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  1. Yep that was him! haha, iv been skimming old episodes and i saw it and i was like, haha, its u! lol
  2. i new i recognised john palmer, he was in it before as colin, the helicopter pilot in the eps surrounding 4216!
  3. i was really surprised to not see any of the old characters at her funeral. I no they all have other commitments, but people like sally, cassie, matilda, ric. they should have been there to say goodbye really. dont u guys fink?
  4. who killed josh west? and in wat episode do we find out?
  5. The way they killed off Chloe, they could easily bring her back saying she was in witness protection from Troy. I thought Olivia was a great actress and would love to see them back. What does everyone else think?
  6. does anyone know the episode numbers surrounding the 2006 plane crash? I have asked before, but i cant find it!!!!
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