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  1. I don't believe Ross was ever in jail: The whole point was the police weren't looking for him and Bella because he wasn't considered dangerous.I find it hilarious that Colby apologists try and make him out to be some ultra-powerful Mr Big: He was a nobody, and I don't think abusive parents are particularly popular in jail either. On the whole, the locals would probably rather have a police officer who can tick the "I have never murdered anyone" box.We did see Bella on the phone to Nikau telling him not to come.The Paratas forgave Ryder straightaway but no word on the subject from Bella, althou
  2. Plus ca change with Carly and Ben... Shame Shannon's getting it in the neck.
  3. Phoebe managed to be...realistically irritating. Evie's reached the point where she can hardly talk to anyone.
  4. Well, it's been a long time coming but Colby's finally where he belongs.Now he gets to experience first hand what would have happened to Ross if he'd arrested him and sent him to jail instead of just shooting him.How's that for irony?I'll give him credit for keeping his word and keeping Dean out of it once he was finally convinced the game was up.His lawyer's face said it all: That was a waste of a morning.And Taylor walking out as he tried one last time to look like the noble good guy: How's that for a burn? Angelo's had his smugometer turned up to eleven for days now, but it seemed like he h
  5. Oh, that was delicious. Watching Colby and Dean completely oblivious of what was about to come, and then the bombshell of that recording and the look of disbelief when Willow appeared in the doorway.Even though it was part of Willow's cover, it's a shame Bella didn't get to see exactly what Colby did to Ross and learn what he really is.My sympathy for Dean and Bella well and truly ran out as they continue to convince themselves that Angelo's the bad guy in this: Nope, the guy that murdered Bella's father is the bad guy, the guy that ruined Bella's chance of a normal life five minutes after get
  6. Tori didn't literally refer to Summer Bay as a village. She was referring to the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child." Alf's episode count this week:Three. Go, Willow! Thorne's gone from smug to desperate to defeated, which has probably pricked her conscience a bit but someone needed to stop him.He's right that every decision he made has led him to this.I don't really buy his claim to have fallen in love with Taylor: Did he come to that realisation before or after he ripped her necklace off her? That's just him deluding himself that he's the good guy still.So, he may have ha
  7. Sally herself came back. Kane and Kirsty came back. Roo and Marilyn both returned long-term (albeit recast in Roo's case). ETA: Oh, and Shelley came back briefly in 2009!
  8. Curiously I found I didn't really dislike anyone at the party and felt sorry for quite a few people.Especially Jasmine.She sounded bitter a lot of the time, but she did seem to be trying her best to hold it in and not spoil things for everyone.Tori was a bit insensitive brushing aside her present, but she was obviously flustered at the time.And yes, we did get a mention of Mason, so I was pleased about that.And while Tori inevitably said "You should have told me", she did apologise straightaway and realise the situation Christian was in.So Justin's back in hospital.Hopefully he'll come out bet
  9. I'm not saying he wasn't hurt by it. Just that he didn't relate it to his own life in the same way that Ari did.It didn't occur to him that the same thing could happen to him.It was hard to get a read on him today.He seemed a bit cocky when he came back with what he thought was the money he needed, although he was perhaps more contrite with Nikau.(Sadly, I can't take Nikau's "Stop treating me like a kid" line seriously when he spends so much time acting like one.I will never understand why the show made him so old and then wrote him so young.)By the end of the episode, it's clear that Paul and
  10. No need to keep apologising, you're doing good! A bit of normality from Mason and a bit of straight-talking from Alf, but neither seems to be getting through this shell Evie has built around herself...
  11. I think Tane will always have an edge in the same way that, say, Dean's got an edge: He'll never be a boy scout or anything.But I think this is different.Yes, he lost a brother, but I think that felt a bit removed for him.Whereas Ari's spent time in jail and knows the downside of that lifestyle, Tane's been swanning around thinking he's untouchable and that what happened to his brothers wouldn't happen to him: He thinks he's too smart, plus he's not doing anything dangerous like waving guns about, he's just moving hot goods around and getting easy money for it.But now he's experiencing the oth
  12. Hmm.Obviously Brad has an agenda but Flynn being insecure probably won't help things.Curious to see how it goes!
  13. The police might not have seen Colby committing the murder on television like we did, but Angelo gathered together enough proof to convince his superior he'd got the right man and to get a crown prosecutor to lead the case.Yes, technically Colby's "innocent until proven guilty" but he's in custody awaiting trial, so it's definitely more than "suspicion".And yes, Mackenzie being the only one in the house not to know didn't last that long as Ziggy suddenly gets verbal diarrhoea. I am liking the bond between Ari and Tane: You'd have expected this to have them at each other's throat but Ari k
  14. Ooh, Les is still about...
  15. Yes, we saw Bella visit Colby in his cell on Tuesday and yes, he was just as unpleasant to her initially as D.B. said (although, for the sake of fairness, he did calm down a bit later). Angelo used the correct terminology with Colby, I think: He wasn't being brought in for questioning, he was being charged.That moves him beyond suspect towards alleged perpetrator.(A suspect is someone they think might have done it.He's now the person they think did it.) Alf's episode count this week:Five! The Paratas seemed to agree that Ryder did them a favour calling the police (and they said it in
  16. Flynn sent Rocco packing but what's going to happen to him now? Brad's not really been a problem so far but sounds like that could change...
  17. Well, they started off well, but they were outnumbered already and the other side probably had reserves. At this point, the thorny issue becomes...who is the right party? The dealers were the one who turned up looking for a fight, but Tane at least had broken the law so it's not a case of one side's completely innocent and the other side's completely guilty. Of course, if none of them talk to the police, then it's a moot point.As for Dean, as I pointed out, telling the police that Colby did it doesn't really qualify as looking out for him, or at least not in Colby's book when he's still hoping
  18. Irene twice said that Angelo wouldn't have arrested Thorne without reason.No matter how much Thorne might try and pretend, the people who've been around long enough know Angelo wouldn't fit someone up because he's had an affair with his wife.I do think Angelo's in character: This is reminiscent of his dogged pursuit of Hugo back in 2009, and while he was slightly wide of the mark that time (Hugo was involved but lower down the food chain than Angelo seemed to think), this time he's spot on.As with Leah and Justin here, the older characters seem shocked by Colby's arrest, but they're not actual
  19. Discussion of today's episode follows: It's always extremely satisfying to see Thorne's smug bubble get well and truly punctured, and this is probably the most it's ever happened. He was as cocky and swaggering as ever during the arrest and interrogation, convinced that Angelo had nothing on him and he'd be out of there if he kept quiet, only for the reality to hit him as he was processed and flung in a cell.I unfortunately found Bella rather annoying with her insistence that they're not allowed to treat Colby like this, and then insanely trying to blame it all on Taylor who's only in the
  20. It's your story: It can happen any way you want!
  21. It's nice that Flynn's not insecure about Brad. Sally remembering it was Rocco a lot earlier than she did in the show...
  22. I seem to recall Tane mentioning he went to the same school as Ari and Mikaere, I think in Australia? Well, I've been waiting for this day for nearly two years...I cheered at Colby realising Taylor wants nothing to do with him, and at his complete failure to gaslight Bella, and at his also complete failure to find something to hold the Paratas for yet again.And then of course that ending, with him still trying to play innocent despite the game seeming to be well and truly up.I am concerned that Angelo decided to give the order more to prove a point than anything else after Colby's repeate
  23. Evie and Zac talking at cross purposes.Will Evie go through with the donation?Who knows?
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