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  1. No offence taken. You are entitled to your opinion. I could not stand Belle. Belle could not be happy with just one man.
  2. Send the rain up here. We are so desperate for rain. Another gorgeous sunny day. No clouds and NO DUST.
  3. What does a boy like Romeo want with a girl like Annie?
  4. nice no dust. Warm and sunny with a nice breeze.
  5. At least you could breath fresh air we had that horrible thick dust.
  6. I'M OK. Thanks for asking. School holidays have started so i know have a teenager to entertain. I advantage to school holidays. I get to sleep in.
  7. What!? That post does not make sense to me. What i was saying is when a baby is asleep you do not wake them to feed them.
  8. In Fridays episode when they where all at Martha s, Brendan got Harry asleep then Rachel had to say"I have to go now it is time for his feed". No wonder Harry is crying all the time he is woken up to be fed. Feeding by the clock went out years ago. Feeding on demand is now in. When a baby is a sleep you never wake them for a feed. They will let you know when they are hungry. Rachel is a doctor she should know that.
  9. Hello Eli, how are you? You must be really bored.
  10. Welcome your english seems fine to me Thank you!! Welcome and your English is good. I checked your profile you are not the oldest one here. I am actually a few years older then you. Welcome again.
  11. Geoff might be just what Aden needs now. Geoff and Aden sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. love it. Bring it on.
  12. Does any one else think that "Who murdered Grant" is going along the same lines as who murdered Sam? Jack and Martha where the prime suspects in that case. This mystery is heading the same way. Charlie was raped by Grant. Ruby is the product of that rape. Angelo has killed before and would probably do any thing to help Charlie. Same scenario, but different story line. Ruby, Charlie and Angelo are all suspects. Morag will then come in and solve the crime again.
  13. Romeo------Where is my Juliet? Oh well i found a Annie. Seriously, that guy is way to confident and up him self. What does he think that all the women of summer bay are just going to throw themselves at him?
  14. The problem with Rachel is that she has always being in control. From the moment they arrived home from the hospital Rachel has tried to be super mum. Rachel has relied to heavy on the books and so called expert opinions who think that they too know it all and pushed Tony away in the process who has been there and could help Rachel.
  15. Nice and warm and sunny. SAB why not migrate to Queensland? We have nice weather here.
  16. I hope so. I can see now, John Palmer and Morag Bellingham battling it out for the council. GO MORAG. About time Morag was brought back.
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