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  1. Where did you get that statistic from? That's pretty bad!
  2. I'm around! Today was my first day off, from work and uni, in a loooooong time. But I've got so much work to catch up on. I'm going nuts!!
  3. That's a good idea. My brother's forum does that. That way there isn't different topics for everyone's birthday. It's a better way to celebrate. Then again, there is the topic "What are you celebrating today" which is almost the same thing.
  4. Yeah some people can be quite thick!! Glad you had a great time Kimmy!! Yeah Frankie I could tape it, but my VCR is broken. But I was watching Foxtel today and I said it is coming in March on the comedy channel. So that's better!
  5. That sucks, it means I probably can't watch it! Why do they put it on late nights?!?!
  6. Thanks. Though I propbably wouldn't be watching it that much, with Uni and work!
  7. How could you not like Scrubs! I'm getting Foxtel tomorrow. Anyone know any good channels/shows?
  8. Well the show is the best Medical show in my opinion (besides Scrubs) so I'm off soon to watch it. My work expects me to work from 9am to 10pm. Stuff that! I'm leaving at 7!
  9. Oh I Love Science! Especially Genetics! I've had my blood taken to see my own chromosomes and have extracted my own DNA and put it in a necklace. I agree Hugh Laurie is great, he puts on a great accent. (I never knew he was British). Sometimes I watch the show and go I bet the patient has... or this will happen because... It's fun I actually know some stuff hehe.
  10. Hi I'm here! . House is one of my favourite shows. Because I study Human Biology and Biomedical Science, I know what they are talking about sometimes lol.
  11. Cool thanks. My brother who knows about Php and MySQL stuff says it may be because too many people are on. So how is everyone tonight? I'm really depressed...
  12. Welcome Just wondering, is anyone else having problems accessing this site? It says there is an error with MySQL.
  13. I understand. I think I will have to that, shame I have to though. I cant believe the main offender is a mod over there, you would think they would know better. Ya know... you could make an obsene icon and swap all of them with just that one. That icon will show up instead of the ones they have taken without permission. Just a suggestion Or at the bottom corner you can have a little tag saying "stolen from ...". I agree, I like the song faded!
  14. I remember watching Passions after school in year 8 or 9 and everyone used to talk about it! The person who played Timmy died in real life.
  15. I once was embarressed to love pink but now I dont care what people think!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But pink is cool now!
  16. Whoo-hoo for you! I still have a long way to go! I passed all my driving tests for the first time and I thought I sucked! (But then again with my driving test it was 7am so there was absolutley no traffic on the road making it easier!) Do you know what I also hate, when there is a speed limit I sick to it, but other motorists pass me as though I'm in the wrong! And when people decide to do 20 km under the speed limit.
  17. I hate driving past people cycling on main roads. I'm scared I'm accidently going clip them as I drive past! My friend managed to run over an old lady once. No, not by driving but by riding her bike!
  18. Thanks. I'm going to Dunsborough, which is near Margaret River (a surfing place) for Christmas. I'm not doing the whole presents, family and stuff your face eating thing this year. (Although I don't have much of a family to celebrate Christmas with anyway!). My dad and brother were setting up the tent last weekend and they were fighting how to put it up, so I got out of there! So is anyone else going on holidays soon?
  19. I'm off camping soon. I'm excited I haven't camped for years!!
  20. Good idea! As long as there isnt one already. Don't want to get into trouble...
  21. Sounds fun. I'm scared my uni results come out Monday
  22. I like the "knowing before everyone else does" thing about TV shows .
  23. Yeah i know what you mean. With my favourite shows i look up their site on the net to see what is happening... that's bad lol.
  24. Alright. But you probably have a fair idea whats going to happen!
  25. Does it annoy you Majohn that you're two years behind us over there? Just wondering.
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