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  1. Nope unfortunately not, I’m watching them off VHS!
  2. Doesn’t bother me if the early years returned or not now, possibly to cover the 40 eps between 1981-1921 but I’ve just finished watching 1996 off Living! Incredible seeing what ITV cut out and butchered to hell
  3. I really don’t think it’s 7TWO’s fault you know, I believe there hands really are tied and that’s because of Living and ITV2 both starting from 1921 until at least 2085 when ITV2 stopped, I don’t know how Channel 5 managed to acquire Maz and Fisher’s wedding though for the repeats a few years ago! However there’s no excuse for 1881-1920 what so ever, they could easily of been shown
  4. Alright Dan

    Can you check your messages when you get a sec, thank you.


  5. Cannot wait my entire favourite year, a little note for you Living always played out Home and Away in Mono for some strange reason, it sounded better as well a lot clearer sound quality
  6. Thanks Dan, I did get it but thank you anyway
  7. Hi There Is anyone able to help me, I've recently been watching some 2002/2003 episodes of the show and noticed this song which I need help identifying if anyone is able to help me then brilliant It plays in this clip from 2.19-4.00 Best Wishes
  8. Hi Brett

    If you'd like to talk to me on facebook then im on anytime of day and would love to chat to you?

    Best Wishes


  9. Hi Brett

    I just wanted to say Im sorry for the all the trouble we've had in the past, I've noticed that you've started work on my and Kierain's old fan fiction and can I just say I was aboustley hooked on the first chapter. Everyone makes mistakes and wishes they could turn back the clock and change things and I certainly do, I've done a lot of thinking and growing u

  10. Dear Readers Home and Away will be taking a short break but we'll be back very soon with the next parts. Thanks Home and Away 1988-2000 and Bobby Forever Missed.
  11. Home and Away Episode #135 I’ll Stand By You (part 2) Kierain’s car lay overturned in the middle of a city road Narelle Smart is on her way back to Summer Bay she sees Kierain’s car and slams on her breaks and gets out of her car Narelle: You alright? No answer Narelle: Hello? Still no answer Narelle bends over to see if anyone’s in the car Narelle: OH MY GOD Narelle calls an ambulance Narelle: Please hurry I think he’s dead! Ambulance Officer: Calm down miss we’re coming They hang up Dan is sitting on the beach with a newspaper clipping dated August 5 1988 it has the headlin
  12. Home and Away Episode #133 Coming Out (Part 3) Everyone gapes at the stalker Stalker: Are you surprised then? Peter: KADIE MACKLIN your the stalker, it's you that has been TERRORISING this town for MONTHS? Stalker: That’s right detective Baker and now I’ve come to exact my revenge Kadie: But first, Mrs. Fletcher do you mind if I use your phone. Pippa just sits there Kadie dials a number into the phone as everyone sits on looking frightened Kadie: Claire it's Kadie Macklin the town stalker here, just thought i'd let you know i've got all your friends sitting here with me, there abo
  13. Home and Away Episode #132 Coming Out (Part 2) The Stalker is driving to the police station Stalker: You’d better be waiting for me Baker Peter is doing his Paperwork Claire enters Claire: You still here I thought you’d be at home getting some rest Peter: I am not resting until this stalker until this stalker is caught Claire: Look just go home I promise I’ll call you if we get any leads Claire kisses him on the cheek Peter: Okay I’ll go Claire exits Peter puts his work away At the prison Rosie barges into Sophie’s cell Rosie: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT SUMMER BAY WHY IS MY FAMIL
  14. Home and Away Episode #131 Coming Out (part 1) Pippa reaches the Police Station Pippa: I want to see Peter Beaker, Now! Claire: Okay Mrs Fletcher just wait here Claire goes to Peter’s office Claire: Peter, Pippa Fletcher is here to see you Peter: Okay I’m coming Peter goes to meet Pippa Peter: Mrs Fletcher what can I do for you? Pippa: This Pippa places in a dollar in front of Peter Peter: You want me to have a dollar? Pippa: No, I got this from Rosie who said she got it from a cell mate Peter: How’d the cell mate get it? Pippa: She didn't say but surely this is enough
  15. Home and Away Episode # 130 Still Just A Game At the prison Rosie and Sophie are in their cell Rosie: What do you mean by all will be revealed? Sophie: All in good time Cartwright all in good time Rosie: I'm serious, just tell me what the damn hell is going on Do you have something to do with Kadie's death? Sophie: Maybe I do maybe I don’t Rosie: I've had enough, I’m going to speak to detective Baker Rosie goes to the phone Sophie stops her Rosie: Get your hands off me Sophie: NO YOU’RE NOT RINGING THE PIGS! Rosie: Yes I am Emma: Oi if my sister says your not than your not
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