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  1. Come on msn :( We need to talk 'JACK!' :(:(

  2. I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting! I've been really busy. Haven't been on the computer much. Oh its so awesome Martha's back, and she had the baby, Erin, What a gorgeous name! Martha, Martha, Martha .. *Tut, Tut* I would be angry too, if my partner did that! But still, I hope Jack forgives her. More please
  3. Oh look at that sexy guy I love all of them Barbara! But the Rob one's are my favs. The coloring and cropping is amazing!
  4. Happy Birthday BTTB! You guys have done an awesome job since I've been here, and still love, love, love it!
  5. It's so hot! Theres like no cloud in site!
  6. A skirt, and I stole a basket-ball singlet off my cuzzie .. It's really huge on me but I don't care, gonna change into my boxers and singlet to go to sleep soon tho.
  7. Aww! J&M Fluff It was so cute Barbara, you should think of starting a fic As everyone else was saying, YES that should of happened on the show, then we wouldn't of had to put up with Sam and Roman
  8. Wow, I love them! The coloring is gorgeous on all of them, and the cropping is great! My fav's would have to be the 2nd Cassie one, and the last Kirsty one
  9. Lollies, A V drink and Impulse Paris Chic! Ohh its magic
  10. JEN!!! All of them are as gorgeous as ever again! These are my favs tho, the coloring really makes the people in the photos stand out, eg the color's of them T-shirts and stuff
  11. I adore these ones! But all of them are so beautiful, the cropping and coloring is gorgeous! Robbie as a donut Aw so cute.
  12. I'm in love with these ones Bec, the cropping and coloring is so amazing! Esp on the 1st one, the coloring is absolutely gorgeous! More JM
  13. Just read your comments in the moan thread and happy thread, looks like your gonna have a nice hangover tomorrow! :P haha. Drink LOTTTSSS of water eh! hahahaha

  14. Yeah I know, it's quite disappointing. Poor J&M, everyone's abandoned them! Not me tho!
  15. Oh my giddy aunties! I friggin hate that jerk Cam! Ahh ohhh he is a total ****** Ohh Jack was gonna ask her to marry her, and then Cam turns up! Ohh save her Jack, get to the house before he can do anything to her! They were so cute, having their little arguments, and she just couldn't resist but not kiss Jack Thanks for the update Good to see some J&M fics for once, instead of Adelle............ *Hides from all Adelle Fans*
  16. Rachael, could you make my day anymore worse? Poor Martha, Poor Jack, poor friggin everyone. Our days couldn't get any more sadder I don't think .. No but seriously, thankyou so much for the update Rachael, it's getting my mind of what happened tonight(Not really).
  17. Wow Jen, I adore the coloring, and the cropping also! Also love the little text's and stuff you put on them, there cute!
  18. Vanilla coke and Wonka Fabulicious Raspberry Twisters! Mm
  19. Racccchaelll! Could I please have an update?
  20. Wow Bec these are are extremly awesome! Sorry I haven't commented in a while, I was having one of those 'can't be bothered commenting moments' But anyway .. I LOVE the coloring on all of these ones, and the cropping is awesome too! Favs are def the J&M ones, as always Cuuuuttteee!
  21. Wow Jen, All of them are amazing! But these would have to be my favs I love the coloring on them Its bloody aweeesome!
  22. Hey Tanny Wanny Fanny! hahaha. I'm good :) How are you? Sorry I didn't write back faster! I didn't know you wrote to me lol. Hows everything going? xx

  23. Chris Brown ft Keri Hilson - Superhuman
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