be finished just before Christmas...in which case Channel 5 will be finishing the equivalent of 12 weeks before the end of the season and it could be April before we get the proper
  3. Good that Greg and Bobby are getting on better now and nice that Steven and Sandra admitted how they feel.Frank needs to take some responsibility.
  4. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Possibly getting some in before a break! Where to start? Well, I felt sorry for Tane again.I don't blame Ari and Mac for wanting to make a go of things, but he did cut a rather sad figure when Ari suddenly ditched their boys' night in and abandoned him.(Not sure how long Nikau was gone for: Discussing shifts with Alf probably wouldn't have taken long and he hasn't got Bella to hang out with at the moment, but he might have done something with Ryder.)I am glad that Ari and Mackenzie are back on track but Tane resigning seems like a mixed response.Maybe h
  5. Surprised Ailsa decided to stay after everything.Greg's having trouble following the rules but made a good start otherwise.
  6. I don't think Tori is Jasmine's boss in the sense that she could fire her or formally discipline her.She tells her what to do sometimes but that seems normal.We have had reference to a NUM (Nurse Unit Manager) so the show isn't completely ignorant of how it works. I find myself feeling most sorry for Tane in all this.He seems to be the only one trying not to cause trouble, yet he gets Ari and Mackenzie blaming him for everything.Ari delivering an ultimatum was a tactic that could very easily backfire and seemingly has done, while Mackenzie seems to have gone from demanding a serious relat
  7. Alf really should no better than to listen to gossip... Hopefully Nick listens to Bobby.
  8. Hmm.Bobby putting Greg's back up is possibly not the best idea.
  9. I think this is going to be a recurring theme, but Colby seems to have lost touch with reality altogether now.Does he think he can sabotage both Angelo's investigation and Angelo's marriage and somehow come out of it with a happy ending? Him asking Bella how she thinks Angelo's going to react to "you messing with his wife" was so utterly absurd that I don't know if he can even hear the words coming out of his mouth.Not that Taylor's any better: She doesn't seem to want to leave Angelo, yet she's still fooling around with Colby.Does she envisage Angelo solving the case and her leaving Colby beh
  10. Again, a lot of talk about why Amber's a horrible person, but not one reason why Jai would/should not be Dean's son. I guess people don't like Amber so don't want Dean to have a tie to her, but wanting him to lose his son seems rather extreme. (In fact, metaphysically, it seems to make the people lobbying for it as bad as they claim Amber is!) I've not seen one iota of evidence to back up this theory.Whatever faults Amber has, she doesn't tend to lie.And she doesn't seem to be trying to trap Dean (again, complaining about her not telling him sooner or not letting him spend enough time with Jai
  11. I've never quite sure why people who seem to like Dean seem so keen to have a "He's not your son" twist that would result in him being crushed.Do they really dislike Amber that much? Anyway, Willow said what I meant to say last time round: Fair enough, it wasn't Dean's choice not to be around, but Jai's turned out as a happy and well-adjusted child so Amber can't be that bad. It feels like the Angelo v Colby storyline is just running on the spot now.The episode teased major developments but is ultimately back at square one.Dean and Willow don't have the same automatic support of Thorne th
  12. Sally's got to be pretty high up. Every time someone close to Pippa died, she was there too, plus she lost Flynn. Ruby and Evelyn managed to wipe out pretty much their entire families during their time on the show.
  13. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Probably a frightening experience for Dean, and indeed Jai.After Ziggy's discomfort in the previous episode, she, Dean and Jai actually made quite a good quasi-family here.A thawing between them if nothing else, but it might not be as easy to get past as Willow thinks.Nice that John dropped his grumpy old man act around Jai.Amber didn't sound all that sincere when talking to Willow, although she was more reasonable with Dean later. This does again raise the question of where Jai's been all the other times Amber's been out clubbing and having sleepovers.
