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  1. Rachyyy... *Cries* My Poor Poor Jacky!

    Bless him!

    I'm very sorry I have not replied to either of your fics... I have had no time...

    But I've been coming on to see if you've updated and if you have then I read them, so yeh anyways sorry!

    THANK YOU for updating!

    I have been waiting for an update of this for ever :)

    Matha will be ok... she's just very out of breath and she just got a bit dizzy!!

    Well I hope she'll be ok...

    *Tear* As usual amazing

    Such beautifully written!

    Update soon!

    Siany x

  2. Hello!

    I am getting very bad at commenting on everyones fics so I thought I'd comment now! :) Dont you just feel privilidged!


    Jackys A Tramp :):wub:

    Bless him... I wouldnt tell him to move on if I found him by my bin... In fact I'd let him live there!

    Martha... Martha Martha Martha!

    Alec Mathews is not right for you... Just wait until you meet tramp Jacky!


    More Please

    Siana x

  3. Hey!

    I love this fic and the story line! :)

    How could Marthas Dad do that to her :o:(

    Her dad needs a slap himself...

    An he needs to be sent to prison he cant just get away with that!

    Jack should go and have a big fight with him....

    And obviosly Jack would win....

    Poor Martha...

    Jacky will have to be her hero and look after her....

    And he'll have to give her lots of kisses and cuddles to make her feel better :lol: ....

    Your not going to follow the whole plot line to Romeo and Juliette are you and kill them both at the end?

    I might cry if you kill Jacky and Martha...

    Well espeshily Jack....

    Anyways I dont remember if i replied to this one yet but i been reading since you started and I just have not had time to reply to anything recently...

    Too busy with school work and revision and GCSE's and stuff like that! :rolleyes: Stupid school!

    Yeh Ill shut up now!

    Update soon please!

    I Want to know if Martha is alright!!!


  4. Yay A Update!


    Just One Question...

    Are Mattie Ric Cassie Belle ect... Teens?

    Like Are They The Real Ages In The Show?

    If They Are Does That Mean They Cant Be The Ones In The Accident Becasue There Not Old Enough To Drive...

    Or Is The Law Different Over There?

    Hmmm... I Dont Know What Im On About.... :wink:

    I Thought it Was Jack And Martha To Begin With

    But Now I Dont Know...

    I Dont Know Who It Is...

    I Confused... :unsure:

    Confused In A Good Way Though... :P

    Not Because I Dont Understand Whatt Your Writing...

    Hmmm Im Confusing You Now Right?

    Im Confusing Myself!!!

    I'll Shut Up!

    Brilliant Writing :D

    Update Please


    I Said You Need To Keep Us Guessing But Now I Wanna Know Who It Is... But I Dont if You Get Me?

    Yeh No?

    Ok... Ill Shut Up...


  5. Rachy!!! Noooo!!!

    I don't want this to finish!!!

    Why does it have to finish!

    *Sad crying face*

    It was brilliant... I'm like going to start crying in a minute or something!


    That last chapter... it was sooo cute!

    They make such a cute couple... but hey we all already knew that!

    “Open up” he cooed as he did the aeroplane game with the food; flying it down from the air and into her mouth.

    She giggled as she caught the food between her teeth, “You’re such a loser” she poked him in the stomach as she chomped on her cracker.

    “But you love my loser antics” he grinned at her.

    “Very true” she nodded, “no one does them quite like you Jacky” she grinned back at him before raising her eyebrows.

    Haha!!! Jacky he's just pure... well.. cuteness

    Awww I love his looser antics...

    But hey!!! Jackys no loser!!!!

    :o Rachy... quite frankly im shocked at that!

    YOU called him a loser!!! *Sad Face* :-(

    Hmmmm Jacky did take a awful long time to make that fire...

    I'm sure Martha could have done soooo much better!!!!

    GIRL POWER!!! (Yay)

    “I’m quite proud of my efforts actually” he gloated, “there’s not a lot of men that can say they’ve lit a fire all by themselves. Yet another reason why I’m so darn perfect” he smirked.

    “Haha! Yeah” she raised her eyebrows at him, “you just keep telling yourself that” she muttered just loud enough for him to hear.

    “Hey!” he laughed as he grabbed a handful of grass and threw it at her, “You’re only jealous”.

    “Oh, yeah, I’m really jealous” she rolled her eyes.

    ^^^^ Sombodies head is about to explode Jacky! :-P

    But I guess something good came out of the last chapter....

    She nodded as she laughed softly, before shuffling around and coming within inches of his face. Leaning into him she rested her cheek alongside his, closing her eyes she rubbed against his skin, before whispering seductively into his ear, “I want you”.

