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  1. On 28/02/2021 at 15:04, H&Alover said:

    I know I keep banging on about this but does Christian know the full story behind Grace's birth? 

    As in, does he know Tori was in protective custody at a safe house at the time and then had a stroke and nearly died?

    Leah needs to get over herself. To be frank, the whole thing about Leah and marriage has become exaggerated over time, she hasn't actually been married that many times or had that many disasters, but she is making the same mistake she made with Zac, treating Justin badly over some insult that exists only in her head.Justin would probably marry her if it was what she wanted, but he's accepted that she's happy to go on living together and is committed to her.That doesn't mean he wants Tori to rush into marriage and have it all go wrong in a short space of time, especially when he's already seen Brody do that.Leah can't giddily gush over Tori and Christian getting engaged and then rant about how marriage is meaningless when it suits her. That said, Justin kind of needs to get over himself as well: He's gone from "Christian's cool, you should move in with him" to "You barely know Christian, how can you get engaged to him?" Pick a side, man! And maybe accept that if Tori makes a mistake, that's up to her.

    Meanwhile, we find that Lewis has his own reason for mistrusting Christian.It's only his point of view of course, although on first impressions it seems like he does have a reason to at least want it looked into it. Christian probably couldn't have anticipated a further bleed, but he also shouldn't have left the hospital without there being adequate cover.Of course, there may well have been a neurosurgeon present and it may well have been the case that there was nothing that could be done: Lewis kind of glossed over that part.

    Alf well and truly rained on John's parade!

  2. Alf's episode count this week:Three. Colby was in two but spent most of Monday comatose and didn't have any dialogue.

    John's date with Susie veered between sweet, funny and simply excruciating.Inviting Irene along was probably not the best idea he could have had either.Oh well, it doesn't seem to have put her off since she agreed to a second one.

    James Stewart is matching Shane Withington for the comic timing, as Justin spends most of the episode (in fact, most of the week) in a state of utter bemusement.At least there's good news for him at last with the pain only being a pulled muscle.I was thinking that the show had managed to ruin its big climax point again by including Christian's proposal in the promo, only for us to get the double whammy of Tori immediately accepting.I guess that's one way of solving an issue!

    Jasmine's comment that being around Lewis has turned her back into the person she was before all the tragedy was somewhat true, and I kind of like it, because I kind of liked the more optimistic Jasmine of earlier years.How old is she meant to be, by the way?I always assumed she was in her 20s, about the same age as Willow, but she implied she was at uni 10 years ago.

  3. Well, five minutes after John decides to find a date the old-fashioned way, it seems he can't move without running into an attractive woman, although he seemed a bit rabbit in the headlights when Irene carefully explained what had just happened.Susie doesn't seem that good at her job though, given the way Tori and Christian seemed unimpressed at her housing selection.Justin definitely overstepped the mark inviting Christian to move in with them and has left Tori in a difficult position.Marilyn seemed to be only hearing what she wanted to as well.

    Ziggy bawling her eyes out and giving Justin way too much information about her love life was probably not top of his list of things to do that day, but the scenes were sweet and funny anyway and he didn't do too bad a job.That's got to be at least the third time Justin's collapsed at the garage like that, right? Talk about deja vu, no wonder he feels like there's no end to it.

  4. When the cavalry coming over the hills is the River Boys, you know to check your brain at the door. That sequence couldn't have been more cartoony if Heath had come swinging in dressed as a bat. (Or indeed the Black RPM Power Ranger, who I recently discovered was played by Dan Ewing as basically Heath Braxton in spandex.) But what the heck, it was actually quite fun to see Heath wander back onto the show, take down a Big Bad Wannabe and wander out again (even if the shots of a bunch of guys in hoodies fighting a bunch of other guys in hoodies were almost impossible to decipher).It's a shame he was in the promo, because it would be great for him to have turned up completely unheralded, but I guess as someone once said "You don't need people to be surprised, you need them to watch." We seem to have missed some conversations though: How did we go from Ari being prepared to go to jail rather than do the job to him...being prepared to do the job?

    Colby and Dean's farewell...To be honest, it feels like someone came up with this two years ago and slotted it in here.There was a time when they were probably the closest people to each other, but since then they've gained blood relatives and spent most of their time with Ziggy or Mackenzie or whoever.So maybe it didn't have the impact it once would have, but it was affecting all the same.

