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  1. I can understand actors want to leave... fair enough but for once... i wanna watch something nice and happy, no one has to die just to make something dramatic!!!! Haha!!! Hmmm I wonder weather Jack and Martha will ever get back together! Siana__x
  2. Haha... Yeh I know!!! They just need to stop killing people... It gets slightly depressing! Siana__x
  3. Haha In like 2003 whenever the first seasions were one I was like Oh My God! No I hate these shows! Now i'm like yes The O.C is on Or Yesss OTH!!! Haha.... But I thought Ryan and Marissa were really sweet together!!!! Then she died! Hmmm... Everything has to be so dramatic in soaps!!! O Well! Siana__x
  4. All the Fan Fics are great!! Espeshily The Jack and Martha ones... has a little soft spot for J&M!!! Hehe... OTH is great I prefer The O.C though! Hehe!!! I only just gotten into it though! It's great! Siana__x
  5. Haha!!! The one thats called "Lollypop" or something like that??? And it's in a clear bottel and it's like a pink liquid or something! Well I would have to admitt i agree with you! It does smell nice!!! Haha! Shame! It's alright i got an excuse... errmmm I got a little sister... Ha! It's not that bad babysitting her! I've done it all weekend cuz parents gone off to London ha, even though my stupid brother was meant to be "In charge" he's been out with his girlfriend most of the time... But he's come back now and she's gone to make him play with her... Although she should be going to bed soon! So now I can sit happily on my laptop and wait for someone to update a Fanfic so i can read it!!! Hmmm now she's gone I can watch CSI or OTH or something... Yesss!!! *Walks off to find a DVD* Ha Siana__x
  6. Well i'm sat on the computer doing basically what your doing.... On here... On MSN... Listening to music! Ohhh and i'm on the barbie website... becasue im babysitting this annoying little bratt again!... Ha... That was harsh! She isnt that bad! Siana__x
  7. Haha 'tis Ok! What you up to at the moment? Siana__x
  8. Hmmm... *Wonders off to iTunes to have a look...* Well... I got some songs that I think are good... Mind you thats only me so if you dont like them i dont mind... Tinchy Stryder- Something About Your Smile Mario Vazques- Gallery Deepside- What I Need Deepside- Lovely Deepside- Im Hot Kate Nash- Dickhead (All she says in the whole song is dickhead!) Rhianna- We Ride (Old song) Rihanna- P.s (I'm Still not over you) Rihanna- Unfaithful (T.I Remix) Fall Out Boy- Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Beyonce- Dangerously In Love 50 Cent- Ayo Technology All of Delta Goodrems songs are amazing... Well I say all... I mean most! So thats the kind of music I listen to and I think it's good... But you might not Siana__x
  9. Of course I know weird songs!!! Ohhh and good ones... It just depends what kinda music your into But if you like the same kind of music that I do... then i could tell you loads haha!!! Although if your in a funny mood and want to listen to something funny, download: Black Lace: Have a Screw (It's the dirty remix to Agadoo!) Haha Siana__x
  10. Haha... That's alright!! Hmmm... Well i'm bored again! I got school tomorrow Siana__x
  11. Sean Kingston Ft. Paula DeAnda- Theres Nothing Siana__x
  12. Well I didn't even realise it was him! Until all these other people went over and started to talk to him! But he spoke to us... feel so privilidged!!! Haha!! Do you like it? Or do you just think im weird and it's a stupid song! Siana__x
  13. Haha! Chico Time... Mate funny song!!! It was quite random the night i met him! I was at Butlins (If you know what that is) and my mate wanted to go for a fag ... So we went outside and he was like: Chico: Hi girls you alright? Us: *giggly* Yeh hey! Chico: *To my friend* Stop smoking it's bad for you Her: *laughing* No Chico: *laughing* I'll see you inside in a few minutes Us: Ok... Ooo can you sign this please *waving a bit of paper* Chico: Sure Haha Yeh thats what happened and then we had a picture with him... which she still hasnt sent me Hmmm... must make her do that soon! It was funny.. You might not be able to download it though becasuse I couldnt when I tried to! Tell me what you think of this new song!!! I'm probs the only person who likes it haha! Haha Siana__x
  14. Was Kate Nash- Dickhead ^^Funny Song!!! Well you have to be in a "Funny" mood to find it funny... Then Fabolous- Baby don't go! Now Chico- Curvy Cola Bottol Body :cool: Yeh i'll shut up now! Siana__x
  15. Haha I just thought! Didnt Chico come from X-Factor!!!! Haha what a random thought! I met him the other week! His new song is good... Well i think... Shame just admitt that why dont I?? Oh Well Haha Siana__x
  16. Well no... Lol! Well I watched the first ever series of it and then I just got really fed up of all these reality TV shows and shows that TRY to make people into singers and celebrities.... Although I have watched a few episodes from this series becasue my friends mum is obsessed with it... It's always on whenever i'm there... So yeh! Hmmm not sure weather that made sence or anything but oh well... Ha!! Siana__x
  17. I'm alright thanks Hmmm well i'm a bit tired... I was up til like 3am this morning and then i had a day of shopping Not that it was all that succsesful but oh well! Good day/weekend? Siana__x
  18. Hey Your always here the same time as me Haha! How are you? Siana__x
  19. Kate Nash- Mouthwash (Although i'm not sure I like it... Hmmm well it isn't as good as Foundations!) Siana__x
  20. Hmmm is bored... Anyone around? Siana__x
  21. Was 50 Cent- Ayo Technology Now Deepside- I'm Hot Siana__x
  22. Well i can tell them why everything is awkward... It's because they like each other more than friends... Hmmm well I hope thats why!! Poor Jack missing Martha Brilliant as usual! Update soon please!! Siana__x
  23. The Hooisers - Worried About Ray Siana__x
  24. Haha!!! Yeh my mum does... Ha there "friends" apparently! Haha... But its alright i dont let her cut my sisters hair... it's gorgeous and blonde and long... well not overly long!!! Haha! Hmmm anyways Was thinking about doing the exact same thing and heading off to bed! Night Everyone... Rosey have a good holiday Siana__x
  25. My mum still uses her... She comes to our house.... AND she dosent even say my name right! Hmmm.... Hate her! She finds herself really amusing! My friends mum is doing it this time thank god!!! Lol... And ill just have the ends like cut so there not split as much *Hmmm must stop straightening hair so much!!!" Haha! Dont worry... would never use HER again!!! Siana__x
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