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  1. Thanks for the info, I think it's been a bit too long a break for me to commit to reading it again though.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I went out on Saturday because of various issues on Sundays.

  3. Thanks for your note.I did have a quick look at your fictions and they've got some good ideas but there's a few too many original characters in them to hold my attention.I have a hard time with your existing fiction as it is.Good luck with them though!

  4. Belated happy birthday!Hope you had a good one.

  5. Belated happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy birthday for yesterday!

  7. Still not sure if it would be my cup of tea but don't let that put you off.

  8. Have to admit, not a big fan of EastEnders these days.

  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  11. Somewhat belated birthday wishes to you!Hope you had a good one.

  12. Happy birthday to you!So, teens finally over, hey?

  13. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes.

    One of these days you're going to admit when your birthday is...

  14. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes!

  15. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  16. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  18. Happy birthday to you!Hope you have a good day.

  19. Happy birthday, Kevin.

  20. Oh, seems I missed your comment on my profile talking about my Power Rangers Summer Bay fics. Glad you liked it.Hope you found the other ones.

  21. Ah, I see!Yeah, pure self-interest, I was enjoying your fiction Hope and wondered if you'd been on line lately.Glad to see the update!And you, of course.

  22. Um...I'm good, thanks.Did you think I'd gone somewhere?Or, um, have you been somewhere?Yeah, that's it, isn't it...

  23. Happy birthday to you there!That's one of those big ones, hey?

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