    So hey Rachy... I finally forgive you for being mean to them both in the other chapters!

    They're together

    Everything is romantic

    Everything is perfect

    That makes the following equation

    Together + Romantic + Perfect = JnM Love :wub:

    Awwww!!! :-) Bless Them!

    And another thing that has really made me extra proud of you was that we you wrote JnM sex... Again...

    And that always makes me happy :ph34r:


    So overall i think we can very safely say..... (Well many things actally... here's a list :-P)

    1) Thank you soooo much for writing such a fantastic fic (Even if yo were nasty to Jacky on numerous occasions)

    2) Thats another amazing fiction completed and as always the writing was brilliant

    3) This was what I looked foward to reading a update of every couple of days... (Yes I know I have no life) i'm really going to miss this one.....

    I could go on forever... but you know I got this stupid Drama c/w to do *Angryness*

    How Annoying... But oh well!!!

    But hey look on the bright sides of things....

    At least now you've finished this you wont have to listen to me rambelling on replying (Like im doing now :-P)

    But anyways Rachy....


    For writing such an amazing and entertaining fic

    It is very appreceated

    And you're an amazing writer!!!

    Make sure you tell me as soon as yo write another one

    Well thats if you do...

    But you will... wont you!...

    We both know you will!!!

    Anyways promise last little bit now...

    I will really miss this

    I'm going to cry or something! :-(

    Siany__x :)

  6. Hey!

    You updated... good!!! :)

    “Oh my god!” screeched a horrified Jack, as his eyes opened wide through fear, “how stupid does that girl have to be! What kind of idiot goes back into the house that they know the killer is in!?” he spoke in a panic as he held onto the pillow for protection.

    “Well I say; GO HER! It’s promoting girl power if nothing else!” Martha nodded in pride.

    “Girl power?” he turned to her, “well that’s one word for it” he rolled his eyes, before ducking back behind the pillow. “Seriously though, how can you watch this!? Aren’t you scared?” his face scrunched up through apprehension.

    “Aw, don’t be such a wuss Jacky” she rubbed the side of his thigh for comfort.

    Peeking his head from behind the cushion he turned to her; “You told me it was a comedy” he sulked.

    “It is! Watching you scared out of your wits I find to be very comical” she smiled sweetly.

    “Oh haha, very funny” he glared at her, before sinking back into the couch.

    Awww does Jacky want his Mummy!...

    That little first bits made me laugh!

    Jackys scared....

    Marthas not... :P

    Its meant to be the other way around... he's meant to have Martha snuggled up to him protecting her!


    GIRL POWER!!!! Yes!... Thats what we need more of in this world!!!! :D

    Yay he's alowed to stay over now! :)

    Awww Martha... she was all horrid to him! he was only doing it to protect her!


    :o He didnt kiss her *Whines* Rachy....Make them kiss!!!!... Please!!!

    Hmmm Well Anyways

    Brilliant as usual!

    Update soon...



  7. Yay!!!! They're back together :) *Claps*

    Awww So Cute...

    Jacky made a public announcement to tell everyone they were back together!

    Awww... I want Jacky... :wub: ....

    Martha would have stayed... if only Jack had just told her before she went!!!

    But now.... Martha has to be ready to give up modelling!!!

    Her and Jack need to be happy... and the only time they are happy is when they're together!

    She has to give it up!

    This is such amazing writing! :)

    Please update soon...

    Well when you get back

    Have a good time wherever you're going!



  8. Heyyyy!!!! :)

    Well I already told you this but this is fantastic.

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapters!

    Jack and Martha... :wub: ... To cute!!

    Awww that whole chapter really made me smile :)

    Loved the end part:

    red shirt over a pair of jeans – fitting snugly against his extremely well built body. Martha stared at him for a second before a small smile slid over her face, mirroring Jack’s.

    Jack... Mmmm Sounds Yummy! :P... One Does remember the first time JnM Met :)

    Marthas Face Mirrored Jackys!!!

    So Cute!!

    Anyways please Update this really soon!

    Its fantastic!!!!

    Love It


    EDIT: Oh yeh... And I already told you... but one loves your Banner!!!

    Is lush x

  9. Make them kiss Channy!!!!

    Pleaseeeeeeeee :)

    They helded hands and supported each other....

    Too cute!!!! :wub:

    Awww Poor Jacky... And Tony And Mattie... And Awww Poor Holdens :(

    Poor Beth!

    Soo Sad!!!!!

    So yeh can we get an update please...

    Pretty please with a cherry on the top!




