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  1. Hey! You updated... good!!! Awww does Jacky want his Mummy!... That little first bits made me laugh! Jackys scared.... Marthas not... Its meant to be the other way around... he's meant to have Martha snuggled up to him protecting her! Bless!!! GIRL POWER!!!! Yes!... Thats what we need more of in this world!!!! Yay he's alowed to stay over now! Awww Martha... she was all horrid to him! he was only doing it to protect her! Bless! He didnt kiss her *Whines* Rachy....Make them kiss!!!!... Please!!! Hmmm Well Anyways Brilliant as usual! Update soon... Pleaseee? Siana__x
  2. Yay!!!! They're back together *Claps* Awww So Cute... Jacky made a public announcement to tell everyone they were back together! Awww... I want Jacky... .... Martha would have stayed... if only Jack had just told her before she went!!! But now.... Martha has to be ready to give up modelling!!! Her and Jack need to be happy... and the only time they are happy is when they're together! She has to give it up! This is such amazing writing! Please update soon... Well when you get back Have a good time wherever you're going! Siana__x
  3. Heyyyy!!!! Well I already told you this but this is fantastic. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapters! Jack and Martha... ... To cute!! Awww that whole chapter really made me smile Loved the end part: red shirt over a pair of jeans – fitting snugly against his extremely well built body. Martha stared at him for a second before a small smile slid over her face, mirroring Jack’s. Jack... Mmmm Sounds Yummy! ... One Does remember the first time JnM Met Marthas Face Mirrored Jackys!!! So Cute!! Anyways please Update this really soon! Its fantastic!!!! Love It Siana__x EDIT: Oh yeh... And I already told you... but one loves your Banner!!! Is lush x
  4. Make them kiss Channy!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee They helded hands and supported each other.... Too cute!!!! Awww Poor Jacky... And Tony And Mattie... And Awww Poor Holdens Poor Beth! Soo Sad!!!!! So yeh can we get an update please... Pretty please with a cherry on the top! Pleaseeeeeeee *Begs* Siana__x
  5. Ohhh it's okies.... I guess... You do have a social life as well! Have fun! You better promise to update tomorrow though! Your not even online! Neither is Kimmie... No One To Annoy! Hmmm... Have Fun! Siany __x
  6. You Killed Martha!!!!!! But Apart From That!!!..... That was amazing! Amazing Writing Amazing Storyline Just amazing!!! Loved the title as well!!! Such A Good Writer Siana__X
  7. Rachy.... Its Been An Hour... Wheres The Update Siana__x
  8. Hey!! *Claps* Well Done... You Wrote A Nice JnM Chapter... But No Sex!!! Ha!!!! Awww bless Jacky he saved Martha Hehe Jacky beated up That Horrible man *Smiles widely* What a legend Hmmm Maybe Laurie Isnt that bad after all!!! Bless... Anyways update soon!!! Siana__x (If your wondering why i havent wrote you anything long im still mad at you for making them both upset in all those other chapters!!!! Oh Yeh and being you were being horrible to me on MSN last night... Jus becasue im younger than you!!!! )
  9. Hey!!! I Just read this today!!! Its really good Poor Holdens Awww... Its really good Update soon!!! Siana__x
  10. Hey, Well... I Havent writen my rviews on this fic for ages!!! And thats shockin and i feel bad so i thought i'd do it now all together on the last 2 chapters!!! They were amazing as usual! Lots of JnM... Although not all of it was goof JnM stuff... *Stomps feet on the floor and glares evily at you* Okies... so here goes... Hmmm Oh yes... becasue you know im not very well technically advaced i dont know how to quote 2 things at the same time so ill just quote the last chapter! SO Yeh.... Here Goes.... Chapter 37 reveiw (*Smiles*) Thats horrible... Your mean to them! Why do they have to be on one of those annoying "breaks" That my friends always go on with there stupid boyfriends its annoying!!!! And Jacky was so upset again Do yo hate Jack now or