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  1. I’m entitling this post Jen’s Disproportionate Response to Glee S2E6 “Never Been Kissed” – aka Feelings ~ I has lots of them, most of them about Darren Criss.

    In conclusion, I have listened to Darren’s version of “Teenage Dream” 89 times and I can’t even listen to the original any more. It’s sound wrong and I keep thinking, why isn’t Darren Criss singing this? Everything is better with Darren Criss in it. And I’m so incredibly excited at the prospect of him already being considered as a regular cast member. He is wonderful and the world deserves to know it. I am enjoying all the Kurt/Blaine fanfic that has come out of one episode, and hope it keeps coming. Even if they only play Blaine as a friend/mentor, I really want more scenes of them together, and being best gay friends, and maybe holding hands. And if they want to make out sometimes that would be fine too.

    Kurt and Blaine have a duet coming up in the christmas episode. It's 'Baby, its cold outside". The recording has already hit the net. Listened to it on Perez!!

  2. OMG I actually screamed out loud when that Bully kissed Kurt. My mum came thundering out of the kitchen wanting to know what she'd just missed. I was so gobsmacked I couldn't speak properly. lol. It was just so unexpected.......but now we know why that guy is such an ass.

    Loved Kurt so much in this...his cute smiling and happy face just makes me smile so much.

    Loved Teenage Dream......

  3. Seen the full performance video of Teenage Dream and I just grinned like a Cheshire Cat through the entire thing. Kurt's precious little face and Darren Criss, continue to be this awesome :D. Favourites forever! :wub:

    I've seen it too. It's so cute!!!

  4. OMG they've released the clip for 'Time Warp' and can I just say......awesome.!!!

    Kurt as Riff Raff and Quinn as Magenta completely steal the performance for me. They work so well together, and i'd really love to see them do more together.

    Puck was definitely not there, so guess he is still in Juvie. :-(

  5. My eyes were glued to the screen during the Brittana make out.Oh well,different strokes for different folks.

    I think Quinn and Sam are ridiculously cute together.

    It was nice to see Brit have a serious side.She seemed to really feel bad about what happened.Personally I want Artie and Santana to have a crack with each other though.

    I think I have a girl crush on Naya's backside.Damn was she shakin' it.

    Naya used to be a hooters girl before she got into acting. lol.

  6. I read today that there is going to be a death of a pretty big characetr later on in the season. And not just a 'die and become vampire' or a 'die and get brought by that fancy ring or whatever'. It's going to be a 'dead and your dead' death and that characters gone for good! No idea's as to who it will be yet though.

  7. Have just seen some cast pics from the Rocky Horror episode. Looks so good and i cant' wait. I think this ep will be awesome.

    In spoiler tags ive listed who was in the pics and who they're playing.

    Sam as Rocky

    Emma's dentist boyfriend as Eddie

    Kurt as Riff Raff

    Finn as Brad

    Quinn as Magenta (but her outfit looks more 'Columbia' to me. So i'm not sure if there has been a mistake)

    I'm so excited for this episode.

  8. Why do they almost always butcher songs that Mercedez sings?! Bridge over Troubled Waters was AWFUL. I usually love glee'd up songs but that was horrible. They rest of the episode was great!! Poor Kurt :(

    I agree. I love that song, but I absolutely hated that version of it. It almost sounded like a new song altogether. Like you said, it was AWFUL. I think it should have been sung normal and by the whole cast.

    But on a brighter note, I loved Finn's cover of 'Losing my Religion'. It's my fav solo of his, and probably one of my fav Glee songs so far!

  9. LOL. I've just seen the promo for next weeks episode. I cant wait. It looks funny, but with a little sad thrown in.

    - Puck singing Billy Joel's 'Only the Good Die Young'. YES. Love this song.

    - Finn finding Jesus. Literally. On a toasted sandwish. lmfao.

    - The Glee kids singing Joan Osborne's 'One of Us'. Another big YES.

    - and the sad. Kurt's dad in hospital and everyone thinking he is going to die. :-(

    And can i just say, damn Heather Morris (Brittany) can dance. That girl has all the right moves. Way jealous!

  10. Some spoilers that have been announced at Comic Con.

    Artie and Tina will not be together anymore when the new season starts. Instead she will be dating Mike.

    Kurt will get a boyfriend and they will be Prom King and King.

    And the best news ive heard so far......there will be Rocky Horror Picture Show episode. Awesome. One of my all time fav movies.

    And another new character will be making his appearence in the first episode back. Sam (played by Chord Overstreet) will be a jock that Finn takes under his wing, but then quickly becomes his competition.

  11. And Will and Emma are the cutest thing ever. Does anyone else think she made the whole dentist thing up to make him jealous?

    Nope, its true. We see him next season, and will be played by John Stamos (from Full House). I think he is a strange choice to play a role on Glee, but i am still looking forward to seeing how he does with it.

  12. Ah okay.

    What i first read made it sound as if one of the actors would be leaving the show. But i just read something else that said it would just be a character not making it back into the club.

    Crap, sorry about not putting it in spoiler tags in my above post.

  13. So i was just reading something about the two guys who play Artie and Puck. They were recently on the Ryan Seacrest radio show, and Ryan S was talking about an email he had recieved from Ryan Murphy (the creator of Glee) that said that

    one of the two guys (Artie & Puck) wouldn't be returning for season 2. Apparently who it will be hasn't been decided yet.

    This is so wrong. They can't get rid of either.

  14. I want Puck and Rachel to get back together. Puck has zero chemistry with Quinn, and i just dont like Rachel with Jesse. And Finn can be with Quinn.

    Oh, and can i just say, i loved that Emma finally stood up for herself; and the coaxing from Sue just made it all the more better. Someone needed to bring Will down a bit and im glad it was Emma. She's such a sweetie. She's one of my fav characters because she is just so adorable and i love her germ phobias and OCDness. Makes me laugh.

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