    I think both Justin and Ziggy are interpreting things wrong.I don't think Justin's giving Ziggy these jobs as punishment, which is what she seems to think, but I don't think Ziggy's got ideas above her station like Justin seems to think either.Her meltdown at the end seemed to leave him not having a clue what to say next.

  5. I'm back to being vaguely confused by Kieran.It felt like battle lines had been drawn between him and Alf on Monday, but they're back to being reasonably civil.We now know that he's drinking (well, assuming it really isn't Ribena) but it feels like something he needs to do to cope rather than something that sends him crazy.In fact, it seems more like he's inherited his mother's traits than his father's, being constantly on edge as though it's an effort to be "normal".I was expecting him to blow his top at some point but his temper seems to be under control.It might have been a different story if he hadn't got the job though, and Martha's pleading wasn't really the best reason for Jasmine to give the job to someone who looks like he's going to be out of his depth.Roo says she didn't speak to Alf for years: Er, when? They seemed to be in regular contact when she was in New York.

    While it still feels like nothing was resolved, I did like Mackenzie playing the big sister figure to Bella, and her hug with Jasmine.So Dean's now in the know of Ari and Tane's mess.His claim that Reefton Lakes was River Boy territory was another "Er, since when?" moment, since the whole point is meant to be they're from Mangrove River (hence the name). I think the last reference to it may have given its reputation a battering too, but it feels like back in the 00s it was portrayed as the posh area. Bella and Mackenzie are also in the know: This might not be good news, since I'm not sure it's going to achieve anything except worrying them.

  6. When you open a season with a recap that includes stuff from the season opener two years ago, you know a storyline's been going on a long time.I'm afraid I was back to finding Jasmine annoying, with her continued belief that Colby's somehow a special case.She was also apparently fine with her colleagues being menaced by street thugs just so Dean and Bella could stand by Colby's bed looking upset for a couple of minutes.Christian's reaction was nice:He didn't debate the morals, just pointed out that they could make things worse for themselves by breaking the rules.And after all that drama, Colby's basically fine by the end of the episode, although that might not be a good thing for him if there's another welcome waiting for him when he goes back. Bella looking into protection wings is the most sensible thing anyone's done in a while.I wasn't too impressed with her guilt-tripping Dean: I realise Colby's sentence is a lot longer, but Colby wasn't in jail with Dean because Dean kept quiet about his involvement, so this just makes them even.Officer Martinez appears to have gone from having a full and rather bushy beard to designer stubble overnight.

    I thought I had a handle on Kieran but now... He just about stayed on the right side of the line with Jasmine this time, but his later conversation with Roo about getting the job had a bit of an entitled touch to it and then he almost seemed to be spoiling for a fight with Alf.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, D.B said:

    Thanks for commenting again Red, and by the way, I love the new avatar.

    Thanks: I wasn't entirely sure if people could tell who it was, but after thirteen years on here, I've finally twigged how to make screen caps so thought I'd try it out...

  8. Well, there did seem to be a period where the 18-30 age group was almost entirely unrepresented, in sharp contrast to these days: Nearly everyone was either a teenager or the parent figure of a teenager. The show didn't quite seem to know what to do with characters once they left school and quickly wrote them out (Sally of course being a notable exception). But at the same time, yes, family obviously played a big part in it, the parent figures weren't just noises off or rarely seen authority figures, they were a big part of the storylines.

  9. On 18/02/2021 at 19:49, c120701 said:

    I really don’t understand why Kieran isn’t Alf’s son, it would make the story more interesting in my opinion.

    Possibly because they wanted the character to be younger, possibly because they felt it would be too big a betrayal for Martha to have not only hidden the fact she had a son but Alf's son, possibly because it allows for the drama of Kieran's dad turning up down the line.

    Alf's episode count this week:Four.Otherwise, rather sparse for a finale week, with Colby and Nikau only appearing in one.

    Both a lot going on (in terms of characters and storylines) and not a lot (in terms of big developments).So I'll start with Kieran, who becomes the latest person to demonstrate it's only Sally who's rude enough to not address Alf the way he asks them to.We and Alf learn some more about his history, and it does sound like his father was around for a while.He seems to be getting on with Roo and that was a nice scene with John but... It's hard to tell whether he's annoyed with Jasmine for not giving him a job or annoyed with himself for stuffing things up.On one hand, it's good he takes his anger out on a tree (or himself?) rather than another person, but it's still not the healthiest.

