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  1. Shoot Oscar Save Chris Dylan/Ash?
  2. Hannah WYR Trust Dylan or Ash?
  3. shoot Olivia save Maddy Hannah/Evie?
  4. Hunter leave the bay WYR Morag come back full time or Kat leave the bay?
  5. Shoot Casey Save Kyle Kat/Phoebe?
  6. stayed I prison WYR Finlay AND Damien (IRENES KIDS) Return or Ric and Matilda return?
  7. save them both Jazz/Roman?
  8. Diner burger. WYR Tasha and Robbie return or Martha and Hugo return?
  9. shoot Gina save Pippa Morag/Colleen?
  10. Play the part of evie. WYR Party all night with the boys or shop till you drop with the girls?
  11. Save them both. Nate/Skye
  12. Go shopping with Maddy WYR Ricky choose Brax or Nate?
  13. Shoot Hunter save Selina Irene/Olivia?
  14. Pippa as my mum. WYR Go on a date with Ash or Kiss Kyle?
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