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  1. I was planning on seeing Nine :)

  2. Frozen Stirfry Vegetable Mix, Crushed Tomatoes, and a light Mocha Frappucino.
  3. More fantastic writing Kirsty I'm continuing to feel sorry for Rachel, and still wondering about when she is going to do something for herself.At least she has a group of amazing friends to support her in the meantime and aftrwards. Update soon xx
  4. Just had a Spanish Tomato cup of soup.
  5. I've loved you so long. I really enjoyed it despite the fact that I don't understand any French.
  6. Jump- Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado
  7. Peanut Noodle Salad, and a glass of water.
  8. Pink top with a gathered detail on the arms with a black singlet top underneath, Grey Skinny Jeans,White Cotton On Flats, + a pair of black and silver drop earrings.
  9. Warm and slightly breezy. We've had weather like this for the last 3 days
  10. A Scone,Mocha Java Chip Frappucino, and a $5.50 parcelpost bag.
  11. Yet another great update Laura I'm looking forward to what happens next for Tachel and I can't wait to read about what goes wrong with the chemo. Update soon. xx
  12. Lee Riders Skinny Jeans,White 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and a beige draped front Jacket
  13. Rain,Wind, and a temperature which we would normally get in May
  14. Laura- That last update was beautiful, I especially loved how you had Martha and Leah helping Rach get through starting to lose her hair. Can't wait to see how Tony reacts to Rach's illness. xx
  15. A pair of Lee Riders Jeans, food, and a trim latte
  16. That was a great chapter Laura, That confrontation between Rach and Kate was really well written and I'm glad that Rach was able to vent her anger like that. I'm looking forward to reading about what Tony has to say to Kate about how she's treating Rach & Harry + the whole Leah & Rach part involving what i'm assuming is Rach beginning to lose her hair.
  17. Much better than yesterday Sunny, a bit of cloud and a lot less wind.
  18. Linguine with Zucchini,Chilli and Lemon.
  19. A Lemon, linguine, and chocolate hazelnut steamed puddings
  20. Summer.... what Summer? It's extremely windy, and about 15 degrees (the average temperature here last month) Not impressed!
  21. Aww I loved the Tachel mush in the first half of this chapter especially when Tony said about how he still loved Rach's body despite the fact that she's had a baby. ‘That’s a sign of our baby, which can only be a beautiful thing.’ - Loved that line especially So glad that Martha is getting the help she needs,and that Rach is reconsidering having her Dad in her life. I've really enjoyed reading this Kirsty, and I'm looking forward to the next update of I'm Ok. xx
  22. suzannelgnz

    All Saints

    You can buy seasons 10+11 on dvd and season 12 comes out on dvd in March (I think). Re-runs were on at 2pm weekdays (it stopped partway through season 8) but they should be back in February. The earlier seasons are much almost impossible to get hold of. Season 12 in its entirety is on YouTube, there are bits of seasons 10+11, and scenes from specific characters.
  23. Rainy, Cold and Windy..... so much for summer
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