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  1. Aww Zoe she is absolutely gorgeous, can you ask your aunt if i can have her lol x.

  2. Yeah not bad thanks.

  3. Hey Zoe

    Aww yeah i'd love to see them thanks. hows you?

  4. Hey Zoe, Aww that's brilliant, congratulations to her, she must be so pleased that she's finally here, i bet she's gorgeous x.

  5. That's lovely, i really like that name, she must be exhausted though, thats a long time to be in labour

  6. aww thats nice, i hope everything goes well for her, does she know what she's having?

  7. Hey Zoe,

    Im good thanks, very tired but yeah, how are you?

  8. haha yeah your right i guess i shouldn't complain x.

  9. Hiya, yeah im good thanks, bad at work today though after a weeks holiday. Boyzone were amazing, it was a really good night lol. Hows things with you?

  10. Hiya, im good thanks, finished up yesterday for a weeks holiday, so yeah im pretty happy lol, hows things with you?

  11. Thank you for the avs Olivia, they are gorgeous, really appreciate it :D

  12. Happy Birthday Savannah, hope you have a great day :D xxx

  13. Happy Birthday Anaya :D (ignore the last message, my finger slipped and i misspelt your name lol)

  14. Happy Birthday Anya :D

  15. Hiya, im a cashier in a bookmakers, so i don't really get free weekends much sadly, can't wait until June until i get a holiday lol, enjoy the rest of your week of :D

  16. Hiya, im good thanks, was working all weekend sadly lol. How about you?

  17. Not much really, just been working away as usual lol, how about you?

  18. Sorry for the late reply lol, ive just been working away as usual and on here, how about you?

  19. Hiya

    Im good thanks, how are you?

  20. Hiya

    Im good thanks, how are you?

  21. Thanks :D i wish i could take the credit for it lol x.

  22. Hiya,

    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday :D x.

  23. I just noticed that as well, i was wondering if i should report it to a deviant, but then i don't want to look like an idiot if its an a.pril f.ools joke

  24. I think they are playing an database restructuring joke on us lol x.

  25. lol im on the comp at work as well, shows how busy i am haha. I usually watch at uk pace but sometimes if theres a particularly good storyline i watch on the internet, how about you?

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