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  1. $6 Wholly Bagels Breakfast combo, snickers bar, and a daytripper.
  2. Goldair Fan Heater, Trim Latte, and an apricot danish.
  3. Sorry I haven't commented in a while, there have been some great updates and I'm glad that you are writing extra chapters
  4. Raining on and off all day, but not particularly cold
  5. Entry to The Food Show, Caffe Laffare dark hot chocolate, and 3 pouches of Naked Organics soup.
  6. Laura- another 2 fantastic chapters I'm so glad they are renewing their vows, hopefully Kate doesn't get in the way.I think it would be fabulous if Rach is able to do some of the wedding standing. I loved that mushy Harry bit at the end of this latest chapter and I'm especially glad that he is over the chicken pox. Update soon please, I really want to read about the rest of the wedding
  7. Celine Dion- It's All Coming Back To Me Now (one of my Mum's favourite songs)
  8. I am so glad that you updated, this chapter definitely fitted in Tony and Leah have continued to do so much for Rach which I think is fantastic. What I really want to know now is, who confronts Mark. Please don't leave it for so long this time
  9. Lee Riders skinny jeans, grey David Lawrence short sleeve jumper, and a white Cotton On scarf.
  10. My new Tony Bianco handbag , takeaways, and a cookie hot chocolate.
  11. Heyyy,

    Hope things are going well now that you are back from Kenya :)


  12. Black Witchery Jeans, Grey Jumper with the braided detail from Country Road, and socks.
  13. I really do hope that Tony starts to get better soon, for everyones sake. I'm looking forward to the rest of the fic
  14. Great Update Laura, I loved that Rachel and Tony are going to recommit their love for each other Poor Harry, please let him get better quickly.
  15. All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane A very cute and funny movie.
  16. PJ Pants + my new grey draped neck jumper from Country Road.
  17. 27 Dresses and Made of Honour for the third time on Saturday night with the girls
  18. A black Ombre fringed dress with a white top under it, my beige coloured draped jacket, leggings, and flats.
  19. Great update Laura! I'm definitely looking forward to the next update despite the fact that Rachel's condition deteriorates
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