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  1. Oh, I didn't know they were playing the old episodes again :-( What channel?
  2. The Den and Diner are definitely on the same level - they are joined by a kitchen. I remember seeing a second level too but they must have just conveniently forgotten it.
  3. I'm sure it might have something to do with Amanda now being married to the her son's father. Yeah, I think we're supposed to assume that Jazz is unhappy at the fact that Amanda slept with her teenage son (Drew) and then married her ex, Drew's father (Peter). Also, Jazz was renting Amanda's house for a while but when Belle told Amanda about Jazz and the inheritance-scam thing, Amanda evicted her (from off-screen). I would love to see a proper catfight between them... with mud. In bikinis. But have they ever actually met before? Because after Dan's death they were both insulting each other, saying how the other had aged etc. I don't remember them actually being in the Bay at the same time, anyone else know?
  4. robbie and tasha were both older than their years, me thinks, and kirsty and kane went through a lot to be together so their marriages i'm not surprised about. what was the rush with martha & jack?? how long had they been dating by that point? unfortunately i missed h&a for a while, didn't see the proposal/wedding/helicopter crash...came back to find that martha was telling jack that she wants a separation! and i remember being puzzled that she made the decision about a permanent separation so quickly without putting in any real effort to make it work! btw. did jack & tasha ever act on their feelings for one another while their respective partners were lost after the crash? i remember being very surprised to read that! if jack was going to have feelings for his wife's best friend so soon after the wedding, it's another reason why their marriage was doomed!! and also, just before sally's past is brought up in the uk at the moment, can someone quickly tell me what we're supposed to know about her past? she was introduced as tom & pippa's foster daughter, but where did she come from? what happened to her family? (i don't need to know about her growing up, just how she was introduced) Tasha and Jack never acted on their feelings. Until now we've been led to believe that Sally's parents died in a car crash when she was a toddler. She went to live with her grandmother but was fostered by Pippa and Tom when her grandmother developed dementia. Pippa and Tom moved to the bay with her when she was 8. Oh and she had an imaginary friend called Milco as a child, very important you remember that!
  5. Well i don't know but i think he looks familiar he (Simon) was in a surfing programe I can never remember the name of it. Corey was in it too the cop that poisoned Irene. He looks shorter than 'Woody' Could always check and fine out. I'll look it up. Woody was in the programme years ago, back in 2001/2002 I think. As Simon's character was supposed to be about 17 and the actor that played Woody would now be in his 20's I doubt it could be the same actor.
  6. I agree, I'm going to miss Tam and I wish we'd got to see little Pippa saying goodbye to Brad. Also, Belle and Cassie's hairstyles were not flattering. Especially Cassie's. I did think Matilda's was nice though. And where was Lucas? Him not being there wasn't even mentioned! Ric running straight into Viv's arms was not very believable either. I think they could have made the break up a little more dramatic if they'd tried. I did enjoy yesterday's episode though, especially Cassie's geeky date!
  7. That scene actually made me gasp! It was so creepy! I'm not enjoying the whole Dom/Belle/drew thing though. And Jack's coma storyline couldn't possibly have been any less emotional or believable. Leah's anger when she thought Dan was cheating on her was great though, my brother was wincing when she was chopping that cucumber!
  8. Sort of, Dani used him to make Will jealous while they were on a break, annoying Brodie who fancied him for real. But when Dani got back with Will, Alex suddenly realised that Brodie was the girl for him. They didn't do anyhting more then kissing I'm pretty sure.
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