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  1. My guess is that Bella will end up at Irenes so if that comes to pass hopefully we will see the Irene of old. One can but hope.
  2. Just wanted to say that I love your username. It makes me smile every time I see it :)

  3. Ash is a one dimensional character whom they have failed to develop. There are no layers to him and though they indicated they might develop the character when he arrived the fact is they have failed to do so. If you are not going to develop characters there is not much point in having them IMO. All he does is shout and try to get his own way by intimidation - a one trick pony. Its time he went IMO.
  4. I think this new lay out looks great. However, I would like to reduce the number of posts per page rather than go with current default setting which seems to be well over 20. I can't seem to find where to do this as the settings menu is different from that of the old one. Is it possible or am I being dense and missing the obvious links? Thanks. x
  5. Its the holiday season - and I have been very busy at work so sorry for not replying earlier. Wherever you decide to continue this I will read it!!! I love it
  6. I did, very much, and I am sure that those who keep coming back to read it like it very much as well. In this chapter I particularly liked how you you got inside the mind of four year old Kim, seeing the world and his father through his eyes, his confusion and his attempts to make sense of his fathers behaviour. Barry's feeling that he should not fall in love again, did not deserve to perhaps, was also well drawn and clearly described. I know you have said you find him hard to writ for, but I think you are doing just fine with him, more than fine in fact. The chapters you write are always worth the wait so I am sure that the next one when ever it comes will be. I hope you have a good holiday and are going somewhere really exciting.
  7. Love the profile comment Jack :D

  8. That was very effective, and I like how you used the different view points to highlight the closeness of the family unit and to illustrate your basic premise. It was very believable and drew the reader in, which is always a good thing to be able to do. Have a good holiday and come back full of even more creative energy
  9. Congratulations on winning the Scriptwriting Comp Eduardo!

  10. Hello ILM. I am so glad that I have not been forgotten. Hollywood is the pits. I am sharing a penthouse flat with some guy named Brad. He is very untidy, his feet smell and he grinds his teeth. I am currently working very hard on my new film which will be released just in time for the oscar nominations. Narturally I am of course truly brilliant and steal every single scene, I am in all thes scenes bar three - but they might cut those three as they are not up to the standard of all the others.When it is finished I will try to find the time to complete my memoirs as I have been inundated with requests to do so. The US postal service is struggling to cope with the extra post and has hired three extra posties just to deliver my fan mail. My agent is in negotiations for a new film based on the twisted tales - so who knows, we may be all meeting again sooner than we think. Kirsty and Kane are very keen to be in it too, as they are a bit sick of life on the run. Thank you and love you all. Eduardo Bearo. Superstar extraordinaire. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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