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  1. Alright Dan

    Can you check your messages when you get a sec, thank you.


  2. "No no no tell me what you want from me cause i'm in love with this feeling" Is the lyrics to the Steven/Kelly/Travis one if anyone knows this one and the volleyball one??
  3. Been trying to find the Volleyball one ever since I first heard it on the Home and Away 2000th celebration VHS. Does anyone know what it is something like "and that you are looking at me"
  4. Thanks to the scene where Shannon rushed to say goodbye to Mandy I have now managed to work out the lyrics to this little gem of a tune. Currently featured a lot in the diner. Christine Anu - Dive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeaFRrpOYAU
  5. Anyone knows the two songs playing in the diner in episode 1660 and 1665 1. 13:54 - 15:37 (1660) 2. 07:51 - 09:05 (1665) Many Thanks
  6. Anyone still not know the one that ends with, "It's the journey of our life"?
  7. Anyone know the recent 2 tracks about As we journey through the night, it's the journey of our lives? you can put your shoes on the matt, baby?
  8. Oh yeah sorry Dan, I completely forgot. Thanks for the track anyway
  9. Anyone know this song that plays from 06.08 to 07.40 in Episode 1384.
  10. I know my bad on that one, got the ep number wrong only watched it yesterday as well
  11. Yep towards the end of 1993, it plays in 1355 in a diner scene with Adam and Nathan.
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