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  1. Does anyone know at all, what this song could possibly be or make out any of the lyrics at all? I’ve identified pretty much every diner track from 96/97 apart from this one Many Thanks
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jmzQNX3lzTV3LiEbwCpwv8rhjFtOJ9yw This link may work if the other one didn’t but it plays from 13:26-16:50. Any help to identify it would be great Thank you
  3. Nope unfortunately not, I’m watching them off VHS!
  4. Doesn’t bother me if the early years returned or not now, possibly to cover the 40 eps between 1981-1921 but I’ve just finished watching 1996 off Living! Incredible seeing what ITV cut out and butchered to hell
  5. Anyone have any clue of the song playing from roughly 13:25 - 16:49 in 2213 Shannon’s Exit? Many thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jmzQNX3lzTV3LiEbwCpwv8rhjFtOJ9yw/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. I really don’t think it’s 7TWO’s fault you know, I believe there hands really are tied and that’s because of Living and ITV2 both starting from 1921 until at least 2085 when ITV2 stopped, I don’t know how Channel 5 managed to acquire Maz and Fisher’s wedding though for the repeats a few years ago! However there’s no excuse for 1881-1920 what so ever, they could easily of been shown
  7. Alright Dan

    Can you check your messages when you get a sec, thank you.


  8. Is there anymore news on the November return? There's been nothing for nearly a month now?
  9. Well if this sudden good news is true it makes me wonder if the thing about the contracts was false and that they just decided to end it but have since realised they've made a huge mistake strange if it is coming back in November as that's when Take the High Road gets back up to where it left off in April which I had to campaign for and successfully won! Plus it's my birthday and im seeing little mix live so a great month all round this year
  10. Could we possibly ask them to continue it up until Episode 1920 because as you say there's no excuse of problems with the repeats. I'm sure they could look at drawing up new contracts given how popular it is and clearly missed by a lot of people
  11. After trouble dumped it back in December 2002, Living picked it back up for another 3 months from January 2003 but in the graveyard slot of 2am then presumably when they reached the end of the eps they had it was axed altogether
  12. I would certainly pay for 1996-2000 my entire favourite era of the show. It makes sense though that 1921 onwards has most likely run out given the fact it's where ITV 2 started in 2000 and it's also don't forget where Living jumped too on the 2nd April 2001, after ending on 707 and jumping to Episode 1921. So yeah it really does make sense. Chances are 1876-1920 are fine to broadcast but they haven't
  13. Indeed over 300 right now, hopefully it should fly up again overnight! Thank you to everyone whose signed my petition so far. Hopefully I can have success with this like I did with the Take the High Road one
  14. It's a series called Take the High Road and the network was STV, I had a message off STV on Twitter inviting me up to the headquarters. So all the members on the forum chipped in so I could afford the trip for myself and my mum. It was a great day and I'm just glad I managed to make a difference
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