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  1. Just watched Skins, for my daily Jack O'Connell fix, and am about to watch Grey's.
  2. Rewatching Season 3 of One Tree Hill
  3. Hey hope you don't mind me posting lol.

    Just passing by so I decided to say hi. :) Lol I love One Tree Hill too!! Definitely one of my favourite TV shows.

    Oh and I read your comment from that support forum and hope you're doing ok, school life really sucks sometimes. :(

    Mira x

  4. Jayde


    It's a musical comedy drama that focuses on Glee Club which is a High School show choir. It sounds really cheesy and stereotypical but it really isn't! ^^ Beat me to it!
  5. Jayde


    Has anyone heard of the new show Glee? It's starting on Fox this Fall, and they released the Pilot two weeks ago. It's amazing!
  6. whyy its not like anyones gonna be snooping on ur comments KAT. Anyway wot the fook are you doin

  7. You shouldnt be writingthat on a public forum JADE.

  8. Wtf is it with woodlice in this house? its. so. irritating.

    ohh, that remix of the way we talk ;) sex sells and your sex celllssss xD

  9. Lise

    Happy Birthday Jayde! I LOVE your av. I miss Tam.

  10. Yeah but unlike you I aint on here evry day... and you havent ahd one in two months so... bleh to you.

  11. lol saddo you havent had a comment in over a year. sadder even, i remember typing that last comment a sif it were yesterday :P

  12. Pfft. Me not allowed read it Your exaggerating, Kat. Be back to edit this in a sec.... Back. Ooh yes, I advertised a fic earlier on, well, two. I think I'll post one soon. Stay tuned.
  13. Jaaaaaaaaaaade,

    I need youu 2 doo mee a favoour......... ssssssss.

    okayy, mayybee not cus i just saw su nd spoke to you so so thts dun.. ow ar ya?

  14. I gave you one star...

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