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  1. Poor Nicole, thank goodness she accepted help in the end. I personally think that they would be a cute couple. Thanks for the heads up about Tachel in the next chapter Looking forward to the next update
  2. Another One Bites The Dust-Queen
  3. suzannelgnz

    All Saints

    Bumping this thread to let people know that seasons 8+9 are being released in September Season8 Season9
  4. Great update Laura! I really do hope that Rachel is ok,Can't wait for the next update
  5. Slice and a Hot Chocolate from Wishbone, + a 1 zone bus fare to uni.
  6. Black,Purple,Brown and White floral skirt from Dotti, black long sleeve top, + a black cardi
  7. It's nice to read that Rachel is pregnant, and that the news was told at the right time. I'm not really sure what to make of your preview, however I am looking forward to seeing what direction you take with this fic since Tony is alive and well + with Rachel being pregnant. Looking forward to the next update xx
  8. Didn't expect Roman to be the person to get injured, It will be interesting to see what you decide to do with Roman now. The mix of seriousness and funny banter is always nice to read.
  9. A Trim Latte + a Soy Caramel Macchiato for my flatmate and I, chocolate, and an Apple pie.
  10. Beating Like a Drum-Eskimo Joe
  11. Laura- I am soo looking forward to the next update. Tony's awake I'm looking forward to reading about what happens next, and how he responds to Rachel. As always, you have done a great job describing everyones emotions.
  12. Thanks for answering my question Blizzard, I'm looking forward to the next update
  13. Breakfast from Wholly Bagels, 2 Paramore tickets (since my brother had work all day), and a Nippys iced chocolate.
  14. Laura, you left this on such a good cliffhanger I really want to know what happens next now xx
  15. The competitive banter was well written, I'm really looking forward to the actual marathon itself. Is there any Tachel baby stuff coming soon?
  16. Pumpkin, Cream Cheese and Walnut Filo, a slice of gluten free chocolate and hazelnut cake, and a Trim Latte (Cafe Lunch with church friends)
  17. Sorry I hadn't commented on this update earlier, it's really good You have done such a great job of describing Rachel's fear, and other feelings, Hope you update soon
  18. Whoa.... this fic has definitely taken a real change in direction I'm looking forward to finding out if it is Tony, and what will happen next.
  19. Watched 3 movies yesterday, Mamma Mia!, Notting Hill, + Nick and Norah's infinite playlist.
  20. Laura- sorry I haven't commented on this fic, but after reading this chapter I felt like I had to because it's so powerful and it showed how kind and sincere Leah is
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