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  1. Hey... Anyone around! Siana__x
  2. Hey! Oh my god... Your personal photo... So cute!!! JnMness!!! :D

    Ha! Anyway ummm Oh yeh update"A true love" Realy soon!! It's brill!!!


  3. Hmmm I didn't reply to chapter 6.... ... *Has a brainwave and smiles* I'll do it now!! Ok so here goes *Clears throte* Chapter 6: Yay.... Baby Holden is ok!!! *jumps around and celebrates!!!* They're going to make such a cute little family!!!! Jack Martha and baby holden Cuteness.... Brill chapter!!! And now for chapter 7... *Clears throte again!* Chapter 7: Poor Martha!!!! Typical Jacky wanting a little boy!!! They should have a little girl!!! Then Jacky and Martha would have a little princess And They could spoil her!!!! Cant wait for the next chapter! Ohhh and I agree with matticus01, those last 2 lines were so cute!!!! Please update soon... please please please!!!! *Smiles sweetly* (They don't let us use enough smileys in these posts....) Siana__x Edit: Ohhh This turnt into a bit of an essay i'm really sorry...!
  4. I like reading about Jacky Sex! Sorry I Had to tell everyone that! Siana__x
  5. Well done *Claps* You updated... And you added me to MSN as well *Claps again*.... Well I think you did or some random person did haha After my horrible day I get to come home and read this yay!! Anyways that was fabby! Poor Martha... she needs to talk to Jack more!!!... But Jack and Laurie are ONLY friends yeh... Because Jack loves Martha right? But Jack is still being really sweet an cute and everything else!!! Hmmm.... Why can't every guy be like Jack Awww I love Jack If only.... Update soon!!! Pleaseeee... Pretty please with cherries on top!!!! Siana__x Edit: Write some more fluff!!!! *Smiles*
  6. Hey! Thanks for the happy birthday message!

    I Had a good day thanks!


  7. Awwww Jack he's just pure cuteness He remembered her 12th birthday and he's already planned their kids names out More soon please?? *Smiles sweetly* Please.... With a cherry on top... Hmmm Lily or any of Jacks ex-"girlfriends" better not be making any re-apperances in the next chapter Anyways it was brill as usual! Siana__x
  8. Jacky yay he is alive.. Haha... Please can we have some more really soon? Pleaseeeeee Siana__x
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  10. Omg! Poor Jacky... Please update soon! Siana__x
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hahaha!!! Busted big time!!! Once again an amazingly written chapter "Hi Dad" Now that made me chuckle!!! Hmmm I wonder what Mr Mckenzie (Or is it Macklin in this fic... Hmmm I don't know... Oh never mind... basically her Dad) is going to do to Jacky boy? After all he just whitnessed (sp?? Hmmm I can't spell!) him... playing... with his precious little girl!!!... But then again he might not do anything to him... he might patt him on the back !!! Haha!! I love this fic so much! Haha Well anyways i have to go and stop myself laughing, and it wasnt even that funny, Well it was but... I'm just a random person a times... Oh i think i need to compose myself! Yeh i'll shut up now!!!! Update soon please!!! Siana__x
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  14. I Agree!!!! Aww that was really good... Martha pushed Jack away Bless! I Watched you vids on Youtube... There really good... Pure J&M Moments .... And then Sam was in some of the clips Sam needs to go away, or go for a walk in the bush with Rory and get lost! Ha! Anyways that was amazing! Siana__x
  15. I Love That Song!!!! Was: Niche-Heartbroken Now: Abba-Gimme Gimme Gimme *Is in a Abba Mood...* Siana__x
  16. You made us wait??? For that I think you should update extra soon! Oh and never make us wait again!!! Brill as usual! Bless them they were so worried! Just lets hope that the pill works!!! Jack and Kims talk... Funny! Haha Update soon? Please???... Pretty please with a cherry on the top?... Pleaseeeeee!!!... I'll even smile sweetly... *Smiles sweetly* Siana__x
  17. Yeh what she said!!!!!! Finally something happened between them!!! They had sex! That was cute Awww More soon pleaseeeee.... pleasee??? Siana__x
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  19. I dont like Sam! Jack's going to chose Martha!!! Well he best! Ha! Love it Update soon please Siana__x
  20. Anyone around? Im Bored... Siana__X
  21. Yeh why did you end it there? In the next chapter I think they should carry on with what they are doing! I also think you should update really really REALLY soon!! Aww bless them! Update soon Siana__x
  22. Well I DIDNT break it... Some sorry hard in the carephone warehouse broke the danm thing he threw it against this wall under his desk and smashed the inside of my screen... I was like what are you doing!!! And then he turnt around to me and was like you have to pay for that to be fixed Jerk! Well im only 15... so errrm not any time soon! When im 18 I want to go... Take a gap year and go travelling! Siana__x
  23. Aww your ill? Bless... I hope you get better soon! I hate being ill!! I'm ok thanks... My phone broked! I got no phone *Cries* Oh well! I just planned my trip around the world!!! Haha Siana__x
  24. Its you... Again Haha... How are you?? Siana__x
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