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  1. Bloody hot. Anywhere between 28-36 degrees celsius. Forgot to mention the storms.
  2. MAJOR UK SPOILER> He has BAD written all over him.
  3. Belle is just like her mother Amanda. Needs a man in her life to survive. Angelo treated her properly. So how did she treat him? Like dirt. She deserved the public himiliation she got. Aden......I cried with him in court. Belle broke up with him then slept with Angelo then back with Aden.
  4. Ollie is the cutest little boy on T.V at the moment.
  5. Melody needs to wake up to her self. There are people around her who care about her, but she wont let people in. Miles is unfit to look after her. He is to busy trying to please Kirsty. Melody needs to take some responsibility for what happened in the final episode. Grow up abit and see that people are only trying to help you.
  6. I like Ruby. With all the other teens in the past its been about me, me,me. Not Ruby. She generally cares for everyone and has to put up with her sisters problems. Ruby is mature for her age and has a sence of maturity.
  7. Annie is young and nieive. She judges everyone to quickly. Annie needs to grow up abit.
  8. Geoff is to judgemental. Why take an ex to the formal when it is only for seniors.?
  9. I don't like Belle. She is just like her mother. Uses sex to get what she wants. Sorry if I offend some people but I am entitled to my opinion.
  10. Sunny for a change. No storms. But more forecasted.
  11. Slippers, Navy blue shorts and white t-shirt
  12. I am fine. Thanks for asking. It is still raining. And there is a possibility it could rain for another couple of days.
  13. Leah needs someone in her life. The only friend that she seems to have is Rachel. Leah also needs to spend more time with her son and less time working and worrying about everyone else. Leah needs to put her son first over everyone else.
  14. Well last night survived a severe storm. It has been cold and alot of rain. Some homes are still without power.
  15. I have liked Jack from the beginning a cute new resident and cop. The off and on and on and off saga of there realationship has kept me intrested. Jack at the moment is being very supportive of Martha. I think by far he is the cutest and hottest. Hopefully Jack will stick around Summer Bay for a while yet.
  16. It was Colleen who said to Bridget in the Diner about all the business that Alf owns. Bridget is up to no good. If there not carefull she will take all there money. Hopefully Bridget will be caught out and her fleecing everyone of there money will stop. Hopefully it is revealed that Bridget has never had cancer and that she is nothing but a CON ARTIST..
  17. I love Jack and Martha together. I hope nothing seperates them again. When Jack was with Sam you could tell that he was still in love with Martha. Hopefully one day there will be little Jack and Marthas running around Summer Bay soon one day.
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