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  1. Question of whether Bobby or Greg will get to Sam first... This is possibly not the best plan of Celia's.
  2. I think Mackenzie's just got a naturally flirtatious personality: She pretty much talks to Dean the same way! It seems to be like she bluntly shut Tane down every time he said anything suggestive right from the start, it's just the disparity between what she said and how she said it could be construed as a mixed message. It feels like a long time ago when they had that conversation on the beach where Tane accepted she was with Ari and decided to back off. So I think the line's been drawn, it's just a case of them working out a way to go forward and whether avoiding each other completely is really the best way to achieve it. I think she enjoys his company and maybe she's trying to get him used to interacting with her in a platonic sense.Giving him the job at Salt seemed to be at least partly down to helping out Ari by keeping Tane on the straight and narrow. Maybe she hasn't handled it as well as she could have done but she's made her position clear.
  3. Alf's episode count this week:Four. Otherwise a sparse week, with only Leah, Marilyn, Roo and Justin managing three episodes. I'm afraid I disagree strongly with the above comments about Mackenzie. It's almost misogynistic to suggest that a woman can't be friendly with a man other than her boyfriend without it being construed as provocative.I don't think she's done anything wrong at all and I think it's assuming a lot to say she never intended to move out of Ari's: She moved in in a hurry having exhausted all other options, and fair enough she didn't immediately start looking for another place but she didn't stay longer than what was reasonable either.Yes, she's attracted Tane and him to her, but so what? They both know where they stand.She's committed to Ari and has never pretended otherwise, he respects that.And yes, she could make more of an effort to stay away from him, but I think there's pros and cons for that one, as today's episode demonstrated.If she makes it too obvious, then it just creates tension.I don't see why being in a relationship makes her "dominated by men".And I think her and Ari work quite well together and have seen views from either side.I'm sure the social media crowd will always find an attractive young woman to hate for arbitrary reasons: Last year it was Jasmine and people complaining about her being with Robbo. On the specifics of today's episode: I do feel sorry for Ari but he was assuming a lot expecting Mackenzie to stick around permanently.He doesn't know about the awkwardness between her and Tane of course, although he seems to be getting suspicious by the end.Mackenzie and Ziggy living together is a good idea, so long as Mackenzie can accept being on the outside with Colby's secret.(An even better idea: Have they got a spare room for Bella? I imagine Colby's twigged she's sleeping with Nikau given how many nights she's spent at his place.)It was what Ben and Maggie suggested in the first place, more or less. I found Marilyn insufferable here.Why didn't Alf and Ryder just walk out of the Diner? They do know they don't actually need her permission to leave? Roo and Owen...moved fast but I guess they're old enough.Ryder says he's lived with Roo a couple of years: It's more like three. I'm not sure what the social distancing rules are in Australia (Neighbours seems to have mostly abolished touching but they all seem a lot closer than two metres most of the time) but it was pointed out that you're allowed to get close to work colleagues if the work requires it so no rules have been broken.
  4. I know Dean told Colby that Ziggy knew about the murder, my point was that Willow didn't tell him even though she spoke to him first and made a point of telling him about the split but apparently didn't tell him why. Nikau was on the beach with Bella before going into work and it still seemed fairly early.Taylor was checking Angelo's call details before Colby called her.Leah should only be early 40s, given she turned 30 in 2009. Roo shouldn't be that much older going by her original age, although they may have added a few years on when Georgie Parker took over the role.10 years is probably about right give or take. So, today! I may be letting my personal feelings get in the way but I don't think Bella and Nikau are remotely ready for living together.Trying to be objective, Ari did move Mackenzie in without any real consultation, and Nikau was trying to look out for her but again he hadn't thought it through and it wasn't the best way.I doubt Colby even noticed Bella had moved out given she seems to have spent most of her time at the Paratas' recently, but he'd have twigged eventually and wouldn't have been happy.It's probably good that Ari softened a bit, the last thing anyone need is things deteriorating between him and Nikau again.Talking of which, Mackenzie moving out might be best given the tension. Roo and Owen still have difficulty mastering the art of arranging to meet.Given the thread elsewhere about post-Covid episodes, Georgie Parker mentioned shortly after filming resumed that she'd had a socially distanced kiss. I'm guessing that was it, since I noticed we never actually saw Roo and Owen's lips touch (there was always part of their body blocking our view, most obvious the way Roo put her hand in the way).
  5. So, the choice is between Bella living with Colby and Bella living with Nikau? Talk about a lose-lose situation, it almost makes me fondly remember the days when she was forced to live with Irene for no good reason. Nikau only has to work half an hour and still clocks off early... There was no way him giving Colby a lecture was going to work: Colby doesn't even listen to the people he likes, he's not going to do what Nikau, who he still barely tolerates, tells him to. Despite having the perfect opportunity to end things with Taylor, he insisted on carrying on and doesn't even seem to be bothering to hide it: He's spent so long getting away with murder, he thinks he can get away with anything, and he usually does. Poor taste in men aside, Taylor isn't really coming across very well sneaking around with Colby like this.She keeps making token noises of guilt and then coming back for more.Slightly bewildered that Bella thinks Nikau taught her not to give up on family: Running off at the first sign of trouble seems to describe his behaviour perfectly! Marilyn was being a bit irritating laying things on with a trowel with Roo, although even Alf had noticed something.They're the only ones though: Irene and Leah seemed utterly oblivious.Justin wasn't in it much but looks like he's doing well.
