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  1. That was the most boring wedding ever. I never even cried. And i cry at weddings. Nicole looked so pretty.
  2. Loved Zoe. Bring her back. Who on here is bored?
  3. I want Aden to move on and with Nicole. Aden can not grieve for ever. He can not sit around and mourn Belle for ever.
  4. No, i didn't. I want out last night instead. Watched it on the O.S. Last nights episode was ok. Any one doing any thing exciting for the week end?
  5. Aden--5 Alf--9 Leah--9 Nicole--11 Rachel--5 Ruby--66 Tony--0 Xavier--3 Tony is out. Yea
  6. Hi Emma. Made any plans for the weekend?
  7. Aden--5 Alf--9 Leah--9 Nicole--10 Rachel--5 Ruby--64 Tony--2 Xavier--4
  8. I like Hugo. He risked his life for every one on that bus. Hugo is a hero.
  9. I am not a fan of Kirsty's. But i will admit that i liked the way that she was mature about the bomb and the way that KIrsty handled the kids and the situation that they where in.
  10. Despite "Global warming", it is cold 15C with constant cloud dry.gif I love that. We get global warming in the summer time. It gets very hot here in summer. It is sunny and 19 degrees here.
  11. I just want Kirsty to leave the Bay all together.
  12. Aden--5 Alf--8 Leah--9 Nicole--10 [bRachel--5 Ruby--63 Tony--3 Xavier--5
  13. Does Angelo really care for Charlie, or is he just using her so he can cross the line and get Charlie on side so he can do what he wants in his pursuit of Hugo?
  14. More freedom? Kirsty is now an adult and a mother. It is about time that Kirsty grows up and takes responsibility for her actions and stops lying.
  15. I am liking Hugo and Martha together. I am just hopping what ever it is that Hugo is hiding, i hope he doesn't hurt Martha.
  16. Aden--5 Alf--8 Leah--9 Nicole--10 Rachel--6 Ruby--60 Tony--4 Xavier--6
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