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  1. LOL and jen dont really like neighbours she said she only watched two episodes to shut you up HA LOL and u think ur witH Pheobe only in ur dreams darling =p

  2. no. and in see ur still gona be a dik. fine keep off my profile

  3. LOL jen dont make me laugh!!. they were prob cancelled cuz u have so much =p

  4. Hey. My favourite soaps are The Young and the Restless and Neighbours and The Bold adn the Beautiful too.

  5. Hey. My favourite soap Is The Young and the Restless too. Y&R Neighbours then Days of our Lives then Home and Away and Shortland STreet. In Y&R we are up 2 the year 2003 where Ral has just found out about Brittany working as a striper. Love this show to bits. Cmment back

  6. i no ur gona say that i hav3 too many accounts but let me just say this is my only active one coz all the others got cancelled.

  7. hey. im new to bttb and i like Neighbours and Home and Away too

  8. Hey im back on bttb. I finally made a profile.

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