  6. I think I actually managed to dislike Willow even more in this episode.Why on earth was she siding with Colby against Dean all the time? "Are you going to put me in the ground as well?" Well, given that Colby still lashes out at people who say things he don't like, even friends and allies...if he had a gun in his hand, he might have considered it. Not sure why Colby's allowed to lay into Dean but he's not allowed to retaliate.Willow needs to wake up to what he is: Does she seriously think he's going to pay any attention to her latest attempt to tell him to end things with Taylor? Of course not, he doesn't care about her opinion.I'm not sure if there's anyone whose opinion he does care about these days.He's been literally getting away with murder for so long he thinks he can do what he likes, and the fact Angelo doesn't agree seems to be his main beef with him.Oh, and again someone leaves out a crucial piece of information: Why does Willow tell Colby that Dean and Ziggy have split up but not that she knows about the murder? Not sure what to make of Amber here: She goes back to Dean's place and then puts a stop to things when she hears he's not got a girlfriend? Okay, maybe she was hoping that he'd ended things a while back and chosen to be with her but it was still an odd reaction! But fair play to her for wanting commitment or nothing. Justin isn't paralysed but it feels like that's the only win anyone can claim here.Maybe he'll have less symptoms for a while, maybe it'll stay that way permanently, but the problem hasn't exactly gone away, it's just another waiting game.I guess Justin thanking Jasmine for supporting Leah was meant to be a clearing the air moment.Christian wasn't inviting that kiss but didn't seem to mind it.
  7. I got the impression Ryder was perfectly happy with Roo and Owen getting close.And no, I don't think anyone has a clue that Bella told Nikau: Willow even took Bella away from him to discuss it last week. So, Willow dusts off her "Ross was a bad man so it's perfectly fine that Colby murdered him" lecture, only to find that it doesn't work as well as it did on a messed-up teenager who already had a warped sense of right and wrong.Ziggy's far from being a straight arrow, but she's still too middle-class to be fine with the Mangrove Grove ex-pats covering up a murder and thinking they have the right to choose who deserves to live and who doesn't.I wasn't impressed with Willow's attitude towards Amber either, since she did just seem to be being a friend to Dean:It was like Willow doesn't want anyone else in the club.It's hard to tell whether Amber would take it better than Ziggy: She was practically popping champagne when she heard Ross was dead, but I doubt she'd be happy about Dean sticking his neck out for Worst Best Friend Ever Colby yet again. Meanwhile...Justin's no worse off but it's not clear if he's actually any better.I mean, some of the tumour's gone, but enough to make a difference? It appears this miracle surgery that Tori was pushing for and getting Ava to push for isn't the magic solution she claimed it was.I do however on the whole think she made the right choice not to put Justin in immediate risk by continuing the surgery:That wasn't what he signed up for and he needs to make the decision himself when he wakes up.Good material for Leah and Jasmine.
  8. At the risk of dragging this out, Colby is being manipulative with Taylor, or at the very least lying to her, and the fact she hasn't noticed and thinks his interest in her is without an agenda doesn't change that. His attitude towards her can be best underlined by the way he tried to sneak a look at her phone while she was sleeping, then encouraged her to look at Angelo's text just because he wanted to know what it said.It doesn't matter that he doesn't have any reason to resent Angelo's behaviour towards Bella, he does anyway. Alf's episode count this week:Five! And...today, with Ziggy receiving her induction into the ever-growing "I know Colby's a murderer" club. Dean kind of was on a hiding to nothing.It's debatable whether the choice he made was the right one: Yes, Ziggy now knows the reason for his behaviour, but he's been keeping this from her throughout their whole relationship, and if she keeps quiet then she's another one looking at an accessory charge. (At this point, I'm forced to reflect just what blabbermouths this lot are: Has Dean now told Willow, Karen and Ziggy, and Bella told Nikau?) Amber remains in the dark and just gets a talking to from Willow: I have to respect her being a loyal friend to Dean if nothing else. Elsewhere...surgery time for Justin.Nice that Brody and Raffy got mentions, and I liked that Tori calmed him down by getting him to look after Grace. It does seem like the tension between him and Jasmine has entirely gone now: Maybe being in a hospital bed does that to you. Meanwhile, Ryder's attentiveness towards Roo and Owen was a bit inappropriate but amusing nonetheless.
