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  1. Awwwww!!! Now if I'm not mistaken, you know a thing or two about Disney That was lovely, and well worth the wait
  2. awww Justin's in love I bet you are just as excited writing about Disney as Jax and Eden are about being there never apologise about making us wait - we can take it......just about
  3. wow, you really know how to pull at the heartstrings THANK YOU for not hurting Fliss in anyway !!! as Naomi said, can't wait for the next chapter and yes please to fluff
  4. right, now... ok, this can still be ok... Charlie and the phone has to be the light at the end of the tunnel, and a way to get to Flissy. ohh btw I like the way of getting rid of Sean at least it won't end up with Aden or Justin facing jail!
  5. ohhh Ellen, that was not rubbish in any way! it was heartbreaking - both happy and sad
  6. :D that was fantastic!!!!! THANK YOU Ellen and you do know that now they have decided for a baby, there is the oportunity for you to write more cute Adelle babies
  7. :D You loved writing it so it wasn't really arm twisting, just positive prompting ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was, just .... can't wait for the snowwy part - now if we also beg for what happens when they get home (if you've not already written that part ) can we have that as an outtake!!! Pretty please, I'll get on my knees and beg if it helps Just brilliant (edit - stupid positing restrictions on emoticons! )
  8. Ellen!!!! oh God! I knew that was coming, but ..... not quite sure what to say, but SHE HAD BETTER BE OK!!!
  9. ohhhhh Sean's come to play and he knows about the money now I can wait for the next chapter cause I don't want it to get horrible!
  10. sorry my comment is soooooooooo late!! read but didn't comment and that's not fair cause you have taken the time to write this brill chapter. Glad Belle was able to explain to Justin and it's that he's sticking around - can't wait to see what happens next with Sean!! Love Eden she sounds like a mini Nicole
  11. well that was worth waiting for Glad it seems to be going well with Justin and he's like one of the family already
  12. Brill updates Ellen thank goodness Jax is ok, ohhhhhhhhhhh wondering about the will
  13. oh ok..... now I'm confused! can't wait to find out more!
  14. ok, so now it begins and I've still NO idea of who has done it again the wait is always worth it, and another brill chapter.
  15. oh wonderful conversations and LOVED the ending with Jax and Aden
  16. OH, um what can I say? just WOW! And you were worried about how writing angst would turn out - it this is an indication, it's going to be brilliant!! oh poor Aden, so heartbreaking, I wonder how this revelation is going to effect Jax and thier relationship? can't wait
  17. Love the start, although from the summary not sure we'll be getting too much happy fluff in a bit but can't wait to see how we get there and out the other side
  18. Oh Ellen, a wonderfully perfect ending for such a brilliant story. Was in tears for most of it, and loved the fluff sooooo it's finished, but thank you sooooooooo much for writing it and Plain Sailing. thank you for the mention, always a pleasure
  19. oh it's nearly the end, but if it's going where I hope it is ending with Valentines day fluff would be another brill chapter
  20. now that would be a business that would make money I could see Colleen with one
  21. the boy is out of the bath another great update, and so glad they've finally talked it all through - a new buisness, not that is interesting. have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all the updates this year, can't wait for the next one
  22. definately a little diva loved the update, not rubbish at all Isn't Roman clever! They do need to talk, and must find Aden a different job, I don't think I could cope - but then again, you could make anything happen to them wherever they are can't wait for their chat!
  23. awww had me crying twice, loved it as usual, and isn't Beau just the cutest and just loved this bit, especially the end part: just can't wait for more, but this time I'll make sure am at home when reading
  24. not sure what I can add that others haven't already said. the ending was such a shock, and although I knew they didn't end up together really, still...
  25. oh poor Belle, she still thinks she's not worth peoples attention, I hope Aden can start to change that opinion soon.
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