something... *Cries*... Has he dont something to upset you... You always make him get hurted now... By Martha... You hate him dont you *Sobs* Hmmm... I do feel sorry for martha as well though Bless her... she's hurting as well and she was very upset like poor Jacky was.... Awww... Make them get back together... Hmmm I know... if things dont start to get better within 2 chapters for them ill stop reading and replying (Hmmm Ok maybe not stop reading) Ok? Deal? Yeh? Good! Thats settled then! *Smiles* But I supose even though Jacky cried again in this chapter it was once again amazigly well written and yeh all the rest and you should update really soon! Even though I know you have updated anyways! But shhh not the point! Ok... So... *Clears throte* Chapter 38 Firstly you dont need to apologise for.... honesty its fine!!! Jackys a big boy now *Smiles* Bless!!! Laurie... Why did she have to go... Oh well she didnt cause any problems for them... well she hasnt YET! Never know with you... your evil! That was sweet... I see you have still got a heart then!!!! Noooo Things dont change Martha... honest!!! You'll be sleeping with him again soon!!!! Ha!!! Over Sellotape... Sounds Like Me!!! Good Old sellotape... what a legend it is! *Smiles* .... Ohhhh Jackys going to open his present!!! Omg!!! He must be excited *Smiles again* Aww So Jackys not rich but Martha is *Smiles* ^^^^ Awww... Thats so sweet!!!! Omg! Martha Loves Jacky.... And Jacky loves Martha its just you thats stopping them from being together now *Evil Stare* TASHA!!!! Omg She ruined their little "moment" becasue it was "cake time" How annoying!!!! Omg!!!!! Cake time when it could be JnM time!!!!! *angryness* And see your evilness is showing through again!!!! you ended it there... You could have ended it later that night sometime... but no... you make us wait!!!! Annoyance!!!! But Yeh Once again very well done on such an amazing chapter You have to post more soon! Becasue ummm... Hmmm... Ohhh I know... Becasue I beat YOU at Minesweeper Flags!!! Haha!!! Yeh Mate... Anyways! Update Soon Please... Sorry About The Essay!!! Siana__x Ps Excuse my spelling mistakes.... i may edit at some point and correct them but i cant be bothered at the moment! It's too late! And CSI is on!!!
  11. Yay!! A reply *Claps and smiles* Martha still didnt tell him!!! He had to find it out accidently... and he dosent even know the full story.... *Cries* Poor Jacky!!!! Martha even had the perfect opportunity to tell him when they were led in bed. Your Evil!!! See the perfect chance but no!!!... HaHaHa! They got caught. Whats up with their parents though... Do they think they're still little kids? Well there not! They need to get over the fact there precous little children want to have sex! Haha!!!^^^ Funnyy.... "Its called knocking!" Funny! She's a checky one at times Bolts... Whatever next???? They cant put bolts on her window... People will think they've gone insane or something... Bolt... *Shocked face* They cant do that to them... We wont get to read about Jacky and Martha sex if you put Bolts on her window!!! ^^That bit was just funny!!! Jackys going to get hurt... Why are you letting Martha hurt him (Unless he is cheeting on her than Martha can do what she wants to him... But you're evil Jacky cant get hurt... He HAD to hear what martha said didnt he? *Sad Face* Poor Jack *Cries* Jack and Martha should talk now! Nothing is going on between Jack and Laurie is it... Right... Yeh good!!! And No Martha was not right to worry.... But overall... although Jacky got hurt and was crying when he heard Martha it was very brilliant and amazing and everyother good word under the sun (I Just cant be bothered to type them all!!!) More soon!!! Please..... Oh and I now see you as an evil person for making Jack cry!!! (Well for you making Martha make Jack cry... Yeh... Hmmm that DOES make sence!) Siana__x
  12. Heyyyy!!! Hopefully This Is The Right Person!!! I Think It Is Hmmm.... Oh Well Haha!!!Haha! Well Im Going To Add You As A Friend

    Well f Thats Okies!!!

