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  1. Grey Jersey from David Lawrence, + my really faded skinny jeans
  2. ^^ Me too. Prague, I wanted to see it for a while and I really enjoyed it
  3. Aww this is a really sad fic Char, I'm looking forward to how Tony will react when he finds out. Hopefully he won't be angry that Leah found out first. Please update soon xx
  4. Whoa, Rachel really is sick. I'm looking forward to seeing who accompanies Rach to see Derek, and how she copes with her diagnosis. Tony is going to feel really bad soon, and I think he actually deserves to. Update soon, xx
  5. Warm and Sunny with a bit of wind, a great day to bring in 2010
  6. White shorts, Floral cami from Witchery and a black cardi
  7. Rhythms Del Mundo Feat. Coldplay- Clocks
  8. Great update Laura, I loved the span of emotions we were able to see in this last chapter. I'm especially looking forward to what will happen now between Tony and Rach and how Kate fits in there.
  9. Great update Kirsty, I'm glad that Tony and Rachel gave in and slept together, although I'm not so stoked with the repercussions that have resulted (assuming that the domestic is related to Rachel telling Mark everything). That Leah and Rachel chat was good too, although Rach managed to push her away by mistake. Please update soon
  10. my faded but oh so comfy blue Skinny Jeans with a belt, Grey and Black Stripy t-shirt, and a fuschia cardi.
  11. Well it's actually a Telemovie.... The Castle
  12. 3 cd's (well 2 + a present for Mum), a T-shirt from Valley Girl, and a Top from David Lawrence.
  13. White Shirt Dress, with a Wide Black Belt, and Leggings underneath.
  14. White short Shorts from Temt, a scarf from Max, and 2 cd's from ECM's sale store at dress smart.
  15. Great Update Kirsty, I'm glad that Tony and Leah are aware of the situation, and hopefully they will be able to help. I'm looking forward to what will happen next
  16. 3 Glasses of Sav Blanc at Mighty Mighty, Shoes from Lippy, and a Mars Bar + Mints
  17. I am not liking Kate either, the mind games she is playing with Tony, Rachel and Lucas are annoying me. I'm definitely looking forward to reading about how Tachel get through this.
  18. Poor Rach, I really do hope that she tells Leah or Tony soon. I am looking forward to what you do next with this fic Char
  19. Sorry I took so long to reply Char, I'm enjoying what has happened so far but really want to know if Rachel is ok. Update soon xx
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