    Anyone else noticed John and Jasmine seem to have an unusually large amount of scenes together? Not expecting anything more than friendship, but it's an interesting dynamic.Of course, Jasmine's busy making (or rather reuniting with) another friend.Her reference to Robbo dying "last year" opens a whole can of worms, given that it was actually a few episodes into this season that he died so...when was new year? (I am now trying to remember what his grave said before deciding you can think about things too hard.)

    Ziggy needed to be straight with Dean, who needs to move on and stop expecting her to change her mind, even without her having gone elsewhere. (Not that he hasn't...) I did think that with Jarrod, Dean and Tane, plus that guy that attacked Maggie, it seems Ziggy definitely has a type and Brody really wasn't it: No wonder they didn't work out! So after all that fuss, Bella does end up spending the night in Chez Parata after all.Lucky she wasn't there when Tane and Ziggy were getting busy down the hall...

    And sucks even more to be Colby right now... Were those guards in the background deliberately looking the other way, because that really doesn't say much about the representatives of law and order?

  10. On 17/02/2021 at 16:46, Nephlim14 said:

    I meant stay at the farm until came back back on his own. As in when he decided for himself to come back, not when Ari or somebody else browbeat him into coming back. 

    As H&Alover has said, Dean did come back on his own: Ari tracked him down, made a few pertinent points about how Bella needed him and how he was making a mess of his life, then left him to make the decision.


    Nice to see a bit more of the more vulnerable side of John in his talks with Irene.I wondered at first if their dinner was meant to be a kind of practice date but it looks like they just decided they needed to get out more.

    Ziggy didn't really do her case any favours by sloping off with Tane like that! It looks as though Justin's going to forgive her anyway.Tori found something else to make a drama about, but a bit of tough-talking from Leah seemed to sort her out.

  11. Well, some stuff seemed to be hitting the fan here. I kind of felt for everyone.Justin's obviously an innocent bystander caught up in this, and he's understandably angry that Ziggy got the garage mixed up in this: The personal comment was perhaps uncalled for, but also perhaps not too wide of the mark.And I can understand Ziggy being reluctant to report Tane...who's likable enough and gets credit for owning up to Justin, but still doesn't quite seem to get it at times.I'm glad Ari had the same idea as me about calling Paul's bluff, although they could use a more bulletproof scheme just in case he really isn't bluffing. Oh, and Constable Murray gets to make presumably one last appearance this season!

    After an awful lot of procrastinating, Tori finally talks to Jasmine and is forced to admit that, yes, Christian was right and she actually is fine.

    As for Dean...I'm not sure he would have ever come back without someone to give him a bit of a nudge, and I think he's better off back in Summer Bay, with things to occupy him, people to support him and people for him to support, rather than getting drunk, fighting and having meaningless sex.

  12. Well, that's Hunter getting his comeuppance and seemingly Kat too... It's very understandable that Zac would still want to help him though and maybe he can.Olivia was believably obnoxious. Evie still can't recognise that people care about her.Hopefully Zac and Leah getting some advice will help.

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  13. 19 hours ago, Nephlim14 said:

    Im gonna need context for the yelling and kicking out stuff. When did he do that to her and why. From what Im seeing of her now, Im not going to fault Dean for getting pushed to his breaking point.

    There wasn't really any context. Colby was in hospital for a bit and, having always been fairly relaxed around her up until then, Dean abruptly decided that there was a vacancy for an overbearing big brother and started telling Bella what to do all the time and kicking out her friends on a spurious "I don't want you having boys in here" pretext.

    Anyway, it looks like we're unlikely to see that revisited.Ari is the only one to notice, or at least the only one to say, that Dean's keeping it together for Bella's sake, but I think that's a good thing: If he needs a reason to keep things together, she's as good as any, and maybe they can be good for each other since they're both a bit short of alternatives to hang out with at the moment.As today demonstrated, Dean's as committed to the idea of them being "family" as Bella is.I was lobbying for Bella to stay at the farm at one point, but she's better off with Dean than she was with Thorne. Hopefully.

    While there's probably several good reasons for Angelo and Taylor to call it a day, it's good that Thorne didn't cause any more permanent damage.And it's good too that Angelo got a last scene with Alf and Roo, showing that he is still one of them.(We didn't see if he tried to say goodbye to Irene though!) Roo had probably already worked out that Irene knew about Kieran, but that was a sneaky way to confirm it...

  14. I get the impression Martha didn't actually marry Kieran's father, although I could be wrong.She didn't tell Kieran about remarrying at the time since they'd lost touch, but she told him when she was in Merimbula so he knows now.


