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  1. Frank is possibly not going to get the welcome he expects...
  2. Frank and Roo end in a surprisingly civilised way and Frank finally seems to have found a way out of his trap. Emma oversteps the line with David...
  3. I continue to be impressed by this, and it may help that our views seem to align on a lot of things! I get that the focus is on Evie and what's going on in her head, but I like the little hints of what's going on with other characters like VJ and Hunter, and Matt being her last remaining friend, and Evie actually giving Kat a serve for the right reasons. I look forward to more!
  4. No stranger than contact sport continuing. UK productions would be wise to follow their example instead of following the Neighbours "No touching" model, because having cohabiting couples standing at the opposite sides of rooms just looks ridiculous.
  5. Episode counts this week:Rather sparse with only Irene, Leah, Tori and Justin getting three episodes out of the regular cast, and ironically they were all in the first three episodes.Marilyn was only in one, although she was credited on Thursday for no appearance. In fact, at times that episode seemed to be written around the characters available.Ari has to hear Nikau might leave town from Marilyn, and only gets to talk to Nikau about it on the phone.Mackenzie has to have an off screen conversation with Ziggy to explain where Tane is. And in the main plot, I guess no-one's wholly rig
  6. Apparently all the actors signed agreements and have daily tests.
  7. Angelo seems to be a few steps ahead of Colby at last, but is it going to do him any good? I did enjoy him winding Colby and Taylor up by suggesting they all eat together, with Colby coming up with increasingly desperate excuses: I'm surprised neither of them pointed out that Angelo doesn't like Colby anyway! I'm not sure if Angelo was telling the truth about a witness or just playing Taylor.It certainly sent her running straight to Colby, allowing him to photograph them together, which is good news if he's after a divorce, not so much if he's after a murderer. It did cross my mind that he mig
  8. It wasn't used for very long apparently. There was a few scenes the other week (the one where Ziggy and Tane spoke about him quitting Salt springs to mind, and one between Colby and Taylor) where they seemed to be in a part of the beach we'd never seen before and the camera angles didn't show the water, so I'm guessing that was it.
  9. Okay, so I was wrong about Neighbours. On the plus side, with it being announced Home and Away season is finishing in Oz at the end of the month, that means we'll only have the equivalent of 7 weeks' worth to get through to the season finale when we come back, so should get it around March. Whether this means we'll have a longer break or catch up a bit more, or maybe the show will come back early in Oz to work through a stockpile of episodes, we'll have to wait and see.
  10. The scales finally fall from Carly's eye but is it too late. I had a feeling Emma would be keen on David...
  11. Ooh, where to start with today? Well, maybe Tori's utter confusion over Christian booking a time to sleep together. Justin really didn't want to be in the room while she was giving him and Leah way too much information, and I liked his little "I told you so" over her IVF, but it looks as though he's back to mistrusting Jasmine after they've been getting on well lately. I guess Tori and Jasmine handled it as best they could: Jasmine explained how she feels, Tori did her best to reassure her, they had a fairly normal conversation about it but Tori resolved not to use Jasmine as her go-to confida
  12. Fiona turning up early, and apparently Shannon too? Otherwise, where are all the happy people?!
  13. Let's be honest, Ziggy hasn't always been a straight arrow: When she first worked at the garage, she was willing to turn a blind eye to the stash of dodgy money and credit card skimmer Willow had hidden in one of the cars (Mason: "I won't ask how you know what it is"). But yeah, Justin's put a lot of trust in her and been good for her, even if it's perhaps a slight exaggeration for her to say he's always had her back. (She wasn't keen on him keeping Brody and Simone's affair secret.) So she's not keen on Tane using the garage as a base for his dodgy dealings, but she's not going to see him arr
  14. Very well written again and good to get both their perspectives: Zac's helplessness and Evie's avalanche of self-hatred. Looking forward to more!
  15. Tane's attempt to go back to his bad old ways didn't exactly work out for him. His ego boost seemed to see him back on good terms with Ari and Mackenzie, but now he's left with a van full of stolen goods that he's meant to be looking after indefinitely.Ziggy somehow failed to notice that the van owner went from male to female in between tellings, but then stumbles across Tane with an even more smoking gun.He's at risk of losing everything here just because he wanted to prove something to himself. Not exactly bad news for Justin but neither of the treatments is exactly what he wanted.Havin
  16. Alf's episode count this week:Suspended. It feels as though Ari and Tane's disagreement, which started off being about Mackenzie, has segued back into the old issues they used to have.Ari was well-intentioned here but probably shouldn't have pushed it as far as he did.Ziggy gave good advice in theory, but in practice it's resulted in him going back to his old bad habits in an attempt to prove he's still the same person.Mackenzie's decision to go round Ari's, apparently in response to Ryder's comment about not being kept apart, was kind of interesting. Ryder and Jasmine: That's not a
  17. I don't see why not, although that might not be much to speculate about at first!
  18. I think it's mostly between Tanay and Tahnay. Well, I loved that for once when Colby tried to read Bella the riot act, she managed to turn it back on him and point out that this isn't going to end well.While she's not been the most rational in all this, Bella made some pertinent points to Taylor when asking whether she intends to end her marriage.I was also glad to see Ryder and Bella having a bit of a scene together (his list of volunteer jobs was bizarre!) and Jasmine being a supportive friend.Not really bothered about Bella sending Nikau away, so shame that seems to be the main focus t
  19. I think the problem is that a part of Dean agrees with Amber: Even Colby pretty much agrees with her. He knows that Karen isn't the same person that she was when Amber knew her, but he knows that she could be. I actually quite liked Dean and Amber's scenes here.She did backtrack a bit on her threat (although she shouldn't have made it in the first place) and let him know how much Jai liked his present.And her reminiscing about Dean as a little boy coming round for a feed was quite sweet in a tragic sort of way. Tori didn't listen to Christian's advice about respecting Justin's privacy, bu
  20. Unless his DOB was closer to 1920.(Frank Lloyd would have been barely 60 at the time but possibly his character was older.)
  21. You have nothing to worry about, that was fantastically well written. And I agree with you: Evie lost a lot of viewer sympathy at the time by the way she not just stood by Josh but seemed determined to cover up what he'd did. So I like that this has her realising the true meaning of what he did and what it means for them and confronting him about it. And I even found Josh in character: He has a hard time getting it, but he accepts it. I am very much looking forward to your other fiction!
  22. Alf might be assuming a bit much here. Carly needs to face reality.
  23. Up until that last scene, Amber actually came across quite well here.Every time there was a clash between Dean and Francesca, Amber was on Dean's side.But...yeah. It was probably the wrong approach from Dean going in hard like that and I can kind of see both their points of view.Dean sees it as a double standard that Francesca can see Jai and Karen can't, whereas Amber thinks not wanting Karen in Jai's life is a separate issue.But threatening to stop Dean seeing Jai is getting tired, and she needs to consider the effect it would have on Jai to snatch his father away from him.As for Francesca,
  24. I can kind of see where Amber's coming from too. It's not that long ago that Dean declared he never wanted to have children for similar reasons, he was worried about them being exposed to the same upbringing he had. He did suggest, quite reasonably, that Amber meet Karen without Jai to see how she is now, but Amber, not unreasonably, pointed out that even if Karen is all right most of the time, she could still have a bad day in front of Jai. But again, there's the feeling that Amber opened this box and now has to deal with the consequences: She can't expect Dean to hide his son from Karen for
  25. It's irritating for those of us in the know, but they're probably not going to market an episode in April as the "season finale" when there's another week of episodes on straight after.I guess it's a way of getting people's attention so they think it's going to be something big.
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