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  1. Aden--5 Alf--8 Leah--8 Nicole--10 Rachel--7 Ruby--58 Tony--5 Xavier--7
  2. Cold. The temperature over night is due to drop. They reckon by the weekend the temperature will be down to 3 degrees over night.
  3. Belle did the same thing to him. Surely then,
  4. Aden--5 Alf--8 Irene--0 Leah--8 Nicole--10 Rachel--8 Ruby--56 Tony--7 Xavier--6 Irene is out
  5. Angelo also left Jack's body there and lied about it for weeks. How would you like it if he murdered Aden and left him there and then lied about it for weeks. Then comforted Belle?
  6. I hate Amanda. Amanda is a b***h. We all know that Belle takes after her mother. Likes to use men to get what she wants and lies.
  7. Aden--4 Alf--9 Irene--1 Leah--9 Nicole--10 Rachel--7 Ruby--55 Tony--7 Xavier--6
  8. I love these two. Those two have the chemistry and are not in a hurry to have sex.
  9. I will never forgive Angelo for murdering Jack. Angelo hasn't changed. Now he his after Hugo. Angelo has hatted Hugo since he arrived back into Summer Bay.
  10. Aden--4 Alf--8 Irene--2 Leah--9 Nicole--10 Rachel--8 Ruby--53 Tony--8 Xavier--6
  11. Okay. Hate school holidays. It is cold. I hate winter. What about every one else?
  12. I am hopping that once Nicole will move back in with Aden.
  13. Angelo is guilty of killing Jack. Why did Angelo leave Jack's body there? Why lie about it for weeks. Now Angelo is going after Hugo. Why? Angelo has coursed nothing but more grief since he has come back.
  14. Aden--5 Alf--8 Irene--4 Leah--9 Martha--3 Nicole--10 Rachel--9 Ruby--46 Tony--8 Xavier--6
  15. Low fat milk, Chocolate bar and potato crisps.
  16. Blue fluffy slippers, Jeans, pink t-shirt and jumper.
  17. Aden--5 Alf--8 Irene--4 Jai--0 Leah--10 Martha--4 Nicole--10 Rachel--10 Ruby--41 Tony--8 Xavier--8 Jai is out.
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