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  1. Heyyy,

    Hope things are going well now that you are back from Kenya :)


  2. Hey!

    I'm having the same problem as Laura!


  3. I was planning on seeing Nine :)

  4. Hey Shan, Happy Birthday :) Hope you are having a fab day, xx

  5. Have you seen any of the MelBen fan videos on YT?

  6. Ben and Melissa are the best couple in PTTR! That I <3 you scene at the end was sooo sweet :)

  7. Happy Birthday Cal :)

  8. Heyyy, hope you have a great weekend at the Horse Trials, and a great time in Ghana :)

    Take Care, xx

  9. Rachel's biggest fan... I think that some of the other Tachel fans would dispute that :P

    Although you have the major advantage of being an Aussie :)

  10. Thanks for letting me know :) I'm good, but my holidays are a bit boring :(

  11. Heyyy, I love your fic and really hope that you update it soon :) How things going anyway? xx

  12. Yay another Tachel Fan :D + your a kiwi too :)

  13. nawww, thank you. Enjoy your party this weekend :)

  14. hehe I know, my flatmate was home for less than 10 minutes on Monday and she reminded me about the essay I have due on the 4th.

  15. I know what you mean about Wall Street Mall, Mum and Dad had said it was nothing special. I'm on holidays atm but I go back next week and hopefully the week after i'll start to get my essays and tests back :) I also have 3 essays due that week which isn't so great but i'll get there :)

  16. I keep meaning to reply to your last comment lol

    -I think that Welly is better than Dunedin now, so much more shopping, arts/culture, and the nightlife :P

    But I do miss Dunedin like crazy sometimes

  17. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  18. thanks for the birthday greetings :)

    Hows things down in Dunnaz?

  19. Hey QA, I love your member title atm :) and I love the song too :)

  20. I love your new HotDad Av, even if he's all sad and gloomy.

  21. heyyy fellow Adelle hater :P

  22. I'm good, I'm happy because I have a 3 day weekend because it's anniversary day tomorrow :)

  23. hey, it's the 19th of January :)

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