  9. Yes. https://www.backtothebay.net/forum/topic/50518-most-popular-character-2020/
  10. 1. Sally Fletcher 2. Alf Stewart 3. Donald Fisher 4. Michael Ross 5. VJ Patterson 6. Mason Morgan 7. Skye Peters
  11. Not in this show apparently. In this small coastal town, a senior constable can apparently ransack someone's house with no greater reason than "He owns a black hoodie". https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/read+the+room So. I know people think I'm getting at Colby but good grief, I struggle to think what anyone could find likable about him.Even his friends seem to be having a hard time remembering at the moment.It feels like he's turned this investigation into a personal battle between himself and Angelo, and is treating Taylor like a tool to get one over on Angelo with: Angelo messed with his sister, so he's going to mess with his wife. (I accept Angelo's treating it as personal as well, but I don't think he's lost perspective to the same degree.) Jasmine offered Taylor a sympathetic ear but it didn't seem to have any effect. It's ironic that when all this started, Dean backed off from pursuing Willow again because he didn't want it to implode if Ross' death came back to bite him. Of course, he then started dating Ziggy less than six months later, so now she's the one in the blast zone along with Jai and to a point Amber. Nice of Alf and Irene to arrange for John to see Jett and it makes sense given Jett was the one there with him when he was last left on his own.It does feel a bit like putting a sticking plaster on it though: He's going to have to go back to that empty house afterwards. ETA: Oh, and the promo at the end of the previous episode actually included the cliffhanger to this one. Sometimes it's not worth watching the episode...
  12. Good lord, even Alf has started calling Angelo "Rosetta" now.Irene really needs to choose her friends more carefully.I really hope that one day the folk of Summer Bay realise that they've been siding with the bad guy. Thorne (see how he likes it) seems to have pretty much given up any pretense of civility and shown how rotten to the core he is.Angelo might be a poor husband, but Taylor letting Colby use her for the sake of a cheap bit of revenge is definitely not trading up.Thorne finally has a moment of clarity and realises that behaving like the bad guy has made Angelo realise he actually is the bad guy, then just decides to carry on.And he actually called him a snake? Presumably he thinks that putting a block on someone's passport to stop them attending a family member's memorial isn't being a snake.(He behaved exactly the same way towards Alf that Angelo behaved towards Irene to get information on Nikau, yet Alf didn't call him out on it and neither did anyone else really.)Ethics aside, Willow's plan to provide Angelo with contradictory evidence was a good one.But Colby is clearly past saving, and it's at the point where Willow, Dean and Bella just need to give up on him and make sure he doesn't drag them all down with him. Alf and Irene had a bit of trouble reading the room where John was concerned, seemingly dismissing his desire for company as "just Palmer".While Marilyn has landed on her feet and got her room back with the Stewarts, John is left rattling around in that house on his own: Does he even have Amber there anymore?
  13. Looks like Michael doesn't need Alf to teach Haydn bad habits...
  14. Well, as many of us said, Bella and Nikau running away (and in a far from discreet manner) just made the situation worse and all this could have been avoided if she'd just gone to the station in the first place.And Colby and co were clearly out of their minds to tell the whole town, including a number of Angelo's old friends, that they had run away if they wanted to keep it from him. Of course, all of this has benefitted Detective Rosetta so for those of us hoping he gets his man...the game's afoot! There's a heck of a lot of people in danger of being charged as accessories if they don't watch themselves as well... Tane probably did need a hospital visit, although as he then proceeds to sit in a hospital lift for ages without any real medical treatment, I guess it wasn't that bad? I thought Mackenzie was claustrophobic at first but it makes sense this would remind her of the last time she was trapped in the hospital.She probably did the right thing keeping the fact Tane knew the men from Ari, but it's a potential whole heap of trouble if Ari finds out... Glad Justin managed to keep it together and have a fun day with Ava, hopefully not the last one... To be fair, being paralysed isn't the same as dying and hopefully they'll still be able to make some good memories if he does end up in a wheelchair.Their farewell was a real tearjerker moment. Hmm...Last time I checked that Wikipedia page it just said 'Owen'. Checking the history, I see it was changed at the beginning of last week, so I'm guessing his surname was mentioned at Oz pace around then.
  15. Whilst I'm still not keen on the way Tori went about it, I guess it is good that Justin's agreed to have the surgery.For all his casual attitude, Christian did a good job of relating to him and explaining things to him, and they both did a good job of putting Tori in her place when she tried to take over. Bit hard on Owen for Roo to send her dad to cancel their date for her, but she was obviously never comfortable with it.I did like the initial byplay between her and Marilyn, and Roo and Owen subsequently going on a definitely-not-a-date walk confused just about everyone, probably including them. I suppose I should give Tane credit for sticking to his plans to stay on the straight and narrow, although it doesn't seem to have put him on the good side of his old associates: That stab wound looked a bit nasty. A couple of oddities that have cropped up: After previously being credited simply as 'Owen', he's now on the credits as 'Owen Slater', which makes no sense when his birth name was Harper and Slater was Evan's adopted surname unless he was also adopted by someone called Slater. (An article on the main site gave his surname as Davidson, but it hasn't been mentioned on the show.) And the showmakers have apparently abandoned the idea of doing trailers for the next week/block or double bills, since the one we got on Friday was apparently just for today's episode.
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