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  1. Cool and crap. Finally had some rain last night.
  2. I'm with you sexyluc. I love Hugo and Martha together, BUT THEY CAN;T MARRY. I for one will not allow it.
  3. More friggin dust. Strong winds to help blow the dust around. When will this all end?
  4. Has a storm today even got hail. Only lasted for half an hour, then the sun came out again.
  5. Sunny and warm again. We need rain. All though we did have half hour of rain the other night.
  6. Sunny and dusty. At the moment it is blowing a gail
  7. Leah did not deserve to be spoken to like that from Rachel. Leah left her home in the middle of the night to go to an all night chemist to get baby panadol for Harry and all Rachel could do was yell at her and be ungrateful that her friend came in the middle of the night to help her. Rachel doesn't deserve a friend like Leah.
  8. Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. Nicole is turning into Summer Bays newest tart. First she seduces Geoff, then sleeps with Aden several times against her fathers wishes, then cracks on to a guy Sid, who is old enough to be her father.. Then manages to drive Sid's kids away. Stalks Sid now is going to do every thing she can to get Liam into bed. Oh, i forgot, Nicole has already slept with Liam.
  9. Nice and hot sunny days. One down side, more dust storms are on there way.
  10. I love Robert Robertson. He weird ways and the things that he says just makes me laugh. I always wondered why he put teddy on the counter, now i know why.
  11. Geoff, keep your grubby religious hands of Ruby. Ruby belongs to Xavier.
  12. Bring it on. I want Geoff and Aden together, forever.
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