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  1. Hey i get the pics from Simon-Baker.org, you should check it out, some great pics lol xx.

  2. Oh yes of course, give him a big kiss from me mwah xxx

  3. The old man is fine thanks haha keeping very fit. Hows Mr B???

  4. Hey Zoe, im ok thanks, just the usual, how are you though? are you feeling any better? ive not seen you around as much, hope your ok :(

  5. Aww thats good, im glad your feeling better :D see you around soon x.

  6. Yeah im good thanks Zoe, how are you? been up to much today?

  7. Hiya Zoe, im good thanks, how are you? hope you're doing a bit better :)

  8. Hiya Janie, im good thanks :D hows you? Yeah i agree i was pretty gutted for him but hey theres always next year :)

  9. Hiya Paris, thats a lovely name btw :) yeah i agree, he's very hot lol, its nice to meet other Simon fans, hope you're well x.

  10. Hiya Danni, im not too bad thanks, just working away as usual lol. How are you? and how was Ghana? :D

  11. Hiya, yeah im good thanks, how are you? Yeah i watched it, loved Jamie he was amazing and i thought Joe, Lucie and Stacey were good, oh and Miss Frank. Dannii's comment was well out of order, it had nothing to do with his singing. What about you, who did you like?

  12. Hey Zoe, yeah i watched the service it was really sad, especially ronans speech, i don't know how he managed to sing but they all did Stephen proud :)

  13. Yeah i know, he can be a bit insensitive sometimes, i thought it was a bit average last night don't think diva week really worked. I wonder how Cheryl will go tonight singing live, can't wait to see what Simon says lol

  14. Hiya Janie, yeah things are good, nothing special happening though, just working away as usual. How are you?

  15. Hey Zoe, aww thank you so much, thats sweet of you :) and im good thanks, just enjoying my day off work lol, hows you?

  16. I usually have 2 days off a week but as from next week its 3, no plans for the weekend though, i always seem to be working sat and sun lol, how about you, any plans?

  17. Aww thats good im sure you will enjoy it lol, hope you raise loads of money x.

  18. Hiya Zoe, im good thanks, how are you? looking forward to your party? yeah i know the look on Mikey's face will stay with me forever i think, it was really heartbreaking, but i noticed the other night he was letting his little girl Hannah tweet for him lol

  19. Yeah it Shane that kind of worries me the most, he didn't read any of the speech at the funeral and he hasn't been seen since then, i really hope he's coping ok, anyway hope you have a great night tomorrow :D

  20. Thanks Zoe, i just watched it :( that bit with Shane just made me crumble, i am quite worried about him, thanks for the link :) How was your party, did you have a good time?

  21. Just been working all day, so now im just relaxing before going through it all again tomorrow lol. How is Megan doing? what age is she now?

  22. Hiya Zoe, hey thats excellent i bet she's really excited, i hope she does well. How are you?

  23. Hiya Janie, im good thanks and yeah the legs getting there, the swellings gone down a lot, hows you? settling in ok?

  24. Hey Zoe, yeah i love DOI and i hear something about Mikey being on it, it should be good. I slept in this mornong and missed Ronan:( hope someone puts it on you tube.

  25. Sorry for that last message, i can't spell today lol x.

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