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  1. Well spotted! Great to see the stills, many thanks!
  2. I'm not talking here about characters who appear every now and then to do a few episodes (such as Const. Ben Murray) but I'm wondering if any of you are aware of any longterm regular non-speaking extras in Home & Away. I have spotted many in Neighbours over the years and shows like Prisoner and Wentworth have lots of familiar faces walking about in the background who never get the chance to speak. The only longterm non-speaking extra in Home & Away I recognise is a ginger haired nurse at Northern Districts. I see lots of staff working at Salt but I haven't recognised any as appear
  3. Now, to my knowledge it wasn't used again after Frank left. It was used once or twice for Frank and Bobby which I didn't like, it was always Frank and Roo's song to me. IO'm still holding out for Frank Morgan's return to Summer Bay some day, I think he'd be superb opposite Georgie Parker.
  4. Yes, I think Channel 10 thought they could compete with Home & Away's popularity. I remember reading it was very close to being renewed for the foreign market alone but things fell apart (I think its popularity might have been in Europe - Scandanavia and Germany from memory but I might have remembered that incorrectly). Would be interesting to know how long it could have lasted if the deal had worked. Perhaps it could still have been on air alongside Neighbours and Home & Away!
  5. I'd love to see Roxane Wilson arrive in Summer Bay to take on a longterm role. She was a fabulous actress in both Echo Point and also Stingers. I could see her as a sassy headmistress.
  6. Has anyone noticed that Echo Point has been added to Amazon Prime? Good to see these 2 shortlived shows get a new lease of life and a chance to entertain new viewers. Out of the Blue is one of my all-time favourite shows and has amazing plot twists in almost every episode. Dan Bennett at his best. Echo Point is a bit like Home and Away was in the mid 1990s and stars David Woodley amongst others. I started watching it the other night and am already up to episode 20, its a lot better than i remembered it being when I watched it in the UK on Trouble Channel many years ago. Lots of H&
  7. That would certainly made a really good miniseries!
  8. The other significant thing I heard recently whilst rewatching old episodes on Amazon Prime was that Bobby Simpson's adopted grandparents ran the local store which they later sold on to Ailsa Hogan when she arrived in the Bay. Matt Wilson's family also must have lived in the Bay for some considerable time as did the Dibbles as Martin and Lance were supposed to have been lifelong friends.
  9. When Georgie Parker first appeared as Roo there was a lot of scenes where Alf preferred Marilyn (and Sally) and couldn't totally trust/open up to Roo which she found hard to take. I think this was nice continuity as it showed that Marilyn and Sally had become to Alf what he had always wanted from Roo and not received.
  10. In between Ben and Ross, Justin Rosniak also played Joseph Lynch, son of the temporary school principal (played by Diane Craig).
  11. Really enjoying the episodes so far, bringing back lots of old memories. Have just watched the episode where Frank sings the song he wrote for Roo for the first time. Nice to hear it as 'Have you ever been alone' has been going round in my head for the last 30 years and frequently comes out when I'm having a hum or a little singsong when nobody is listening! I also didn't remember how much I liked Nico though I did remember him. Roger Oakley and Vanessa Downing are an amazing couple, they work so well together. I doubt the show would ever have become the success it did if it wasn't for th
  12. The two Flynns were like two totally different characters - both enjoyable however nothing like each other in personality I felt. Number 1 had a cool vibe and was beachy, number 2 was far more professional and straight-laced. Its hard to recast longterm characters successfully and whilst this one kinda worked it always grated on me that Sally had this 'longterm' relationship with Flynn 2 when he wasn't in the show that long at all. I think it worked best with Flynn 2 when Ric and Cassie joined the show.
  13. She still has a blood relative in the show in VJ as Alison was later revealed to be Vinnie's cousin...though you probably know all this already.
  14. Thanks Dan! I wonder why the name change? That is quite unusual in acting circles where people normally prefer to keeop the same 'stage name' for professional reasons.
  15. Have noticed that the actor who plays Dr. Chris Bentos used to be credited as "George Mangos" and is now credited as "George Rafael". Is this the same actor just using a new surname or is it another actor playing the same part? As far as I am aware the last episode credited as Mangos was 4674 and the first as Rafael was 4711.Was wondering if anyone has any old episodes to check. Thanks!
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