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  1. Don't know if this is the place and the admins can move this if it isnt but found this on the herald sun website and I thought it was a good read Here is the link http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/...x-1226240258067
  2. Boyzone's album "Brother" love the song "Love is a Hurricane"
  3. jay sean-down-it's the ringtone on my mobile
  4. i am in the middle of re watching Twilight for the 8th time and will also be re watching years one to five of Harry Potter be fore i get the Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince dvd
  5. tv week,marshmallow bakes and waffers and also tim tams
  6. it would of been season six of beverly hills 90210 as well as neighbours and home and away
  7. Twilight for the seventh time and also Some kind of Wonderful-great 80's movie in honour of John Hughs
  8. Twilight-Edward Cullen is so sexy in it and will be watching High School Musical 3:Senior Year again
  9. the dreamgirls soundtrack and what ever is playing on my ipod at the time
  10. Me too. I love Jack and i hope he isnt really dead-poor Tony and Martha
  11. Human Nature-Symphony of hits or High School Musical 3:Senior Year Soundtrack
  12. The motion picture soundtrack of Hairspray, The Last Goodnight's "Stay Beautiful",Nelly Furtado-Loose and Leona Lewis-Better in Time
  13. i watched bring it on followed by bring it on again and have also recently watched bring it on all or nothing and have also been watching charmed season two again
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