    Dean was pretty rubbish as a guardian for Bella the last time Colby was unavailable, constantly yelling at her unnecessarily and kicking Nikau and Ryder out of the flat for no good reason, but she doesn't really need someone to parent her, she just needs company.It would have been awkward to have her staying with Ari and Tane without Nik, and she'd already pushed Ziggy away, but Mackenzie's convinced her to go back to the farm now and it's probably the best place for her.She did seem to give Dean a bit too much credit, saying he wouldn't bail on her without a good reason or go back to Mangrove River.Ari seemed to understand Dean better, but then he's perhaps seen a side of Dean that no-one else did.(Not even Colby, who'd cleared off at the time.)

    Martha spilled the beans just in time with Kieran turning up.He seems pleasant on the surface but it feels like he's having to make a constant effort to keep the other side of him under control.But hey, at least he's trying, so points for that.Alf's perhaps being a bit too dictatorial but time will tell.Roo's certainly right about the family tree being complicated: That's four half-siblings she's had now, none of whom were full siblings to each other!

    Well, Taylor might be spending time with Angelo by default with Thorne no longer an option, but at least they both seem to be making an effort and I guess there must have been something between them once.

  15. Alf's episode count this week:Three, and he was credited on Tuesday for no appearance.

    It kind of looks like Taylor's only looking at Angelo again because Thorne's in jail and therefore not an option, which isn't exactly flattering. It feels like quite a few people owe Angelo a conversation, but I liked his little chat with Alf, which reminded me that Alf was one of the few people decent enough to say anything after Angelo was cleared of attacking Belle all those years ago.(Irene, as I recall, called him all the names under the sun and then quietly disappeared.)Bella finally gets to see Thorne, which probably went as well as could be expected.

    Alf and Roo are finally in the know about Kieran, which is just as well considering he's just turned up.Hard to tell how old he's meant to be: He looks younger than Roo, but then that was already a given since Roo was in her early teens when Martha disappeared.I was wondering what his surname was: The end credits gave it as Baldivis (ie Martha's maiden name) but after all the confusion over Owen, I'm not sure if I entirely trust that...

  16. Discussion of today's episode follows:

    Well, that was a pretty abrupt 180 from Jasmine regarding Irene retrieving the present, but I'm glad in a way that it wasn't an ongoing issue between them.It does of course make Tori's guilt complex and refusal to believe that Jasmine is fine even more frustrating.It is slightly amusing that Justin is now the one insisting Jasmine isn't a problem.Christian's right that Tori needs to stop living in the past, but Jasmine is always going to be around.

    We haven't seen Jasmine apologise to Angelo but she does at least seem to have modified her views somewhat.We haven't seen Angelo in casual clothes much in this stint! At least Taylor admitted that even she doesn't know why she's still in town (having previously said she was only still there for the trial) and we got a bit of an explanation for why Angelo's about.It seems unfair that Taylor gets to see Colby before Bella does, although at least the promo suggests it's not too long a wait.

    Alf was doing his best to be understanding of Martha but he can only take so much being stonewalled.

  17. I really liked the chats between Ari and Tane today.It does feel like Tane has finally grasped where Ari's coming from all this time.It's interesting to know that Ari was equally at loggerheads with Mikaere before he died.I guess going to jail gave him a perspective on whether or not this kind of thing was worth it that his brothers lacked.Nice that Bella did the noble thing and told Nikau to go and be safe, but it feels like the show's had to go to some pretty extreme lengths to portray her as left on her own: No sooner does Colby go to jail than Willow, Ryder, Dean (more or less) and Nikau all leave town in quick succession, plus she's pushed Ziggy away.

    Well, I must admit to being surprised at Irene's intervention backfiring so badly.I thought she'd be right about Jasmine regretting throwing the present away, but instead she's annoyed at not having her decision respected.For all Irene's badly-placed snorting at him, I think Christian is right that Tori's the one making this a problem.Tori seemed less interested in talking with Jasmine and more interested in talking over her with an over-rehearsed apology speech.

    I'm also surprised that John's date going awry was dashed off in a couple of scenes.It would have been nice to have seen a bit more interaction between him and Bella and Nikau, who did seem genuinely sympathetic.Marilyn was probably the last person he wanted to see at that moment.

  18. 23 hours ago, Nephlim14 said:

    He wasnt exactly stalking Ziggy, he just keeps trying to talk to her,

    I think turning up at her place of work hours at most after she's said she doesn't want to get back together is crossing some sort of line.

