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  1. A grapefruit! Ive started eating 1 a day, half in the morning and half as a snack after dinner!
  2. A fruit salad!! tying to be healthy but dont think its gonna last very long!!!
  3. The Aus school year starts February and goes through to December/end November. The major summer holidays are now - ie. Decmeber to February. So it's pretty much the opposite to coinside with summer. Hope that helps. Yea cheers! I'm applying to do an erasmus year in college either next year or the year after and I can choose europe or there are 3 uni's in aus that I could go to so was wondering when the academic year would start!Thanks
  4. Can I just ask a really random question?? How does the australian school year go?In Ireland colleges and schools start in september and end in may(june for primary schools) for the summer hols. With our seasons being opposite I was just wondering how it works over there?? Sorry 4 the randomness,just curious!!
  5. if you search 4 robots in disguise myspace page they have noel fielding as one of their top friends and im not positive but I think it is him cos he goes out with or used to go out with dee plume from the robots and it looks pretty legit!!Just thought id say that in case u wanna check it out!
  6. Freezing, lashing rain with gaol force winds on the way!!!!! Ah good ol' Ireland!
  7. Enchanted and the bee movie,!Im a big kid at heart!
  8. Happy new year!!:)

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