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  1. ^^The actress was Claudia Buttazzoni.Her first character was Laura Bonnetti and her second character was known as Jenna Evans(although her real name was Lisa Graham-long story).
  2. Okay, one for real die hards but in case there's one out there...Does anyone know the surname of Caitlin, Max Sutherland's on-off girlfriend who appeared sporadically on the show between about 2002 and 2004?It was never given in the credits but I'll swear there was an episode where either Don or Barry, probably Don, called her Miss something.
  3. Oh, hang on, that doesn't work...He was eighteen in 2005 so the birthday in 2004 must have been his seventeenth(which would make sense because they bought him a car)which would make him sixteen when we first met him.
  4. Oh boy...Robbie first appeared in the 2003 finale and I think he was meant to be fifteen at the time.He had an important birthday in 2004 which I think was his sixteenth, I'll swear he was in Year 12 in 2006.
  5. Ah.Trying to work out Matilda's age is a minefield at the best of times so I'll play safe and say two or three years.I usually say two even though I think they changed it(which put her in the wrong age group at school).
  6. Thank you to everyone who stayed with this fic until the end-I'm glad you enjoyed it. Anyone who was disappointed it wasn't the story they were hoping for...maybe you'll enjoy my next one more.Oh, hang on...
  7. Just to make things even more confusing, a few episodes before Justin was name-checked, Larry referred to Aden having a brother in prison(presumably Sean although it´s possible Justin has been in trouble as well). As an aside, when we first saw Aden he appeared to be living with Sean in a completely different house to the one he was in later, with no mention of any parents, not even when Aden was in hospital.The most likely explanation is that Aden and Sean moved out and then Aden had to go back to Larry when Sean was jailed.But it´s probably just another example of his ever-changing person
  8. I've just looked at the thread on this subject and apparently it's Fiona.
  9. Er...I'm afraid the answers are, respectively, don't know, don't know and nothing.In a bit more detail: Last seen being dragged away in handcuffs(presumably jailed) Last seen being dragged away in handcuffs(probably admitted for psychiatric care) Fled the area before any charges could be brought(and, er, presumably went on to rape lots more girls-and we thought the Axel/Melody stuff was handled badly)
  10. Five.Making fourteen in total.I thought it was going to be fifteen but then I found I had no Chapter 9. Don't ask. This seems like a good point to say I'm going on holiday in a week.Hopefully I'll manage to get this story finished before then but if I don't...apologies, you might have a wait.
  11. Well, I've already promised this one on the individual thread so I thought I might as well give you a teaser.I won't start on it until I've finished Light and Shade but coming soon... Story Title: The Happiest Day of Your Lives **Sequel to Shattered** Type of story: Probably long fic Main Characters: Melody, Geoff, Axel, Aden, Nicole, Danielle, Annie and others BTTB rating: A Genre: Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: References to adult themes, including rape.Moderate violence and sexual content. Summary: Three years on from the end of Shattered(four years on from th
  12. First of all, many thanks to everyone who's posted nice comments about this.I was very aware that I needed to get it right and I'm glad people think I did.And they didn't even notice I'd pinched one of my best gags from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Or at least if they did they were too polite to mention it. There will probably be a sequel to this, I've got quite a few ideas about what I want to happen in it, but it won't be the next thing I write-I've made a start on something else and the first chapter should hopefully be up some time this week.As always, I'm expecting everyone t
  13. Hehe, well, what are you thinking? I'd love to hear guesses here, cause I have the last chapter ready anyway (it was figured out long before I even started writing this fic) and I hope I haven't been too obvious here &thanks for all the nice comments btw 2 possibilities playing in my head and I don't like either of them. Covered with spoilers to avoid offfending anyone Oh my gosh.Um...that'd be...interesting.Ahem.Still...looking forward to the ending.
  14. Yeah, I agree with the princess above, just go for it.I've lost count of the amount of times I've been pre-empted and it's always interesting to see different people's takes on an idea.
  15. Like...wow.I don't know what's going to happen and I don't even know what I want to happen.Looking forward to the conclusion.
  16. Yeah, my reaction to that one was "Eh?" as well.Is that supposed to be a sort of sibling love or is there something we've all missed? Otherwise, good work.
  17. Oh good grief...He's going to be in it.If I can think of a line to give him, I will.No promises, mind you... Oh, and thanks for reading, like.Everyone.
  18. I'm really enjoying this one.Please continue.
  19. Okay, that bit made me laugh.That's got to be worth at least ten points.
  20. Unless I've forgotten something, fifteen years.Lynne McGranger took over the role in 1993 and Irene had cleaned up her act by then.I don't remember her ever falling off the waggon(which doesn't necessarily mean it didn't happen)-I think she had a bit of a wobble during that business with Dodge, which I think would have been '95, but didn't succumb.
  21. no it is legal because legally he no longer exists. Hmm, much as I would like to believe this, the show opened up a can of worms a few months ago by pretty much having Leah say that the marriage was illegal(or at least sinful).I really don't see how it can be legal for Leah to marry a second husband in full knowledge that her first husband was alive and well. There are plenty of examples in other soaps of a character being declared dead, turning up again and still being legally married to their spouse.Leah was offered a chance to join Vinnie in witness protection and the implication was tha
  22. Yes, Dan and Leah actually split up twice in late 2005/early 2006 for a variety of reasons including him developing a gambling addiction, her developing feelings for Peter and her miscarrying the child they were expecting and didn't really get back together until he was in a car crash and she felt bad.(If you saw the Flynn's funeral episode last week, there was a few hints of it in there, since it was set in between the two separations.) Thankyou muchly! I was litterally dying not knowing the answer. Nice to know I saved someone's life.
  23. Twenty.Plus an epilogue.Which should probably be Chapter Twenty-One but I thought twenty was a nice round number. Mind you, I might as well throw my notes in the bin-once again whenever I add something in like that Aden/Mel scene everyone loves it.I'll try and post at least one chapter over the weekend but it looks like it's going to be a hectic one.
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