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    Home & Away... The O.C Hmm I dont think thats a soap though! Ummmm CSI!!! OMG You Just Gotta Love CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    England... Well Bristol Ha!!
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    ~T.V~<br />Home & Away, CSI, One Tre Hill, Laguna Beach, The O.C, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, 2 Pints!, Tourchwood!<br /><br />*Is A Very BIG CSI Fan!!!*<br /><br />~Hobbies~<br />Dancing, Singing, Shopping (Ha!)<br /><br />~Loves~<br />Being with friends & reading Home & Away Fan Fiction :D

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  1. Hey!

    Happy Birthday! Hope ya hav a gr8 day!! xx

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