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  1. Nice.... *Screws Up Face* It wasnt nice... and then she did the unthinkable again... She died it... Blonde.... Which then turnt Like red and now its like red/ginger... So i want my brown hair back! Hey Rosey! Siana__x
  2. My Nanny lives in Ireland! Haha!!! Well I'm having it dyed dark brown... and cut a bit but not a lot... becasue i like my hair long! Haha! Some Hairdreser cut it once it was like nice and long half way down my back... she cut it into a bob! I was like Arrrghhh!!!!! Haha!!! Siana__x
  3. Nothing on... At all?? Where do you live lol??? Hmmm well I have nothing interesting planned, but I have got lots of homework and coursework to do... Yipieeeee *Jumps for joy!* So i'll have to do that some point. I have to babysit my sister tomorrow night... and then I need some clothes so I might go shopping Sunday... Haha Yeh so thats my weekend Same old same old really! Ohhh but I am having my hair done on monday Siana__x
  4. Lol!!! Well yeh i do agree with that!! Nothing interesting is even on the TV!!! CSI is on... but only old episodes which I've seen plenty of times!!! Urrghhhh soooo.... Bored!!!!! Doing anything remotley interesting at the weekend?? Siana__x
  5. Im alright thanks Haha! Well apart from the fact im bored How are you? Siana__x
  6. Usher- Confessions part 1 Siana__x
  7. Hmmm.... Is bored... Siana__x
  8. Fabulous- Cant let you go Siana__x
  9. Uh-Oh! Nooo... They should be together.... Poor Jacky... Hmmm well it does serve him right!... So I guess maybe he should be punished and not alowed to be around Martha for a bit... But only a little bit!... He knows... deep down he loves her really Poor Martha Well it's great as usual! Please update soon! Siana__x
  10. Hmmm.....Was thinking the same thing She better not... I dont like her! Siana__x
  11. Why is Jacky being such a.... a... well a man! The whole way through this he only thinks with his pants... but one does still love the whole story! Stupid!!! I dont like Lily! He needs to stop doing whatever she says... *Stamps feet and has a little tantrum!* I dont like her!!!! Hmmm anyways besides the fact that I hate Lily... and Jack was just being a typical man and only thinking with his pants... It was brilliant!!! So please update soon! Oh and thanks .... But i really hate my name Siana__x
  12. Hey i just read this today! Its amazing! Dont let that stupid Corey hurt Martha and baby Holden! Update soon please... Siana__x
  13. *Evil laugh!" I love computer class!!! Haha sit on you tube for an hour listening to music and watching H&A... It's great!!! Haha!!! Mario Vasquez- Gallery Siana__x
  14. Haha!!! I've been listening to all the songs all day on my iPod... Well when i wasnt in lessons that was!!! Luv 'em!!! And in drama our lessons are mostly filled up with songs from HSM!!! Yes Us!!! Haha Right now i am listening to..... Pretty Ricky... I dont know weather i should write the title though.... hmmm.... i wont... just to be safe... Siana__x
  15. HSM1&2 both rock my socks! I stayed in on Friday JUST to watch number 2! Yes me!!! Haha Mary J Blidge- Enough Crying! Siana__x
  16. Knocked Up... And then High School Musical 2 (on the same night!) Siana__x
  17. Christmas songs... Haha! At least she is in the spirit! Well all the shops have got there christmas stuff out already so.... Right now im listening to... Fall Out Boy-Thnks Fr The Mmrs Siana__x
  18. Im Bored... So I'll tell you what im listening to like half an hour after i last told you all Although i was thinking about listening to Deepside again I resisted im now listening to... Frankie J-How To Deal! Siana__x
  19. Deepside- What I need Love It!! Siana__x
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  21. Heyya__x I've just joined this bored today, but have been reading all these fics for ages now! This one is amazing! I read it all yesterday i think it was. I didnt want to stop reading it! It's amazing! You have to update soon!!! Jack and Martha Love Them Although... I do not like the way Lily keeps interupting them! They're made for each other Update soon! Siana__x
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