    Luv Siana__x

  13. I been on here all day!!! And Babysitting my little sister haha! What a pain!!! Lol!!! Haha And Now Im Bored... But im going to bed now its 12!!!! Haha!!! Oh Well... I'll Ttyl!!! C ya! Siana__x
  14. Teachers Are Stupid Haha!!!!! What have you been up to?? Siana__x
  15. Haha They Give us a lecture if we find a way to get onto MSN There like your talking to peadophiles and its like.... ummmm no not really matey!!!! Siana__x
  16. Haha We get watched as well and then we get a letter home if were caught on anything we shouldnt be on!!!! haha!!!! Siana__x
  17. Haha!! I come on here as well Rosey while im in school! They Filtered this site though so we just go on proxies and get past the filters!!!! what rebels we are!!! I havent got School tomorrow yay!!! I broke up on the 19th and I dont go back until this thursday!!! Yay!! Hey *purple*star* Im fine thanks!!! How are you?? Siana__x
  18. Sounds like fun!!!! Hey everyone!! Siana__x
  19. Yay an update... *Claps* But... There... There... There was no sex or sexual content or anything in this chapter ... You feeling alright? Haha!!! Joking!!! Dont beat me up for saying that!!! Sorry... Well firstly, that was not crap neither did it suck!!! So stop thinking it does!!!! Ha! Im right! Jacky was all worried about his girlfriend!!!!! Bless him he's so caring... I want a boyfriend like Jack!!! Actually I want Jack!!! I couldn't be bothered to quote every single bit that I liked because it would take me about 24 hours (Unless there is some fast way to do it and I just dont know how... Hmmm) so i'll write the bits I like out instead in italics! Haha!. “Can I have a hug?” he asked following a brief pause." Haha!!!! Dont Worry Jacky I woul have hugged you if Martha had said no!!! See thats because i'm a nice and caring person! Everyone thought Martha was pregnant... Well everyone being Jack and Kim Haha!!! Bless her... Men they just don't understand our hormones!!! “I’m sure you can do it Mac, if you love Jack as much as you say you do, then you’d want to do anything to make sure your relationship survives, and hey, if Jack is being a two timing little slut, which I’m sure he’s not” she quickly added, “he’ll have me to deal with” she placed a comforting hand on her friends arm for support." Haha Tasha attacking Jacky now that I would love to see!!!! I worry for Jack with Tasha being around sometimes, you make her sound quite violent!!! (In a good way of course!!!) But it just shows what a good friend Tasha is!!!! "No, you are not fat, you’re just normal Martha size” he smiled sweetly. Awww how cute... "Normal Martha size"... Haha Martha fat!!! That'd be the day... shes like a rake... a gorgeous rake though (Is Jelous of Jodi!!!) So overall a very amazing chapter... yet again! And there you were complaining it was "Crap" Ha! Well I told you it wouldnt be! So.... Hmmm Now You've read the new spoilers do you feel like writing some fluff next time? *Gets down on knees and beggs for fluff... or JnM Sex * More soon! Yeh... Hmmm Pretty please... If you write some more really soon i'll make you a Jack sundae (An Ice creme thing) with lots of Cherries on the top!!! Ha Yeh I'll Shut Up now This is like longer than your chapter sorry!!! Siany__x (Ha... I laugh at myself)
  20. *Waves han around in the air* Noo Me Me Me I like That Song!!!! Haha!!! Edit: I forgot to write what im listening to now!!! Haha Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love! Siana__x
  21. I love that song! Haha Hmmm No I'm still listening to Craig David- Fill Me In! Siana__x
  22. I haven't posted on this thread for aggggesss haha Well first I was listening to: Kanye West Feat T-Pain- The Good Life Then Craig David- All The Way Now Craig David- Fill Me In Siana__x
  23. Haha Its Only like half 12 here in the day!!! And i dont have school tomorrow!! Which is good!!! I hate Maths Siana__x
  24. You got to see Delta!!! Lucky!!! You spent all morning at the beach! Lucky Its cold over here!!!!!!!! Your lucky living in Australia!!!!! Im Okies im led in bed on here and on MSN but im still bored!!!!! Hmmmm!!!! Siana__x
  25. *Waves* Hey! Im Here... And Bored... How are you? Siana__x
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