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  1. Hmm, so Sally and Flynn know about the pair.What now..?
  2. Interesting start. Good to see the older characters and nice idea to have Ric and Cassie already knowing each other when they come to the Bay. Looking forward to more!
  3. Stephen didn't drop John in it quite as much as it looked from the trailer, but if he is behind everything, it seems the method in his madness is coming out.And yes, he seems to have an interest in Leah, who dealt with it well.I'd forgotten about John's time holed up in the house on his own: Was Susie really killed that long ago? (And what happened to John selling the house, by the way? It seems to have disappeared anyway, given it's just him there now!) The likes of Irene and Roo seem to have accepted Stephen as part of the inner circle, as above suspicion as Leah or John, despite hardly knowing him. Mind you, the same's true of Cash, who seems to be treating the townsfolk as his people even though he's only been here a couple of weeks. Seemed to be a lack of communication among the writers: Yesterday, Roo confirmed to Irene and John that Alf and Martha didn't know Kieran's back, yet here Irene asks Roo if they know. Well, Justin's argument that he doesn't take drugs to get high took a massive hit here, given the effect those pills had on him.That may see his conviction crumble, or he may do what he did last time and just blame it on a bad batch.I thought, from the way Cash was watching him make the phone call, that he was going to turn up and bust him but no. Well, Justin didn't make a good first impression on him, but on the whole I think he's been fair, he took the lead from Tori in keeping him in the cells and still let him out pretty quickly.
  4. I thought Dean and Tane were being a bit over the top not letting Ziggy go to the garage, although they're certainly right that Justin's a loose cannon.Justin seems to have lost all sense of self-awareness and is slowly eroding what little sympathy people still have for him.It was a definite role reversal between him and Dean: Three years ago, Dean was the mess and Justin was the responsible citizen trying to straighten him out. Bit of bad luck that the "tourist" Irene and John decided to challenge turned out to be the new homicide detective.She was quick to switch to playing hardball when Irene called her out on her "good cop" interrogation.Otherwise, still early days. Not too bad a secret for Kieran to be hiding, but after Roo's exhausted the only recovering alcoholic she knows, they're still in a quandary. They're lucky Cash seems to be a second chance kind of guy.
  5. Ryder continued to be obnoxious towards Mackenzie and is really lucky Dean was in a calm mood.Fair play to him for apologising afterwards. The "faulty gas line" seems to be a redo of the "faulty gas cylinder" that contributed to the caravan park explosion, and like that will probably be shrugged off without anyone being held responsible.Anyway, despite his earlier behaviour, I'm glad Ryder's agreed to go back to work for Mackenzie, although no word on Chloe, who was the reason he resigned in the first place. So, Sienna's going down the blackmail route. Which as I said, is spectacularly ironic, because in the space of two episodes she's gone from trying to get Nikau to break up with Bella, to needing Nikau to stay with Bella because otherwise her dirt on him is worthless. Kieran seemed to be sliding into the role of trusted and responsible adult figure here, but the camera lingered on him often enough (notably an otherwise needless close-up of him when Ryder mentioned liars) for us to think there might be more going on, and his confession to Roo at the end seems to confirm it. Don't know what his secret is yet, but the promo had hints.
  6. Not quite sure where to start with that one.A few characters got to be heroic in the aftermath, and a few seem to have potentially serious injuries (although Chloe's awake by the end of the episode, so probably not that serious in her case). Mia was completely out of line with her "Why aren't you hurt?" attitude towards Ryder, complete with ridiculous reference to "your food truck": I'm sorry, wasn't it Chloe's idea in the first place? Ryder didn't do himself any favours with his OTT "It should have been me" (er, why?), and then he goes and treats Mackenzie the same way Mia's treated him, with just as little justification, ironically at the end of an episode where Mackenzie's been completely nice throughout for the first time in months. (She even held it together on hearing about Mia's pregnancy.) I give Nikau credit for not immediately going off on one over the fact Bella spent a lot of the episode consoling Emmett, given he presumably thought they'd spent the night together.At this point, it's hard to work out what Sienna's plan is.Nikau now knows the truth so..? If Sienna's planning on using their liaison as leverage, that means keeping Bella and Nikau together, which was apparently not what she wanted. If she's intending to break them up, then Nikau would blame her and be just as likely to refuse to co-operate as he would if he didn't want to leave Bella.
