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  1. Yer, i am here. How is every one? Christmas not long off. Every one finished there Christmas shopping yet?
  2. Please send the rain to Australia. We are having bush fires here. we need rain and plenty off it. Warm and sunny here again.
  3. Hot. Had 31 today. Due to hit 35-36 by mid week and stay like that.
  4. Cool and crap. Finally had some rain last night.
  5. I'm with you sexyluc. I love Hugo and Martha together, BUT THEY CAN;T MARRY. I for one will not allow it.
  6. More friggin dust. Strong winds to help blow the dust around. When will this all end?
  7. Has a storm today even got hail. Only lasted for half an hour, then the sun came out again.
  8. Sunny and warm again. We need rain. All though we did have half hour of rain the other night.
  9. Sunny and dusty. At the moment it is blowing a gail
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