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  1. Awww poor Lucas That was amazing writing! Siana__x
  2. Anybody fancy a chat? Is very bored! Siana__x
  3. Oh my god! I love it Poor Martha, Jack's stupid!!!! I don't like Sam! Please update soon!!! Siana__x
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  5. Awww how cute Bless... They miss each other! Brilliant as usual! Update soon please Siana__x
  6. That was an annoying point in Home and Away!!!! Hated it!!!! hated the whole situation!!!! Hmmm Well im off to bed now i gotta be up at 6!!!! So I'll ttyl See ya!!! Siana__x
  7. That got annoying the whole Kim/Kit/Rachel/Hugh thing.... I actually did stop watching the show for about a week Siana_x
  8. Yehhh.... See i'm sooo fed up with the whole will they wont they storyline It's dragged on for far to long now! Cant they just get back together!!! I might have to stop watching otherwise!!! Siana__x
  9. YES!!! See i personally think that is a really good plan!! Yeh Mate!!! Haha!!! Now we just gotta hope we dont get arrested or anything!!!! Jack and Martha to reunite soon (Yeh i wish!) Siana__x
  10. Ok, Ok, OK... Dont you think we should make Jack and Martha be kidnapped and end up in the same place together after all that would make much more sence!!!! Siana__x You'll take good care of Jack? Oh dont worry im sure you will
  11. No! That's alright I'll take Jack Really it's fine I dont mind! You can take Sam Martha and Jonah!!!! Haha! Bored Bored Bored... Although now i'm thinking what could be done to Paul while he's tied up i'm not so bored!!! Siana__x
  12. Tinchy Stryder- Breakaway Siana__x
  13. Yeh So am i!!!! Hate sundays! Siana__x
  14. Yeh im pretty sure theres flights everyday! But we will have to be careful around the actors! We need to think of a plan of how to seperate J&S and M&J while we set them up! Siana__x
  15. Oh okies thanks... Haha!!! Yeh thats a good ideal... Now we just have to find a way to do it and get flights to Australia!!! Haha! Siana__x
  16. Ohhhh... I have a new plan... We set Jonah and Sam up on a date... and then they can leave together and we wouldnt need a gun at all! Then J&M can be together Haha!!! Hmmm I got a random question... my little account says I've only posted 16 times but i have actually posted like 70... either of you know why it's saying 16... If that didnt make sence dont worry! Siana__x
  17. The acor maybe a lovely person! He may not need to be harmed But Jonah does! Some people will hate us for talking about him like this!!! Oh Well it's just our opinions!!! Siana__x
  18. Loves OTH And The OC and everything else... Laguna Beach... Oooo There amazing!!!! Siana__x
  19. *Lightulb appears above head* Yehhhh.... Lets shoot him.... The character... we wont harm the actor!!! Haha!! Siana__x
  20. Yeh thank you... he is weird... and freaky and I dont like him *has a little tantrum about him* Siana__x
  21. Im up to nothing just on MSN and listening to music.... And theres some stupid chain letter going round MSN and people keep sending it to me What you up to? Siana__x
  22. I know... I agree! I would never do that to a friend... If some bloke "rapped" my best friend, I would NEVER EVER start seeing him! I'd wanna kill the b*****d (Hmmm I dont know weather i did the right ammount of stars there...) Siana__x Oh and yeh it's only the characters I hate not the actors... thought I should add that in!
  23. Yeh you can but in... the more the merrier!!! Im okies thanks... How are you?? Siana__x
  24. I'd have a party if they got back together Jack and Sam??? Well ditto to what you said... I'm not a fan... and Rory or Ryan whatever his name is... I think it's Rory... he's annoying!!! I'm sorry bit i can't stand him, I can't stand them!!!! (Jack and Sam that is). Jack and Martha are meant to be together!!! But there filming Jack and Sam's wedding I think arent they... In Australia... That must be a bad sign !!! What do you think about Martha and Jonah (Or whatever his name is this week)... Siana__x
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