  10. Hey!! *Claps* Well Done... You Wrote A Nice JnM Chapter... But No Sex!!! :(:ph34r:

    Ha!!!! Awww bless Jacky he saved Martha :wub:

    Hehe Jacky beated up That Horrible man *Smiles widely* What a legend :)

    Hmmm Maybe Laurie Isnt that bad after all!!!


    Anyways update soon!!!


    (If your wondering why i havent wrote you anything long im still mad at you for making them both upset in all those other chapters!!!! Oh Yeh and being you were being horrible to me on MSN last night... Jus becasue im younger than you!!!! :P )

  11. Hey, Well... I Havent writen my rviews on this fic for ages!!! And thats shockin and i feel bad so i thought i'd do it now all together on the last 2 chapters!!!

    They were amazing as usual!

    Lots of JnM... Although not all of it was goof JnM stuff... *Stomps feet on the floor and glares evily at you*

    Okies... so here goes...

    Hmmm Oh yes... becasue you know im not very well technically advaced i dont know how to quote 2 things at the same time so ill just quote the last chapter!

    SO Yeh....

    Here Goes....

    Chapter 37 reveiw (*Smiles*)

    Thats horrible... Your mean to them!

    Why do they have to be on one of those annoying "breaks" That my friends always go on with there stupid boyfriends its annoying!!!!

    And Jacky was so upset again

    Do yo hate Jack now or something... *Cries*... Has he dont something to upset you...

    You always make him get hurted now...

    By Martha...


    You hate him dont you


    Hmmm... I do feel sorry for martha as well though

    Bless her... she's hurting as well and she was very upset like poor Jacky was....


    Make them get back together...

    Hmmm I know... if things dont start to get better within 2 chapters for them ill stop reading and replying (Hmmm Ok maybe not stop reading)




    Good! Thats settled then! *Smiles*

    But I supose even though Jacky cried again in this chapter it was once again amazigly well written and yeh all the rest and you should update really soon!

    Even though I know you have updated anyways!

    But shhh not the point!

    Ok... So... *Clears throte* Chapter 38

    Firstly you dont need to apologise for....

    this chapters a bit of a beast.
    honesty its fine!!!

    Jackys a big boy now *Smiles* Bless!!!

    :o Laurie... Why did she have to go...

    Oh well she didnt cause any problems for them... well she hasnt YET! Never know with you... your evil!

    “I so badly wanted to be able to wake up next to Jack on the morning of his birthday” she sighed as she looked down glumly at the fruit bowl that sat all alone on the kitchen table, “for the last ten years we’ve always been the first ones to see each other on our birthdays” she paused, releasing a loud breath, “I guess things change though, huh” she said with sadness.

    That was sweet... I see you have still got a heart then!!!!

    Noooo Things dont change Martha... honest!!! You'll be sleeping with him again soon!!!!

    In fact, in the past she had been known to accidentally over-sellotape his presents, meaning he would often struggle to just get them open.

    Ha!!! Over Sellotape... Sounds Like Me!!!

    Good Old sellotape... what a legend it is! *Smiles* ....

    Ohhhh Jackys going to open his present!!! Omg!!! He must be excited *Smiles again*

    It appeared to be the work of a genius, and clearly only something an extremely rich person could afford. Much to Jacks dismay…

    Aww So Jackys not rich but Martha is *Smiles*

    To my best friend and one true love.

    Forever yours,



    ^^^^ Awww... Thats so sweet!!!! Omg!

    Martha Loves Jacky....

    And Jacky loves Martha its just you thats stopping them from being together now *Evil Stare*

    “Come on you guys! It’s cake time!” Tasha popped her head around the corner at just the wrong time.

    TASHA!!!! Omg

    She ruined their little "moment" becasue it was "cake time"

    How annoying!!!!


    Cake time when it could be JnM time!!!!!


    “Don’t forget to make a wish” Tasha called out just before Jack leant downwards.

    As he hesitantly hovered above the candles, he glanced up at Martha. He looked at her knowingly, his eyes staying fixed on hers for several long seconds. Before he turned away from her and closed his eyes.

    There was only one thing he would wish for right now!

    With one long and breath-filled blow, he blew away the vibrant coloured flames.

    To be continued …

    Sorry :P

    And see your evilness is showing through again!!!! you ended it there...

    You could have ended it later that night sometime... but no... you make us wait!!!!


    But Yeh Once again very well done on such an amazing chapter You have to post more soon!

    Becasue ummm... Hmmm... Ohhh I know... Becasue I beat YOU at Minesweeper Flags!!!


    Yeh Mate...


    Update Soon Please...

    Sorry About The Essay!!!


    Ps Excuse my spelling mistakes.... i may edit at some point and correct them but i cant be bothered at the moment! It's too late! And CSI is on!!!

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