  7. Alf's episode count this block:None, but at least we know where he is. Tane didn't appear either, even though he was mentioned as being in town. And if there was any doubt that Channel 5 are out of synch with the blocks, that was obviously meant to be the big end of week cliffhanger, rather than the rather weak "Nikau goes to Sienna's flat" cliffhanger we got on Friday. That...pretty much came out of nowhere, the only foreshadowing being a reference to them leaving the food truck outside the surf club overnight. Before all that...I'd forgotten there was a point last year when Ryder and Jasmine seemed to be having scenes together.Bella at least had a few friends at the launch (but only the ones who hadn't used up their episodes for the week, so no Irene, and no Dean but then I guess it's not exactly his scene).But...yeah. That didn't really ring true.I've never been convinced Bella and Nikau are right for each other, but I do accept they're serious about each other.So, no matter how many times he said "Where's the limo?", I didn't buy Nikau spending what seemed like hours hanging around at Sienna's flat instead of just giving up and catching the bus. And while I imagine Sienna considers sleeping with him a sacrifice she's prepared to make, Nikau didn't seem drunk enough, upset enough or aroused enough to go there.(Honestly, there was no spark in that kiss whatsoever.)And on the basis of photos that were a bit compromising but hardly damning. I don't know if it was the acting or the writing but it didn't really work. (And, of course, the whole thing could have been avoided if kids today actually used their phones as phones and spoke to each other instead of sending texts all the time...) Whilst I wasn't entirely on board with Jasmine giving them the cold shoulder last episode, I agreed with her that if Christian's going to ring up demanding an explanation, then he has to accept he might not like it. I feel like Roo crossed a line here. Okay, she read Kieran's letter and appreciated the sentiments. The next step should have been to tell Martha about it and let her decide what she wants to do.Not make a unilateral decision to have Kieran sleep on their couch when she knows that's not what Alf and Martha want.
  8. I would like to think that if it had gone than far then Mackenzie would have withdrawn the complaint. A lot going on in that episode, to the point that Kieran's return, which you'd think would be a major development, was virtually a footnote. It's hard to know which way to swing with this one. I can understand Roo wanting to think the best of him, although it's a rather abrupt switch after she was very anti-him at the end of his last stint. There's value in giving people second chances, but they gave him a chance before and it all went wrong. I think that was the first we heard of Tane going to TAFE, but I guess it solves the question of how he's running the gym with no qualifications. I get that Jasmine is Tori's friend but I wasn't entirely keen on her giving Christian and Rachel the cold shoulder, although fair play to her, she kept it civil. Loving the team-up of Ryder and Bella again, and also Jasmine and Tori's reactions to being invited to the show, and the interplay between Bella and Emmett... So, we never got a direct follow-up to Nikau's ultimatum to Sienna, but presumably she agreed to sign the release forms given the exhibition's going ahead. Of course, Nikau hasn't told Bella about his side of the deal. It seems extremely over the top for Sienna to decide to break Bella and Nikau up just because Bella might object to Nikau going to Japan, and also someone self-defeating to a)say Bella can't visit Nikau there and b)run the risk of Nikau finding out what she's up to, both of which seem likely to make him not want to go.But maybe this is how a sociopathic control freak's mind works.(Allegra should probably have pointed it out though rather than going into just-obeying-orders mode.)I know Emmett told her to put it away, but would Bella really leave her phone lying around? It's usually physically impossible to prise those things out of a teenager's grasp.
  9. I know Justin's thought processes aren't the clearest at the moment, but may he be closer to the mark about Stephen than he first appeared? It doesn't feel like a coincidence that Stephen's twice noted that he doesn't understand why Leah's with Justin.Leah's finally reached the end of her tether, but I wasn't entirely sold on Tori's actions.She just seemed to make the decision on the spot when she'd been trying to talk Leah into staying moments before.Maybe she suddenly realised that she and Grace (and Buddy!) would be left alone with Justin. Wow, is the show seriously under-budget or something? Apparently they can't afford any doctors to talk to Ari and Mia, so they're left wandering around repeating things the doctors told them. Chloe appears in one scene near the end and isn't credited, so I'm guessing that was meant to be in the next episode.
  10. Ironically, I think the only thing Justin and Stephen agree on is their "Ding dong, the witch is dead" attitude towards Susie's body turning up. Stephen backtracked pretty quickly when he realised John was taking it seriously though. Cash seems to be finding a whole list of suspects, some of whom should probably get themselves lawyers before they're questioned again. Wonder if headquarters will send Angelo back to investigate this one. It's hard to work out where Justin's head is at. I'm not even sure he knew what he was saying with his "I'm sorry, even though you were asking for it" apology to Stephen. I think he does want people to forgive him but he's not quite sure what they need to forgive him for. Unless he's breaking bail conditions by going near Stephen, I'm not quite sure what he could be reported to the police for. ("He apologised for assaulting me, but in a really annoying way.") How much time passed between the last two scenes? Stephen walks away from the Diner, then next scene he walks pack into the Diner, talking about his run-in with Justin as if it only just happened. Did he just circle the building? Whilst Mackenzie calling the police was a bit extreme, I can see why she felt backed into a corner. I wasn't entirely on board with Ziggy having a go, and Mackenzie had a point about Ziggy fighting Dean's battles for him, but Ziggy did make some valid points, and it seemed to result in Mackenzie and Dean having an honest chat, so not all bad news.
