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    Hello I'm Natalie and I'm a student from the UK. I obviously love watching Home&Away, that goes without saying but my other interests include photoshop/forums/internet, music, gigs, dancing and going out/meeting up with friends. I'd say I'm quite a social person at times! I also like sports and the gym a bit too much, think I'm the only one ha ha. <br /><br />Oh and also obviously I could probably talk for Britain...
  1. Possessionless - Delta Goodrem. I was the first fan to ever hear this song, it's my absolute favourite ever. <3
  2. ^^^ Good choice. Lucie Silvas - Coming Out Wrong.
  3. Delta Goodrem - Possessionless.
  4. Lucie Silvas - What You're Made Of.
  5. Alesha - Lipstick (Agent X Remix).
  6. St. Trinians! Go see, go see. I'm SO going again at the weekend if I can.
  7. Delta Goodrem - Breathe In Breathe Out
  8. I've been to Iceland quite a few times, it was pretty cold rainy but also really warm somedays. I don't think it's really that stable and I totally couldn't get my head around the fact it never goes dark! Anyways it's still dark here and kind of wet and a bit blah in general.
  9. Dark! And not to mention cold, but otherwise fine.
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