    1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

    The Porsche is still Rick's. 

    I really don't understand that: What happened to Mackenzie saying all her debts to Rick were paid off all those months ago?

    Discussion of today's episode follows:

    Well, Tane interrupted Dean's latest attempt to get Ziggy to talk to him, but in the end it seemed as though Tane was the one most concerned by Dean's grim (or not so grim?) prediction of his future.It does definitely feels like history repeating itself, although at least there's no buried bodies this time.Dean did seem to be wrongfooted for a moment by Bella being nice to him, shame he wasn't in the mood to reciprocate. Of course, now Ari and Tane are back in trouble.I don't suppose there's any chance they could just call Paul's bluff? If he goes to the police, then he's potentially implicating himself (especially if the Paratas still have his messages), along with any other low-levels employees involved.

    In the midst of everyone hitting the self-destruct button, John being crazy-prepared for his date does at least offer a bit of light relief. Champagne, but not the really expensive stuff...

  19. Discussion of today's episode follows:

    Well, Tane did well in getting Dean home but otherwise he should have kept his distance, because him acting like Ziggy's bodyguard was just inflaming the situation.That said, Dean needs to wake up to the fact that acting like a stalker is not going to make Ziggy take him back.It's like he's latching onto her because he's got no-one else, but that's too much to put on her.He knew right from the start that there was a possibility of it ending this way, even with Colby taking the blame:He saw it happen with Chelsea, who could never look at Colby in the same way afterwards.Mackenzie briefly did a good job sorting him out, might even have lasted if he hadn't run into Ziggy again so quickly.

    And we get the answer to what Martha's hiding rather quickly, although Alf and Roo remain in the dark.Okay, I can understand Martha wanting to get all the details before explaining, but this really is something she should have told Alf before they got married and she's lucky he's willing to give her as much leeway as he is.

  20. 22 hours ago, c120701 said:

    I think so, although we’re still brushing over Alf marrying Ailsa (twice) despite knowing Martha was still alive.

    I think it was eventually (and I do mean eventually) mentioned that he found out after he married Ailsa. The vow renewal might be another matter.

    Alf's episode count this week: Five!

    I was getting as fed up as Dean at the constant "How's Colby?", so him finally snapping and saying he didn't know and didn't care largely echoed my thoughts.In his case though it's probably more frustration than anything else.Didn't Willow visit Dean when he was in jail, or is the new backstory that they were estranged then, hence him turning to Amber when he got out? We got to see a bit of Ryder with Bella and Nikau, which didn't involve him being the supportive friend much but at least we got to see them both being happy for him and encouraging him to take his opportunity.Alf played a bigger role than Martha seemed to think he would as well.So, after Alf's sudden suspicions about Martha's love life yesterday, she's now hiding something from him...

    Elsewhere, Justin's out of surgery and doing well but did Christian really say they removed a "substantial" amount of the tumour? Surely it doesn't matter how much they remove: If they leave some behind, sooner or later it'll grow back? Is the idea to kill the rest with radiotherapy or something? This does not seem like a permanent solution...

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  21. 2 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    I've never made Colby out to be a ultra-powerful Mr. Big 

    Are we watching the same episodes, I'm sure when Ryder ran into Ari and Tane after the incident they mentioned Bella and said that she'd forgiven him.

    Sorry, I meant people make Ross out to be some sort of ultra-powerful Mr Big when he was a nobody. Possibly should have made that clearer. And I'm sure they didn't mention Bella.Hannah was in a wheelchair at one point.Tori seemed to recover from her coma within a couple of episodes.Not sure how long Leah took.

    Anyway! Justin's recovering a bit too quickly for Tori's liking, resulting in yet another clash between her and everyone else, with Leah and Christian continue to support Justin's decisions and not really agree with her anyway.Hopefully Christian's covered everything with Justin this time and won't have to drag Tori into theatre halfway through the operation to put her on the spot.

    Yes, I was a bit puzzled by Tane saying the car was Rick's: Weren't we told months ago that Mackenzie had paid off all her debts to him? Well, it's not his now, and Ari did get over it pretty quickly and accept Mackenzie's done the right thing.I did notice however that Paul didn't seem to make any promises...

    I believe that's the first mention of Alf having married someone else since Martha's been back, although Ailsa still doesn't get a namecheck. That was probably the most interesting thing about a C-plot that may be important later but just seemed to be a way to get some characters in the episode here.

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