  11. No, we haven't. It's just that Australia is even more out of synch than us, having been showing 6 episodes a week for most of the year (a triple bill on Monday or Thursday, with no episode on Friday). It just seems to be pure coincidence that the end of the pre-Olympic week is also the end of a week here.
  12. So, Cash is already learning that his new posting might not be the sleepy, crime-free backwater he thought it was. If Stephen or someone else did intend for the text messages to make the police assume Susie was alive later than she was, it doesn't seem to have worked.So, maybe Stephen intended to act as if he thought the texts were genuine, so Leah and John would both confirm he didn't know Susie was dead? I took it that the fishing boat was anchored in the bay and found the body on the seabed, rather than them picking it up somewhere else. Cash says Susie's body was found "days" after Justin's arrest for assault, when in fact he was only released that morning. I must admit I did feel a pang of sympathy for Justin when Leah asked him if he was going to ask her for his dose.It felt a bit petty and designed to punish him, even if he didn't cover himself in glory anywhere else. Not a surprise that Mackenzie wasn't too pleased to see Ryder back in Salt. She did cross a line though by calling the police on Dean, although she's clearly torn between her natural instinct to lash out and wanting to get her life back in order. It's always nice to see Ryder and Bella together: They don't get to spend that much time alone these days, now they've both got significant others.
  13. I think that's pretty much every year these days! But I think it was early enough that the cliffhanger might have been locked in for the end of a block, so Channel 7 had to make sure they broadcast the episode at the end of that week. Yes, the Olympic Cliffhanger is Episode 7619. Given that Channel 5 is currently broadcasting the show in weeks of ***0-***4/***5-***9, that should be a Friday episode.
  14. Alf's episode count this block:Two, and then he left town.Mackenzie was only in one. So yes, Mackenzie's all right, which is good news.I appreciate Ari wanting to support Dean but he did deserve that serve and it's a shame Dean apologised: Mackenzie stood by Ari and his family through months of crises, only for him to casually dump her the moment he had another option and I've not been too impressed by him throughout this.(And now Mia's pregnant.Obviously.) He really should have had the decency to make himself scarce when Mac turned up, rather than hanging around like a red rag to a bull playing the supportive friend card. It's telling Mackenzie was a lot calmer once he was gone.Not sure how long that will last:Has it occurred to Ryder that, with Mackenzie back, he might not be welcome at Salt again? I did like him joining in with the hug though, and him both telling Chloe to wind her head in and her appreciating his basic goodness. Justin...It's a tricky one. He has been charged, and no-one in town is happy with what he's done, so it's several steps up from Aden, where it felt like we were meant to approve of or at least sympathise with him. I'm not expecting him to get more than a slap on the wrist though, but he has bigger problems than the legal ones, what with his continued refusal to admit to his addiction. If he needs pills to feel "normal", then that's a problem right there. So, farewell, Susie, I can't say you'll be missed. Perhaps it's a bit of a harsh punishment but would have been worse if it was someone else. Kind of odd that she had ID in the name Susan McAllister on her if that wasn't her real name: It makes me wonder just how long she lived after we last saw her, if she hadn't managed to switch identity. It is of course not unheard of for a regular to be the culprit in a storyline like this (Barry Hyde killing Josh West, Josh Barrett killing Charlotte), but it's hard to ignore the fact we've got Stephen hanging around as the suspicious non-regular who hates Susie. If, as many of us suspect, it was him and not Susie sending John the texts, that could have been an attempt to establish an alibi by making out she was still alive when she wasn't.
  15. Pretty shocking news, we seem to be losing too many people far too young these days. Condolences to his family. He'll always be remembered as one of the show's icons, even 25 years on from his last appearance.
  16. It's not entirely clear frankly, thanks to the show forgetting to write an ending to the "Sally comes back to sell the caravan park" storyline in 2013. Alf alluded to owning it a few weeks back, so probably.
