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  1. Alf's episode count this week:Three. While they didn't know for sure, Mackenzie and Ari pretty much guessed in the previous episode that Colby didn't know Bella was going, so letting him know via an invite to the farewell really was asking for trouble.Thorne once again demonstrates that he might claim to be the son of a police officer, but it was Ross that raised him and it shows.Much like Ross, he was treating Bella like she was his property and wasn't allowed to leave him, resorting to blatant police corruption in order to get rid of Nikau.(I wonder if it's crossed his self-centred mind
  2. So, bit of an impasse between Alf and Martha.Whilst I think he's being stubborn, I find it perfectly reasonable that Alf expected them to live together once they were married, and I'm a bit bothered that Martha's reason for maintaining her own house isn't solely because it's her home now but because she wants her "independence": Choosing to spend big chunks of your marriage away from each other because you don't want to see your spouse all the time isn't particularly promising. They should have discussed this beforehand though instead of Alf assuming Martha would move to Summer Bay full time.H
  3. What she's done isn't fair to Dean but somehow I can't bring myself to dislike Amber.I wasn't expecting to see her today but we got a sign-off from her, at least for now.I'm not sure what the significance of those binned drawings was: Did she throw out Jai's drawings of Dean? But then we saw her unloading the bike Dean bought him so... The fact she seems to have taken Jai away from Francesca as well as Dean makes me think a bit more kindly of her. And I'm very sorry we didn't get to see the look on her face. Alf and Martha spend the episode bickering like the old married couple they are t
  4. I'm still very much Team Angelo.Sure, he's a bit Gene Hunt at times, but the only way he's really looking bad is the way that he seems to have fixated on Colby's duplicitous but legal activities rather than actually trying to gather evidence.Okay, it looks from this episode as though he was trying to get Thorne to confess, but that plan's pretty much a bust.At least, after my expressing bewilderment at her failure to realise that Colby was only worried about evidence against him because there was evidence against him yesterday, Taylor finally heard that penny dropping and realised just what sh
  5. That lasted a few days at most before she remembered what Colby was really like.She was fully on his side by the time he killed Ross. So...because he hurt someone she loves? She knows Ross' faults but, as she's said, he was still her dad, just like Nikau still loved his dad despite knowing he did bad things. Yeah, I think you've said that before. Not sure why you think that given Colby's admitted he didn't bother to check on the others before running off and Dean pretty much hated Colby for abandoning him when he came back. So, today, with Thorne well and truly back in sup
  6. Intriguing idea to have Flynn still around when this is going on.Looking forward to seeing where you take it.
  7. Not sure if Bobby and Frank have worked out how this is going to work but they've both bonded with Sophie which is good, I guess...
  8. Well, yes, I agree with you there. Like I said, Dean and co aren't sorry Ross is dead, and they understand why Colby would want him dead. They just think it would have been better for Colby to have put him in jail and got on with his life, rather than murder him and potentially end up in jail himself (with them along for the ride as accessories). May 2019 (Oz pace).
  9. Lucinda is on Donald's side, Roo is on Barbara's side, so they're not actually anything to each other? Frank took a heck of a long time to get with the programme but he got there in the end. Adam ended things with Marilyn as painlessly as possible.
  10. How so? I get that they share an uncle in Donald but aren't they completely different sides of the family tree?
  11. So...basically you think Dean's a hypocrite who thinks Colby did the right thing but regularly berates him about it anyway? (And did long before the body was discovered, to the point of suggesting Colby wasn't a great boyfriend for his sister.) There's a difference between no-one being sorry Ross is dead and them all thinking Colby made the right choice.You obviously missed the moment I was as disgusted with Dean as I've ever been, when he shamed and guilt-tripped Bella for threatening to report Colby to the police for murdering her father. And sure, Angelo being back in the police is laughabl
  12. Shauna gave Greg good advice. Unless I'm missing something, isn't Roo and Lucinda being cousins a bit of a stretch?
  13. They didn't even try. Certainly Colby didn't. As you yourself pointed out, Dean tried to talk him out of it, so he obviously didn't believe it was the best or only way to get rid of Ross. He's just taken an attitude of "My mate, right or wrong." He'll defend Colby to outsiders, a category which seems to include Ziggy and sometimes even Bella, but deep down he knows Colby did the wrong thing.Quite often, not even deep down, as him telling Colby he'll never forgive him for it demonstrates. Anyway...Tori continues to be a mess and Christian continues to be the perfect antidote, refusing to l
  14. Adam needs to stop stringing both women along. Does Shauna think Pippa's her mother?Is she right?
  15. I'm not sure Greg talking to Frank is a good idea...
  16. That's not even a remotely fair assessment, just Colby's feeble justification backed up by his friends' blind loyalty and biased views. Ross spent no more than a few weeks on the run once his crimes came to light, and that was arguably mainly because Colby didn't tell the police where he was. Colby killed him because he wanted him out of their lives for good rather than in jail, and justified it by feebly claiming there was no guarantee he'd stay locked up. Maybe not, but he was no criminal mastermind, just a grubby little thug whose luck had run out, and with the seriousness of the charges, t
  17. Frank really does have no right banning Bobby from Pippa's house, she should have a word.
  18. Evie's still trapped in that cycle and not recognising how many people she has around her. Well-written as always!
  19. I continued to feel sorry for Amber, and I loved the scenes between her and John, with them again bringing out a softer side in each other. While Dean was wrong to even think of taking Jai away from her permanently, she's equally wrong to try and cut him out of Jai's life completely and hasn't given enough thought to the effect it'll have on Jai.I'd like to think it's a knee jerk reaction and she'll change her mind when she calms down, but in reality I don't think it's anything to do with what Dean's done, it's to do with Francesca and the fact she'll never accept Dean and the fact Amber feels
  20. Aaand we're back! I did feel sorry for Amber here, whatever her many other faults, she does love Jai.So does Dean, of course, and their scenes together were quite sweet, but he's clearly got no clear plan and hasn't thought this through.I'm glad Amber gave the odious Francesca a well-deserved serve. Colby and Willow were mainly deployed as supportive friends here but...was Colby bluffing at the end or something? Could he really arrest Dean without actually receiving a complaint? While Ari's mistrust of Tane can be a bit wearing, unfortunately in this case he's quite right, even if he
  21. Michael actually made the right call, although I'm not sure if we're meant to trust Revhead or not...
  22. Bobby not noticing what's under her nose...
  23. Okay, looks like David and Emma's romance could be coming to an abrupt end... Carly was good with Sandra but it doesn't seem to have changed Nick's mind.
  24. Sarah joining the list of unusual debuts! Will Sandra tell the police she was with Revhead?
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