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  1. Had a storm last night. Lost power. Very windy blowing a gail. Pissing down with rain.
  2. Next they will be saying that Hugo works for the Mafia.
  3. Can't make up its mind weather to rain or come out sunny.
  4. Morag has moved back in with Aden. Hopefully Morag will stick around for a bit longer this time.
  5. Joggers, denim jeans and a dark pink beaded long sleeve top.
  6. T.V. week, fathers day card and some scratches.
  7. I hope not talk about boring like bring a book But she is Gina is not boring. She is a wonderful,caring,amazing person who has had to cope raising a disabled child on there own.
  8. I like Brendan. It shows how a person with a disability can interact with the community. Some saying that they don't want Brendan as a full-time character because he has a disability and gets boring. Do they know any one who lives with some one who has a disability and tell them that they are boring. They live with that person 24/7. No one understands what it is like until they experience it them selves.
  9. God. Next it will be Geoff and Ruby in bed.
  10. So, is Gina going to come back and be a regular or has she gone for good?
  11. Rachel is paranoid and doing every thing possible to push Tony away. Tony at the moment can do no right in Rachel's eyes.
  12. Not any more. It was in Mondays or Tuesdays episode that Nicole said to Aden that Roman sold his share of the diner to Leah.
  13. Lucky you. My daughter was not easy to get of to sleep. Want go to sleep until 10-11pm then woke at 5 am.
  14. neither at the moment WYR Nicole got pregnant to some random guy or Peter and Amanda return?
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