  17. Well, Justin has definitely got himself into trouble now and he doesn't even really seem to realise it. I don't know if it's her attitude or what, but again I wasn't convinced by Tori's handling of things: Leaving Justin to stew in the cell overnight seems as likely to make him bitter as give him a wake-up call. (If he's taking his medication every four hours, wouldn't he need more doses as well?) I can't quite decide whether Stephen deliberately made it sound worse than it was by saying Justin attacked him without explanation: It was clear from what Justin said that he was jealous of Stephen's friendship with Leah, which isn't a good explanation but is an explanation. I notice the new police officer's a regular, by the way. Apart from a comment about him being a country boy, he didn't really move beyond generic cop character today but presumably there's more to come. Mackenzie's absence continues to cause problems and worries.I was glad Chloe was called out on her attitude.Even though I don't want Salt to go down the pan, I'm not sure that Dean putting Ryder in charge will go down well with Mackenzie...or Chloe for that matter.That is, of course, assuming the body they've found isn't Mackenzie... That fisherman must have an almighty set of lungs on him for Leah to hear what he was saying from the beach!
  18. Ah, okay. I guess Oz was sticking closer to a five episodes a week schedule in those days, or else it was a lucky coincidence.
  19. I get the feeling we're meant to be on Tori's side but I really wasn't: She once again showed how immature she is when it comes to relationship. I mean, I think Christian's sailing close to the wind, and given he looked uncomfortable when Rachel held his hand, I thought he knew that. It seems Tori asked Jasmine to keep an eye on Christian, which excuses her a bit, but it's all a bit playground: Tori acts as though Christian's spending every waking hour with Rachel, even though the last episode suggested they hadn't seen each other in days. Christian told Tori to focus on Justin while he focused on Rachel, and instead she's sneaking around getting reports from Jasmine's spying missions while Justin is trying to get hold of unlicensed pills. And even when she knows that, she still seems more interested in throwing a tantrum at Christian and breaking up with him than whether Justin's all right or not. I mean, I sympathise with her to a point, stuck in limbo, but she'd only have herself to blame if Christian did now go there with Rachel. As for Justin...well, we knew it was going that way, and it's lucky that Ziggy was on the ball when Leah and Tori weren't.Justin attacking Stephen...My instinct is to say it would be worse if it was someone else, which is a bit harsh perhaps given we don't know for sure that he's up to something, but still. No follow-up on Nikau and Bella's storyline, so I guess we'll have to wait until next week for that.
  20. Yes, I'd noticed that. Whilst I'd still like to get the blocks back at some point, even if we have to wait until next year, maybe there is method to Channel 5's madness after all. I can't remember if the last Olympic Cliffhanger was shown on a Friday or not, but I remember the Commonwealth Cliffhanger three years ago was shown midweek here.
  21. I did feel a lot of sympathy for Bella here, and while I'm still not sold on the pairing, I do appreciate Nikau trying to go to bat for her. Emmett gave him some worthwhile advice about Sienna's carrot and stick tactic.I'm not sure if Nikau's ultimatum is likely to work: Sienna doesn't tend to respond well to them, and I imagine she thinks she holds all the cards and Nikau will do what she wants either way. So Martha found out the truth surprisingly quickly...and then she's off again and taking Alf with her. I like Rachel but I'm starting to get a bit worried about her.It does seem like she doesn't really have any friends, and being stuck in hospital for weeks can't be fun, but it seems like she's getting a bit too dependant on Christian.I'm almost tempted to suggest she staged that panic attack to get his attention.On one level, taking her out for the day is a good idea, but I can understand why Jasmine would be worried.I'm not too sure that calling Tori is the best way to handle it though, she hasn't exactly been the most stable recently.
  22. Good words. Those are where ideas come from. Maybe, just maybe, Evie's starting to move away from those dark thoughts. She's listening, which she wasn't before. Perhaps that's where it starts.
  23. Bella again seemed to be treating Nikau's home like her personal workspace, which he didn't seem to mind although he didn't seem to feel obliged to keep the noise down either. To be fair, Bella did suggest going to hers but Emmett, explicitly now, didn't fancy running into Dean or Mackenzie: See, this is why Dean putting the heavy word on him was a bad idea! Sienna is still disregarding Nikau's request not to spring stuff on him and he seems to have given up objecting. Having used Bella as a bargaining tool up until now, Sienna suddenly seems to want rid of her, having apparently decided Nikau is hooked enough that it won't matter. His behaviour here suggests that's not the case, although his attempt to help Bella backfired. While Sienna's being petty, they probably should have thought of that before getting Nikau to pose for so many pictures... I'm still not sure how concerned I should be about Mackenzie, it does look as though she left of her own accord so..? At least we got to see Ben Murray again! And I think that's the first time we've got a name for Mackenzie's mother.Apparently Dean's never spoken to her, although I'm not sure how long he plans to keep that up for.Mackenzie handled meeting his mum okay. Well, I wasn't expecting Kieran to be up for release that quickly.I can understand Alf's stance: He gave Kieran a chance before against his better judgement, albeit grudgingly, and it ended up in a disaster. They do need to talk it over properly though.
  24. That was quite a bit of information from Ziggy for a first meeting! Wonder what the story is with Lily...
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