  14. Colby knew Karen was a danger and had mental health issues, but as usual he thought he knew best and bent, if not outright broke, the rules in order to help out his mates. Today? To be honest, not sure where to start.I guess the big thing of the episode was Tori lifting the AVO.It was probably long past time: It was the right decision when it was first put in place, but Tori's been misusing it pretty much since the next day so it was time to get rid of it.Jasmine does seem to be her old self so hopefully it'll be plain sailing.Awkwardness between Tori and Christian: She really does act li
  15. I would have looked past what Colby did with Jai if it had been nothing for more than a youthful mistake, but throughout that year we saw that Colby was not a good cop:Lying about his gang affiliations, using his position to pursue a private vendetta in a way that came across as entitled, failing to arrest Karen when he had the chance leading to Dean nearly being killed, putting Ryder, Raffy and Coco in danger in order to keep the police away from a River Boy hideout, nearly turning a blind eye to Dean and Willow breaking into the surf club, sabotaging the police's attempts to find Ross becaus
  16. Greg probably means well but he's assuming a lot.(Much like in the show!)Nick and Julie need to talk.Again.
  17. I don't think Ziggy would necessarily assume Bella knows: She didn't realise Willow knew at first, and there was a couple of months when Dean and Willow knew and Bella didn't. Personally, I think it was clear Colby wasn't the good guy he initially appeared to be as soon as we found out about him leaving Jai to die, but it was the murder of Ross that really made him irredeemable. Colby is now being full-on abusive towards Bella, adopting a very Ross-like attitude of "I'm the only one you can trust, everything bad that happens is your fault and everything I do is what's best for us." Problem for
  18. The Paratas adopted a policy of "Don't ask questions about us and we won't ask questions about you" as far as Colby was concerned, although now that there's a rift between Colby and Bella, they're starting to suspect there's more to it.I only suggested Bella moving in with Ziggy and Mackenzie because things are getting untenable with her living with Colby, I don't think moving in with Nikau is a good idea, and I don't think living with Irene did her any good, so I think that's the best option for her.No need for Willow to move in as well, she's doing fine with Irene and Jasmine.As for "the sec
  19. Hopefully Nick doesn't take Julie's decision the wrong way. Good that Bobby managed to get Sam away from the Waltons. Lots of things coming to a head...
  20. Question of whether Bobby or Greg will get to Sam first... This is possibly not the best plan of Celia's.
  21. I think Mackenzie's just got a naturally flirtatious personality: She pretty much talks to Dean the same way! It seems to be like she bluntly shut Tane down every time he said anything suggestive right from the start, it's just the disparity between what she said and how she said it could be construed as a mixed message. It feels like a long time ago when they had that conversation on the beach where Tane accepted she was with Ari and decided to back off. So I think the line's been drawn, it's just a case of them working out a way to go forward and whether avoiding each other completely is rea
  22. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Otherwise a sparse week, with only Leah, Marilyn, Roo and Justin managing three episodes. I'm afraid I disagree strongly with the above comments about Mackenzie. It's almost misogynistic to suggest that a woman can't be friendly with a man other than her boyfriend without it being construed as provocative.I don't think she's done anything wrong at all and I think it's assuming a lot to say she never intended to move out of Ari's: She moved in in a hurry having exhausted all other options, and fair enough she didn't immediately start looking for another
  23. I know Dean told Colby that Ziggy knew about the murder, my point was that Willow didn't tell him even though she spoke to him first and made a point of telling him about the split but apparently didn't tell him why. Nikau was on the beach with Bella before going into work and it still seemed fairly early.Taylor was checking Angelo's call details before Colby called her.Leah should only be early 40s, given she turned 30 in 2009. Roo shouldn't be that much older going by her original age, although they may have added a few years on when Georgie Parker took over the role.10 years is probably abo
  24. So, the choice is between Bella living with Colby and Bella living with Nikau? Talk about a lose-lose situation, it almost makes me fondly remember the days when she was forced to live with Irene for no good reason. Nikau only has to work half an hour and still clocks off early... There was no way him giving Colby a lecture was going to work: Colby doesn't even listen to the people he likes, he's not going to do what Nikau, who he still barely tolerates, tells him to. Despite having the perfect opportunity to end things with Taylor, he insisted on carrying on and doesn't even seem to be bother
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