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  1. I don't think that story line will happen. Hopefully Kirsty will die.
  2. The present mature Belle? Belle that lies, Jumps from Angelo to Aden beds like musical beds?
  3. I hope that Kirsty leaves. I have never liked her. Hopefully when she is gone then Miles and Leah can get together.
  4. Belle only slept with Lucas once. She told Lucas after wards that she only slept with him to make Drew jealous.
  5. Kirsty again is lying. Kirsty told Miles that she wants a baby and says that she is going of the pill, then takes the pill behind Mile's back.
  6. Loyal? Is that what you call a person who uses people.? Belle was going out with Ric then he dumps her. Uses Drew so she can than throw herself at Ric. Then sleeps with Drew. They brake up because of her mother. Then has a one night stand with Lucas to make Drew jealous. Then back with Drew. Her and Drew brake up for good. Then gets with Aden and meets Angelo. Back and forwards Between Aden and Angelo's beds. Before beign caught out by Angelo. Then goes into rehab. Meets Liam. Comes out. Then leads Liam to think that they are having a relationship to make Aden jealous. Now back with Aden. I would say Loyal, don't you think?
  7. Us Jack fans went through this when Jack was killed. It even continues after his death. Now the Belle lovers can;t handle this and want it stopped.
  8. Bring back Gardy. Home and Away has been boring lately that Gardy might be entertaining again.
  9. May is so annoying with the way she talks. What is her obsession with Angelo? She hardly new him and yet sleeps with him.
  10. Took my daughter to see Hannah Montana.
  11. I am good. Cold. How are you.?
  12. Hugo is amazing. I don't want him and Martha to get together in case it is revealed that he is bad. I hope not.
  13. Aden-5 Alf-7 Annie-3 Irene-4 Jai-5 Leah-12 Martha-5 Nicole-9 Rachel-9 Ruby-30 Tony-9 V.J-2 Xavier-6
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