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  1. Hmm, has Emma not come home? So Frank's gone there with Finlay, wherever there is...
  2. My thanks to Dan and chair for their work in compiling the votes and to Dan for putting it all together into a web experience, something way beyond my abilities! Complete list of absentees is there but a few highlights: No Ari or Maggie, both of whom were regulars this year. No Brody or Coco, who only left last year. Among those gone missing since the last poll: No Charlie, no Ricky, no Indi. No Oscar, now officially the forgotten McGuire. No Jack Wilson or Matt Wilson, and no Nicole, I think for the first time since her debut.
  3. Interesting reaction from Morag to the idea of Bobby being a mother. A lot of people with someone they really shouldn't be with...
  4. It seemed likely but nice to get it confirmed!
  5. Evie continues to be in a bad place and struggling to find the motivation to do anything.She's got people around her but maybe they don't know how bad it is. I can understand the desire to see something bad happen to Hunter...
  6. Hmm, Robbo's into police corruption. I suppose his mates helped him get away with murder so what's one more, eh?
  7. Interesting idea. Robbo seemed unnecessarily harsh towards Christian but having Jasmine onside could be handy.
  8. Well, it'll probably be impossible to know for sure, but one possibility that springs to mind is that the title sequence was filmed at the same time as the pilot (complete with the alternate shot of Bobby) and they didn't have enough money to film new shots for characters who were either introduced later or not intended to be as prominent as they became until after it became clear the show was going to carry on.
  9. Pippa gave birth about two months after the wedding and already knew she was pregnant then.I guess it didn't come up.
  10. Another well-written chapter. I continue to like the little glimpses we're getting of the other characters and their own thought processes, as with Chris here. Evie continues to struggle to find joy in anything but maybe his words will sink in a bit.
  11. Well, Steven had a go but not a very good one. Adam really needs to be honest with Marilyn...
  12. Going back to Summer Bay has not been the quick fix Frank hoped.And if Steven really does still like Sandra, he needs to tell her...
  13. Frank was a bit of a jerk expecting Bobby to give up her family for him. Liked Bobby rebuffing Celia's attempts at gossip. Did Adam hear the phone message..?
  14. Uh-oh at Sandra and Revhead, and gasp at Frank and Narelle...
  15. Ben is delusional and woah at Carly standing up for herself but will she follow through on it?
  16. Good that Bobby went to see Narelle. Ben is going to be fuming...
  17. Fiona's turned up.Why do I think Bobby and Greg might not last that long? Ben could be in for a big shock...
  18. Lots of great stuff again. It was nice to see the adults' perspectives, and I loved the chats Evie had with both VJ and Maddy, who somehow managed to find tiny chinks in her armour, just for a bit. And yes, that ending: The definition of a mixed blessing!
  19. It made as much sense as them having a "telepathic link" in the first place! It had already been established that it wasn't really genetic, it was down to them being familiar with each other.
  20. Alf possibly worrying too much about Roo... Glad Nick and Julie are back on track, and hopefully Steven won't wallow too much.
  21. Some rare good news for Carly as everyone prepares for Christmas...
  22. Frank is possibly not going to get the welcome he expects...
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