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  1. Leah needs a very strong and powerful storyline. Ada is an amazing actress and so badly under used.
  2. Another Melody story line in the making. Partying, lying, getting drunk. Going out with older men.(Liam,Sid)
  3. People could start to call him Hot Doc. That was just a thought. I don't really fancy him.
  4. What did Charlie want Ruby to say? Ah, you're mother. Yippee. Ruby has every right to feel the way that she does. The past sixteen years have all been a lie. Why is Morag having a go at Martha for? All she was doing is trying to help Ruby.
  5. Martha WYR sleep with Hugo or Tony?
  6. It will be weird for a while. When my Jack died i was in morning for months. I so wanted Jack to return and be with Martha again. It is going to be hard seeing Aden trying to keep going knowing that the women that he married and loved want be with him any more.
  7. Sorry Lily i have to disagree. Flynn and Sally where the best couple ever. I am not an Adelle fan, but i was a bit teary towards the end.
  8. Alf-1 Leah-9 [Nicole-11] Ruby-82
  9. Thank you Emma. I am starting to feel a little better.
  10. Alf--2 Leah--9 Nicole--12 Ruby--80
  11. shoot Dan save Leah Kirsty/Miles?
  12. Hugo John Palmer or Bartlett?
  13. blue slippers, jeans and purple and white stripped top.
  14. Joggers, Black jeans and green and white stripped polo shirt.
  15. I still have the FLU. I have now developed a cough. Every time i cough, my throat hurts, my head hurts and my chest hurts. I HATE THE FLU.
  16. shoot Roo save Dan Hugo/Angelo?
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