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  1. Hey every one. Not to panic, i have human flu not pig flu. Which i am relieved about.
  2. Indigo to me is a trouble making party girl who wants every thing her way. A bit like Nicole.
  3. Can't wait. Finally some drama that want be over in a week.
  4. Alf-3 Leah-9 Nicole-13 Ruby-78
  5. Hey, Does any one else out there have the flu?
  6. Yes finally Rachel is human. She is finally not in control for once. The house is still messy. I didn't have a stay at home husband who did every thing for me. I had to do it my self. I survived on 4 hours sleep a night. And yes i struggled with mother hood. I unlike Rachel did not stress over having a baby. Being told that i will never have a baby. I now have my miracle child. Who is now 13.
  7. That was the most boring wedding ever. I never even cried. And i cry at weddings. Nicole looked so pretty.
  8. Loved Zoe. Bring her back. Who on here is bored?
  9. I want Aden to move on and with Nicole. Aden can not grieve for ever. He can not sit around and mourn Belle for ever.
  10. No, i didn't. I want out last night instead. Watched it on the O.S. Last nights episode was ok. Any one doing any thing exciting for the week end?
  11. Shoot both Jesse/Vinnie?
  12. Aden--5 Alf--9 Leah--9 Nicole--11 Rachel--5 Ruby--66 Tony--0 Xavier--3 Tony is out. Yea
  13. Hi Emma. Made any plans for the weekend?
  14. shoot Jai save Xavier Annie/Ruby?
  15. Aden--5 Alf--9 Leah--9 Nicole--10 Rachel--5 Ruby--64 Tony--2 Xavier--4
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