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I'm 41 years old and male, which you could probably work out from the profile information.My name is mentioned in a few places on the forum but I've kind of got used to being called Red Ranger.I live in a one bedroom flat with a low paid, low responsibility job which leaves me plenty of time for the important stuff in life, like watching television and writing fan fiction about it (see below...).

I've been watching Home and Away since 1992(Hands up who wasn't born then?Yeah, thought so...)and stumbled across Back to the Bay in early 2008 while doing research on the Internet, found myself posting in a couple of threads and never really went away, so they ended up offering me a job.

Somewhat bemused that I ended up here because I've never really considered myself a big soap fan, even though I watch a lot of them.I've always thought I was more into the telefantasy stuff, especially Doctor Who.I find I don't actually watch that much television anymore, most of the programmes I watch I've been watching for years.(I just buy DVD boxsets of the old stuff...)Just to prove I get out of the house occasionally, I go and watch Norwich City with my dad and my brother when they're at home.(Norwich City, that is.Not my dad and my brother.Although that helps as well.)

Small World
The Happiest Day of Your Lives
Light and Shade
Life on the Inside
Audition Piece
Family Matters
Love in Motion
A Much Needed Holiday
Second Love
Extreme Lengths
Everything Changes
Beautiful Friendship
Burning Bridges
Smoke and Mirrors
Farewell to Love
One for the Future
Freaky Summer Bay
Support Network
Out of my Mind
While the Mice are Away
Growing Pains
Deadly Reunion
Just the Once
Spare Pair
A Voice in My Ear
In the Line of Sight
Where the Heart Lies
The Honeymoon's Over
In the Adult World
The Mistakes We Make
Blood Ties
Relative Difficulties

One Thing Leads to Another
May to September
Single Parents

Make Your Own Family
Wedded Miss
Keep On Keeping On

No Place to Call Home

Bonds of Blood and Water
The Best Laid Plans
One Last Time
Goodbye, Summer Bay
Look to the Future
The Future is Here
Older and Wiser
Older Guys
Guardian Angel
What Lay Beyond
Silver Couple
The Hound of the Austinvilles
(joint fic with Miranda, Marigoldy and jdoddy)
Lady Frankerley's Lover
(joint fic with Miranda and jdoddy)
The S Men
(joint fic with Miranda)
Bay Wars
(joint fic with Miranda, JosieTash and pembie)
The Empire Strikes Bay
(joint fic with pembie, JosieTash and Miranda)
Return of the Bay Jedi
(joint fic with pembie and JosieTash)
Power Rangers Summer Bay
Series One
Series Two
Series Three
Series Four
Series Five

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