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  1. Just wanted to say its fantastic Lynne finally has a decent story line and that its really got me hooked. I am so absorbed in it and I think Lynne McGranger is just amazing. I knew she was good, but not this good. I love everything about this and dont want it to end.I hoep they give the story a proper follow through so we see how Irene copes with everything for the next few months. Its going to be awesome.
  2. I think that they are two passionate and headstrong characters and when you are as intense as they both are things are going to messy. They can go from the train crash to the other extreme and its wonderful or awful, but still intense and they still cant stop loving each other. Belle still has a bit of growing up to do, and there is still a lot of the Belle who was there when she first came to the the Bay. She has learned a lot from living with Irene and form her experiences with Drew and Lucas but she still has heaps to learn. They sort of knew what they were doing was wrong but didn't have the where with all to get themselves out of the mess they were in without hurting someone.
  3. I agree with all that, I liked them, they were cute for oldies, but they never wanted Irene to be happy, she is just supposed to mess up with men. She will keep falling for the wrong man and it will all go wrong. Barry was about as close as it got to being the right man, but he blew it by killing Josh. I'd like Barry to come back and marry Irene but I think they want to keep her single.
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